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People consume different snacks every day. These snacks need to be stored in specific packaging to preserve them. Snack boxes enhance the shelf life of various food items. If there is no proper packaging for multiple snacks, they might lose their taste, shape, and quality. Half Price Packaging manufactures custom boxes designed according to the particular food item. 

These boxes help you improve your sales because your consumer can take them away without spoiling their appearance. We provide the best snack boxes in every shape and size. Also, the dimensions in your custom-made boxes are made according to your preference.  

We provide snack packaging boxes for different food items at quite an affordable cost. Our experts also provide you with the flexibility to design your custom snack boxes. We use the best quality and eco-friendly printing inks and cardboard material to custom print snack boxes.

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Sophisticated Snack Boxes for Your Brand

Snacks are small meals that can be taken anytime, day or night. People of all ages like to eat their favorite types of snacks no matter the time of day. Snack food is popular among kids who remain active during the day, playing around, and require some small meals to rejuvenate themselves. There are various snacks available for consumers, from power-packed products to ones full of carbs. But no matter the type of snack, you will always require a delicious snack box to go along with your mood and occasion.

Half Price Packaging offers delta snack boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes that are ideal for brands or bakeries or cafes making and selling snacks. Our custom snack box is the best accessory to keep and carry and displays all your delicate and precious snacks.

Massive Customization Options

We provide a wide assortment of exclusive and attractive custom snack boxes that are purposefully designed and developed to carry all sorts of snacks, whether burgers, rice, pizza, popcorn, bread, or crisps. At Half Price Packaging, we have an expert design team with the skill and resources to make extravagant custom boxes that would ideally suit your purpose.

The team employs the latest packaging practices that allow them to carry out custom packaging without any inconvenience. Our team knows the value of snacks in people's lives. From children to adults, everyone likes to carry a snack box with all sorts of goodies. Our custom-made boxes have the latest customization features like:

CMYK and PMS Coloring Schemes  



Lamination (Gloss, Matt, AQ, Holographic, UV)

PVC/ Window packaging and many more 

We use premium quality packaging material that is flexible and durable in design. The customization allows us to make separate cardboard snack boxes that can be offered to both children going to school and adults going to offices. Our team can guide you in selecting the best design from our sample collection. You are free to choose the size, shape, layout, and color of the custom snack boxes. Bakeries can also use custom-packaged snack boxes to pack delicious sandwiches, pastries, or rolls and hand them over to the customers. Our popcorn boxes are very enchanting and unique. Go and have a look!

We Provide Exceptional Customer Support Services

Half Price Packaging is one name you can trust for quality packaging solutions. Our first and foremost priority is ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. We involve our clients and customers in every step of custom snack packaging, which helps prevent inconvenience regarding the design of the custom boxes. We offer the most affordable rates with the considerable opportunity of availing discounts. We have movie snack boxes that lower the cost of ordering in bulk quantity. The material we use is sturdy, durable, and eco-friendly, so it does not add to carbon waste.

We provide the fastest turnaround time with standard 8-10 days and free delivery across the USA, Canada, and Australia. We have a customer support team who is always present to take your queries and feedback and help you with order placement, and design changes, and update the delivery status.

Do not wait to get the best designs of empty snack boxes. Order the high-class custom lays boxes now only from Half Price Packaging and reach our 24/7 customer support in case of any difficulty. Please email us at [email protected] or dial 866-225-2112 for further details.

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Why Us?

Our flexibility in accommodating even the smallest orders is evident with our industry-leading lowest MOQs. With the fastest turnaround time in the USA, we guarantee prompt deliveries without compromising on quality. Our easy price matching and enticing discounts ensure you get unmatched value for your investment. We understand the importance of brand identity, and your snack boxes can be custom-crafted with our free design studio. And to top it all off, we delight our clients with complimentary shipping on all orders. Choose Half Price Packaging for your snack boxes, and experience the synthesis of premium quality and efficiency.

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Half Price Packaging's Custom Snack Boxes Crafted Exclusively for You

Half Price Packaging's snack boxes are custom-made in various styles, from mailer boxes for subscription-based snacks to tuck boxes perfect for on-the-go munching. Our team crafts these boxes emphasizing form and function, evident in the meticulous embossing and debossing detail. Adding a touch of luxury, our foiling techniques make your brand logo and other essential details shine. The variety of add-ons we offer, from custom inserts to labels, ensure that each box is tailored precisely to the snack it houses. Prioritizing sustainability, our snack box materials are eco-friendly. And for those delightful baked treats? We have specialized cookie boxes designed to maintain the freshness of your cookies.

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Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

Can I customize the design of my snack box?
Absolutely! Our free design studio allows you to customize every aspect of your snack box to align with your brand's aesthetics and requirements.
Can I order boxes for specific snacks like cookies?
Yes, we cater to specific needs, such as cookie boxes, ensuring your snacks fit perfectly and are presented best.
Do you have child-resistant options for snack boxes?
Safety is a top priority for us. We provide child-resistant snack boxes designed to be secure against curious little hands while still being user-friendly for adults.
Can I add labels to my snack boxes?
Yes, we offer custom labels that can be added to your snack boxes, allowing for added information, branding, or any other specifics you'd like to include.
What materials do you use for snack boxes?
We use a range of high-quality snack box materials like cardstock/paperboard, kraft paper and corrugated cardboard.