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Learn More About PDQ Trays and Boxes

Create PDQ Boxes Per Your Desired Material

At Half Price Packaging, our PDQ boxes are built to last with top-quality materials. We prioritize durability to make sure your products stay safe from wear and tear, bumps, and rough handling. Before shipping, we rigorously test our packaging to guarantee it meets our high standards. We have different materials for different needs:

Kraft Stock:

This material is eco-friendly, giving your packaging a natural, rustic look. It's perfect for brands that care about the environment.

Cardboard Stock:

Lightweight and strong, cardboard is versatile and easy to customize. It's great for adding your brand's unique touch.

Corrugated Stock:

If you need extra strength and protection, corrugated stock is the way to go. You can use it for shipping heavier items safely.

Rigid Stock:

For a premium feel and top-notch protection for luxury products that need to make a statement, choose rigid stock.


With smooth surfaces and great print quality, paperboard for retail packaging shows off vibrant designs.

In addition to these options, we also provide compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials for eco-conscious consumers. We believe in giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect thickness for your PDQ boxes. That's why we offer a range of options, from 9pt to 24pt. If your project demands a particular thickness beyond our standard range, feel free to share your specifications with us.

Highlight Your Brand Essence with Custom Printing and Protective Finishes

We are not merely focused on basic packaging – we are all about taking it up a notch to meet market standards. That's why we offer personalized printing and lamination. Our printing is impeccable, giving you clear and smudge-free designs. We use different printing methods like lithography, flexography, and digital printing to match your needs.

When it comes to giving your packaging that extra oomph, Half Price Packaging comes with:

  • Spot UV Lamination

  • Gloss Lamination

  • Matte Lamination

  • Holographic Foiling

  • Embossing/Debossing

  • Gold Stamping

  • Aqueous Coating

  • UV Coating

  • Soft Touch Coating

  • Varnish

  • Window Patch

And guess what? We also provide free custom artwork and design support to make your packaging stand out even more. Let's make your ideas shine!

Explore Our Unlimited Customization Options

At Half Price Packaging, we're dedicated to ensuring your packaging is visually striking and equally functional. From sleek designs to bold colors and unique shapes, our customization options are endless for PDQ box packaging. With a wide range of styles, shapes, dimensions, and colors to choose from, you're in complete control of the design process. We also provide various add-ons like inserts, compartments, and die-cuts for added protection, efficient arrangement, and pleasing aesthetics.

Choose us for unmatched customization possibilities and take your brand to the next level.

Place Your Custom PDQ Box Order Now!

Count on our team of skilled structural engineers to create a POP or PDQ display box that meets all retailer guidelines. Our expertise lies in creating exclusive custom artwork with a modern twist aimed at catching the eye and prompting spontaneous purchases. Trust us to deliver exactly what you need!

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] and get an instant quote right away!

Frequently asked questions

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What does PDQ packaging mean?
PDQ stands for "Product Display/Placement Quickly" or "Pretty Darn Quick." It's often used to describe packaging that is designed for quick and easy display on store shelves or rapid assembly.
What is the PDQ tray used for?
PDQ trays prioritize speed and efficacy in their design. They feature eye-catching colors, striking graphics, bright logos, concise one-liners, and compelling value propositions. These elements make PDQs effective at catching customers' attention, educating them, and encouraging purchases.
Where are PDQ boxes used?
PDQ boxes are utilized by a variety of retailers, including grocery stores, warehouse clubs, and pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens.
What is the difference between PDQ and POP?
Utilizing a POS Display such as a PDQ Tray offers a tidy solution for product organization. It allows for the incorporation of product benefits on the sides and front, offering customers educational insights. On the other hand, POP displays come in diverse sizes and weights, presenting various products and arrangements.
What are PDQ boxes like?
PDQ containers present a budget-friendly, lightweight, and simple-to-assemble option. With the capacity to hold 10–20 items, they are customizable to fulfill retailer specifications.