Learn More About Custom Subwoofer Boxes

Grow Your Brand with Premium Stock Materials

Popularize your brand's image and make a lasting impression on customers by carefully selecting the stock materials for your custom enclosure subwoofer boxes.

The choice of material plays a crucial role in boosting your brand's value. Opt for our C1S-C2S card stock to imbue your boxes with an air of professionalism and sophistication. This high-quality material boasts a smooth, sleek surface that is ideal for showcasing vibrant designs and colors.

For top-tier durability and strength, consider our corrugated stock. This option not only protects your products during transit but also imparts a robust and professional appearance to your packaging, instilling confidence in your customers. To make a bold statement, our metallic foil cardstock is a game-changer. The dazzling metallic finish delivers an immediate visual impact, commanding exquisite attention and leaving a lasting impression of luxury and sophistication.

Choose the right material and witness your brand shine!

Transform Your Brand with Exceptional Cutting-Edge Printing Techniques

Make a statement and grow your brand's appeal by investing in our exceptional custom brand boxes.

Our cutting-edge printing techniques are designed to captivate your audience and drive business growth.

With our CMYK and PMS color printing, your boxes will come to life with vibrant, eye-catching hues, ensuring that your brand's identity shines through vividly.

Take it up a notch with gold/silver foil stamping, adding a touch of luxury and prestige to make your packaging truly unforgettable.

Our options for embossing and debossing create visually appealing textures and provide a fantastic customer experience.

Complementing this, our gloss lamination enriches your boxes' overall look and feel, exuding professionalism and sophistication.

To add that extra elegance, our foiling technique adds a metallic shimmer that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Our aqueous coating will give your boxes a protective layer for better durability, imparting a polished finish.

Investing in our custom subwoofer boxes with these extraordinary print techniques is a game-changer for your business.

Lamination Like Never Before!

Half Price Packaging offers a variety of coating and lamination choices for tailored 8-inch subwoofer boxes. Aqueous coating provides a water-based finish, enhancing the strength and texture of your product. UV coating utilizes ultraviolet light for quick drying and increased protection. Moreover, the spot gloss UV includes selective glossy highlights for targeted visual impact. The icing on the cake is the soft touch coating that delivers a velvety tactile feel while minimizing fingerprints.

Not to mention that the varnish creates a glossy protective layer, and lamination bonds a plastic film for not only aesthetics but also endurance. The anti-scratch lamination improves resilience against abrasions. Lastly, soft touch lamination combines a silky texture with protective benefits. Each option offers unique characteristics, catering to diverse needs—from texture to durability and aesthetics.

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