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Get the Supreme Quality Frozen Food Packaging Materials

The whole point of storing your food at low temperatures is that it can be used later. Our high-quality food pouch packaging simplifies things by storing these perishable items safely. As Primary packaging, they are created by proper films that are puncture-free, act as a strong barrier to preserve the food, and protect the inside product from oxidation. You can use our stand-up frozen food pouch or lay flat food pouch packaging produced by polyethylene (PE) film or PET pouches for food packaging to get the job done.

For your peace of mind, all frozen food bags are tailor-made to fit your product and tested for quality to guarantee that they bear any state.

For secondary packaging, paperboard, cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft are the most typically used packaging materials for partially cooked or ready-to-eat frozen food. Also, frozen food packaging boxes are made lightweight and cost-effective to save money in rigorous DIM (dimensional weight) calculations. You can vary the thickness of these boxes between 9pt to 24pt, according to your need. It will bring durability that helps your frozen food packaging boxes withstand all possible external blows during national and international shipping courses.

Sustainability is not the trend but is the essential need of the hour. Our pouch food packaging is 100% recyclable. They are fully aligned with the environmental regulations and capable of being completely degraded by nature after use. Where corrugated is apt for heavy-duty or bulk packaging, eco-friendly Kraft seems ideal for “green” brands with an eco-conscious custom base.

Respond to Market Trends with Exceptional Designs and Styles of Frozen Food Packaging Bags

Frozen food packaging or pouches for food packaging can be embellished with eye-catching designs and vibrant colors to show your brand personality and message. We use CMYK printing, digital printing, PMS, and offset printing technology for high-resolution results to get market-trending designs. With no color limitations and a sustainable soy-based ink variety, we promise to deliver more than your expectations.

Need ideas? Consult with our design experts, who are well-versed in creating successful packaging designs consistent with your brand image across all platforms. Moreover, some of our noticeable box styles that are also suitable for frozen items include auto-lock bottom boxes, 1-2-3 bottom boxes, reverse tuck end boxes, straight tuck end boxes, and seal-end boxes. Our packaging styling is impressive enough to lure food lovers.

Frozen food bags made in attractive styles and designs with a stunning printed appearance to capitalize on your branding tactics!

High-Tech Final Touches to Stand You Out from the Rest!

Our finishing options not only add grace to your food pouch packaging but also allow them to be more functional. For instance, our wax coating is designed to lock moisture inside the frozen food packaging, and the chances of condensation on the packaging surface will be eliminated with it. For a fascinating appearance, you can pick gloss, matte, and UV coating that is attractive enough to persuade customers to buy your food items. Moreover, debossing and embossing with gold foil will surely highlight your brand's name and product efficiently.

To check the cool vibe, opt for our holographic stamping. Looking for something that is also useful? Anti-scratch layering, aqueous coating, and varnish are the best picks!

Enhance the Aesthetic Value of Your Frozen Food Pouches with Add-ons

Add-ons such as dividers help in arranging your food items more neatly. Inserts, on the other hand, will keep your food items in place and reduce the risk of any damage. The brand can also use our special platform inserts to inform the logistics companies of the required instructions about handling the item with caution as well as the nature of packed frozen food products. From adding hang tags for extra details to adding personalized tissues, Half Price Packaging does it all!

Complement Your Food Products with Frozen Food Bags

Half Price Packaging's primary goal is to empower clients when it comes to getting quality packaging that is completely customizable in size, shape, design, and material. We craft your bags with insulated, premium material that efficiently stores your frozen food goods. Our sustainable, resilient, and protective packaging with different forms, designs, and sizes of your preference maximizes market penetration and sales.

How do we offer distinctive bespoke food packaging pouches at affordable prices? By using leading-edge equipment and high-tech printing, providing capable design assistance, and practicing precise die-cutting. Boxes have been put through several cold temperature tests for signs of failure to retain moisture, defects, and blemishes.

If you have any queries about the appearance and customization possibilities, communicate with our skilled designers and packaging experts, who will resolve your concerns quickly. Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to obtain premium frozen food packaging.

Frequently asked questions

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What are the packaging requirements for frozen food?
Frozen food packaging must be durable, leakproof, moisture resistant, and able to protect the food items from spoilage due to degradation and dehydration.
What is the best packaging for frozen food?
It depends upon the nature of the food, but most of the time, PET and PE polyethylene shrink film do wonders when it comes to primary packaging. For secondary packaging, you can use custom food packaging boxes in various materials, including Kraft, cardboard, corrugated, etc.
How might packaging affect the quality of frozen food?
If your packaging vendors don’t use the right packaging materials and are unaware of the packaging standards, the material can affect the flavor, color, and texture of the food.
What are the guidelines for frozen food boxes?
They must protect against spillage. Also, their style needs to be easily filled and resealable. Being moisture-resistant and made of FDA food-grade substrates are other essential pointers that need attention. The guidelines also mention the use of material that ensures high durability during transit.