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Learn More About Telescoping Boxes

Safe Shipping with Durable Material of Telescoping Boxes

Telescoping shipping boxes are made of cardboard and corrugated material. You can modify the thicknesses of these boxes between 9pt to 24pt so they suit your load specification and pass ISHA 6 testing, crush testing, and vehicle testing.

Before going into final production, we prepare prototypes with perfect profiles, slots, and die-cutting. Moreover, we leave the final decision to the clients to induce more customization as they need for their products.

Enjoy the Dazzling Colors of Telescopic Boxes

You can keep your custom telescopic boxes plain or printed with the vibrant colors you choose.

Regarding precision and high-resolution printing, our CMYK printing, offset printing, and digital printing allow you to display your brand details on telescopic cardboard boxes. These printing technologies add appeal to your simple telescopic boxes with a variety of trendy and unique designs to attract more customers and reach your revenue goals for the year.

Diversity of Custom Telescope Box Packaging

Every product is special, and the same must be reflected in the packaging boxes. Telescopic boxes do not limit you to only one style but provide you with a wider latitude to choose from. These boxes have the following types, each with peculiar properties that accommodate different product requirements.

Full Telescope Half-Slotted Box

If your product is less fragile and hard enough to stay intact during the transition process, use a full telescope half-slotted box. They have top and bottom flaps and are more recommended for products that require quick assessment on arrival. Full telescope boxes are easy to assemble and are more economical packaging solutions compared to other telescopic options.

Double Cover Telescopic Boxes

Double-cover telescopic boxes are durable options for large and bulky items that need some aid to lift them up. These boxes are made of four-sided strips turned into tubes for folding. The top and bottom tray covers the packaging, while the folding tube encapsulates the items.

For packaging heavy machinery in double-cover boxes, loaders must place the equipment on the first tray and encompass the tube around the body, then finally cover the top with another tray easily.

Interlocking Double Cover Boxes

Brands use interlocking double-cover telescopic boxes for extra protection. The structure of these boxes is similar to double cover boxes but differs based on interlocking flanges on each tray. Also, the flexible design of the tray allows you to band your product packaging to make the temper-free transition possible.

Add Grace to Your Telescopic Box with Our Finest Finishing and Add-ons

Telescopic boxes are already durable, but you can add another layer of protection to them by requesting an aqueous layer, varnish, and UV coating. Hot foil stamping, on the other hand, brings your brand name and imperative detail into the spotlight.

With our finishing options, creating a successful promotion campaign becomes simple!

Add-on options introduce more functionality in your telescopy boxes. For example, you can add inserts and greeting cards to create a stronger bond with your customers. For better trackability during transition and storage, print scannable QR codes on your packaging boxes.

Half Price Packaging: Your One Stop Packaging Solution

Half Price Packaging offers premium-quality packaging boxes with full-stack customization options. You can change the size, shape, design, and material of your telescopic boxes. Our packaging experts put you in the driving seat to make the final packaging decision by passing through the rigorous process of prototyping and design selection. Further, your budget will never be a constraint because of our competitive packaging rates.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get the best product packaging and stand out in the market.

Frequently asked questions

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How many types of telescopic boxes are there?
There are three major types of telescoping boxes: Full Telescope Half-Slotted Boxes, Double Cover Telescopic Boxes, and Interlocking Double Cover Boxes.
What materials are used for telescopic shipping boxes?
We use durable corrugated and cardboard materials with varying thicknesses between 9pt to 24pt to curate incredible telescopic shipping boxes.
What sort of products can you transit with telescoping boxes?
Heavy, long, flat products such as appliances, parts of machinery, golf equipment, skiing accessories, etc., can be transited with telescoping boxes.
Do You modify the design of custom telescoping boxes?
Telescoping boxes can be used without any design, or you can print your brand assets on these boxes. For more safety, add an extra layer of protection by choosing the right finishing options.
What are the common features of telescoping boxes?
They are highly stackable and used widely to pack irregularly shaped products, making them an ideal packaging solution for safe shipping.