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Treat your Lotions and Potions with Luxury Cosmetic Labels

Your high-end products need worthy cosmetic labels to exhibit their value and inspire customers. Fortunately, HPP provides you with luxury cosmetic labels made in fascinating designs and shapes with superior custom printing. We create all kinds of labels for your cosmetic bottles, jars, tubs, and squeezable tubes with a variety of materials and finishes. Our oil-resistant and waterproof labels firmly adhere to any surface like plastic, metal, or glass and stay put forever looking pristine and classy. 

Fortify your Brand with Outstanding Label Designs

When it comes to marking your distinct presence in the market, our cosmetic product labels do wonders. These high-quality labels are fully personalizable in endless shapes and sizes with your desired artwork printed in vibrant colors. Our latest sticker-cutting technology creates even the most detailed cut patterns to emphasize your unique cosmetic labels design. You can enhance them with exhaustive options like foil stamping, embossing, etc. to further increase their charm and boost branding.

Get the Utmost Value with Incredible Services at Half Price Packaging

Half Price Packaging is your ideal packaging and printing company that offers premium compact boxes at competitive prices. We offer great discounts on wholesale cosmetic labels printing orders besides free shipping and design services. Get started with our hassle-free ordering process and customize your cosmetic product labels in minutes. Get proof within a few hours and make unlimited changes until you are happy. Email us at [email protected] or call 866-225-2112 to get in touch.

Frequently asked questions

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What materials are used for Half Price Packaging's cosmetic labels?
We primarily use BOPP for our cosmetic labels due to its waterproof, oil-resistant, and durable properties, ensuring longevity and retaining vibrancy.
Are the labels waterproof and oil-resistant?
Absolutely! Our BOPP labels are waterproof and oil-resistant, making them ideal for cosmetics exposed to moisture or oils.
Are the cosmetic labels customizable in shape and size?
Absolutely! We provide fully customizable labels matching your product dimensions and design preferences.
Can the labels withstand external factors like heat and UV rays?
Our labels are designed with resilience in mind. The high-quality materials and finishes ensure they stand up well against external factors.
Why should I choose Half Price Packaging for my cosmetic labels?
As one of the fastest-growing packaging companies, we prioritize client satisfaction, offering advanced design solutions, competitive pricing, and top-notch materials.