Learn More About Custom Catering Boxes

Maintain Your Food Freshness with Custom Catering Boxes

When you use custom catering boxes, your food will arrive at the desired destination with the right temperature and freshness. The food items will not only keep their delicious taste but also appear as if they are coming from the kitchen directly.

Our packaging materials, including corrugated, Kraft, cardboard, and rigid, act as insulated containers to preserve the texture of your food. You can also customize the size, shape, and design of catering boxes the way you consider best fit for your product needs.

Branding Beyond the Plates

Custom printed catering boxes are not just the vessel for your food, they are the representation of your brand. When you print your brand name, logo, and text on catering boxes, it reinforces your brand identity and becomes a valuable promotional tool to guide your audience through the entire customer's journey of awareness, consideration, and buying.

With every delivery, custom catering boxes will catch new eyes with their elegant look and act as a moving advertisement for your food brand. It’s the right investment for winning customer loyalty and higher brand recognition.

Deliver Your Food Items Safely with Custom Boxes for Food

First impressions always matter the most!

If your packaging boxes reach the customer's doorstep damaged, it will leave a bad perception about your brand. Catering boxes with cardboard varying in thickness between 9pt and 24pt take your catering food safety to the next level. They provide the required protection to your culinary creation and channel the entire consumption experience of your customers. The tougher packaging material builds your professional image before your customers and encourages them to order your product again.

Convenience for Your Customers!

Convenience is a significant parameter that makes it attractive to your customers. The well-thought-out catering boxes that are easy to handle, eco-friendly, and spill-proof are the game changer that offers an enjoyable dining experience to your customers. Also, to strengthen trust in your audience, you can print dietary details and standards on your custom catering boxes. It will allow the buyer to determine the nutritional value of each bite they take.

Order Sustainable Catering Boxes with Lid

Sustainability is the keystone; it not only resonates with your brand values but also aligns with your clientele's preferences. Our catering boxes will aid in positioning your brand as responsible and mindful of its environmental impact. The clear lid on the catering boxes makes your packaging transparent so your buyers see what is inside the boxes without unboxing them.

The right packaging signifies your brand signature on catering boxes.

Choose Grease-Free Custom Catering Boxes

Finishing and add-ons allow your catering boxes to look nicer and be more functional. If your custom catering boxes have delicious food, including fruits, meat, biscuits, cheese, etc, it’s essential to make your packaging grease-free. Our varnish and wax finishing are the go-to options for curating suitable packaging.

For add-ons, you can request handles with varying lengths and in diverse materials. Also, print QR codes to trace your packaging boxes effortlessly. On the other hand, the window patches in attractive shapes make your custom catering boxes more interactive.

Affordable Catering Boxes Wholesale At Half Price Packaging

Half Price Packaging offers a variety of custom food packaging boxes to various industries and brands to rise from the crowd and get recognized. Our packaging experts are brilliant when it comes to serving the customers' needs. We have innovative packaging and printing technology that enable us to propel your business ahead in the market.

To achieve your packaging vision, reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

What are the benefits of custom catering boxes?
Catering boxes can be customized to any size, shape, and design and are easy to streamline with your packaging requirements. It incredibly boosts your product visibility and brand recognition.
What features make catering boxes for food a good packaging choice?
Custom catering boxes must be durable, stackable, affordable, customizable, and grease-resistant.
What are the common materials used for custom catering boxes?
Corrugated, cardboard, rigid, and Kraft are sustainable packaging materials that are suitable for creating flawless custom catering boxes.
Why is wax finishing right for custom catering boxes?
Wax finishing makes custom catering boxes impermeable and avoids the spillage of oil or liquids from the food.
Are paper-based cardboard catering boxes insulated?
Yes, cardboard catering boxes don’t let the heat get out of the boxes and keep your food delicious for longer.