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Learn More About Coffee Sleeves

Exclusive Material Selection for Coffee Sleeves

When it comes to beverages or food packaging, they must meet the rigorous criteria of concerned authorities. Our coffee cup sleeves are made of white kraft paper with PE and PLA coating. A perfect coffee packaging solution that is not only FDA-approved but versatile enough to feature heat retention, customizability, and waste reduction.

For your iced matcha lattes, mojitos, or frappuccinos, we recommend a rainforest-safe PET plastic sleeve cup. They are durable, compostable, and FSC-certified recycled material.

Use Our Amazing Double Wall Coffee Sleeves

Our double-wall coffee sleeves are ideal for customers to brew coffee in the cafe or take it with them. The two layers in the cup are designed to lock in heat, resulting in longer coffee. The sustainable kraft paper and recyclable PE coating will never be an issue for including you in the category of coffee brands looking for zero carbon emission commitment. The wall will prevent condensation and stop moisturizing your customers’ hands.

Show off your Brands with Unique Printing

With Half Price Packaging, you benefit from the opportunity to print your brand name, logo, and artwork with attractive colors to shape a favorable customer perception. The rich aroma, the loveliness of the ritual of sitting down with fresh custom coffee cup sleeves, and the comforting warmth will signify your brand when customers think about your coffee.

We use our latest printing techniques, including CMYK printing, digital printing, and offset printing, to build phenomenal customers’ bonding.

Design the Perfect Cup: Customization Made Easy

Dazzle your crowds with flawless finishing on your personalized coffee sleeves that represent the DNA of your brand, like the tone, voice, and innovation. You can ask our experts to print your brand name in hot gold foiling with embossing or debossing to offer a tactile feel to your audience.

The QR codes on the coffee packaging will allow you to promote your brand efficiently as on scanning, it will land the customers on your website containing a unique selling proposition. Our sizes of the branded coffee sleeves are also adaptable to your needs, but the standard fit is 12-24 oz. cups.

Premium Quality Guaranteed Every Time!

Whether you have a coffee start-up or an established cafe looking for packaging solutions, our incredible services are available for our clients 24/7. Communicate with our experts, who will guide you in dealing with the nuances of packaging and make your entire packaging venture hassle-free.

If you’re in a rush to get the compostable coffee cups for the coming occasion, we have a fast turnaround that sets us apart from the rest. Make your coffee sleeves a billboard for your brand with our best customized solutions!

Half Price Packaging - The Trustworthy Custom Box Provider

Get premium quality custom coffee cup sleeves and double wall coffee cups at wholesale rates.

Do you have any concerns about the design? Get a free 3D production-grade sample kit to recheck it and finalize the design. Discuss with our packaging experts, who are well-versed in multiple industrial trends and needs. After finalizing the design, we will start production by taking you in the loop at every step of the process till successful packaging delivery.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get the perfect packaging for your brand.

Frequently asked questions

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What materials are used for coffee sleeves?
We create a coffee sleeve from white kraft paper lined with PE, PLA for a single wall. For a double-wall coffee sleeve, the inner lining is made of PET.
Do you provide packaging prototypes for branded coffee sleeves?
Yes, we provide coffee sleeve prototypes both in physical and digital formats, whatever suits you, so you can approve them before initiating the bulk production.
What are the standard sizes used for coffee sleeves?
We create coffee sleeves of any size, but the standard sizes are designed to contain 12-24 oz. of coffee.
Are coffee cup sleeves sustainable?
Yes, our packaging materials for coffee cup sleeves are 100% eco-friendly and recyclable.
What are the main features that need to be considered while buying coffee sleeves?
Coffee sleeves must be sustainable, durable, heat-retaining, presentable, and FDA-approved.