Learn More About Custom Food Grade Paper

Source the Ideal Food Grade Paper To Increase Your Brand Presentation

It's important to evaluate materials, sizes, print colors, and end-of-life details to find the ideal fit for your food and brand. Half Price Packaging stands out as a trusted packaging & printing partner by offering top-quality, biodegradable, FSC-certified food grade paper. In an era where consumers and businesses are increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint, our packaging solutions provide a compelling option for those seeking to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Our food grade paper sheets decompose naturally, minimizing landfill contributions and environmental pollution.

We provide a comprehensive selection of food grade papers to suit various packaging needs. Following are some of our widely used options to consider:

  • Eco-friendly food grade kraft paper

  • Customizable wax paper

  • Compostable cellulose film

  • Printed parchment paper

  • Butcher paper

  • Greaseproof paper

  • Food grade corrugated paper

All our papers comply with regulations set by authorities such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or equivalent bodies in other countries. These certifications verify that our custom food grade tissue paper is safe for direct food contact.

Besides food paper, if you need bespoke food grade paper bags for food packaging, simply let us know your preferences. We will deliver high-quality, customized kraft food boxes and bags that meet your exact specifications.

Create Captivating Artwork That Matches Your Brand Identity

Wrap your brand in safety and style with our custom food-grade wrapping paper.

Once you have chosen the ideal food-grade paper for your requirements and the specific food you are packaging, it's time to focus on your branding.

Our expert designers offer free design assistance to create the best visuals that grab attention.

This may include your logo, brand colors, typography, and any other design elements that represent your brand aesthetic. With our tailored designs, your brand's identity leaps off the plate. We carefully integrate your logo, graphics, illustrations, and name onto the paper to create a cohesive brand experience for your customers.

Increase brand visibility and generate word-of-mouth referrals with our remarkable designs.

Our proficiency in artwork design guarantees that every paper sheet reflects your brand's essence. This ensures that your culinary creations not only taste great but also look stunning.

Produce Printed Food Grade Paper Packaging With FDA-approved Inks

At Half Price Packaging, we are adept at creating food-safe paper with FDA-approved inks, offering a decorative yet safe wrapping solution for edibles. We excel in food-safe printing, using cutting-edge techniques like offset and digital printing to ensure the highest quality standards.

With us, you have the freedom to explore our different customization options, such as full-color printing (CMYK), spot colors (PMS), metallic inks, embossing/debossing, or foil stamping to make your branding shine. You can also choose from our variety of finishes to achieve the desired look and feel. These include:

  • Soft-touch or Silk Lamination

  • Glossy or Matte Lamination

  • Aqueous Coating

  • UV Coating

  • Spot Gloss UV, etc

Our food grade paper printing keeps your designs safe.

They won't fade or smudge, so your prints, images, and text stay clear and bright.

Want More Personalized Choices?

Half Price Packaging allows you to add more features to your wrapping paper beyond customization. From special coatings to unique textures and practical add-ons, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy flexible shipping, dedicated support, and guaranteed discounts. Order big, save big!

For further details, you can reach out to us anytime at 866-225-2112 or email us at [email protected]. We are just a call away!

Frequently asked questions

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What is food grade paper?
Food grade paper is a type of paper that is thoughtfully designed and manufactured to be safe for direct contact with food products. It meets strict regulatory standards and is free from harmful chemicals or contaminants that could leach into food.
What products use custom food grade paper packaging?
Custom food grade paper finds applications in various products, including fast food containers (e.g, french fry boxes, burger boxes), bakery boxes and bags, coffee cups and sleeves, and popcorn bags, etc.
Can we use custom food grade paper in the oven or microwave?
Food grade papers without any wax or plastic coatings are generally microwave-safe for heating or defrosting foods while wrapped or placed on the sheet. However, waxed papers or papers with plastic coatings should not be used in the microwave as the coating can melt.
Is your custom food grade paper recyclable?
Yes, our food grade paper is generally recyclable and biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly packaging option.
How long does it take to produce custom food grade paper packaging?
Lead times can vary depending on the manufacturer and order volume, but we produce and ship custom orders within 8-12 business days.