Learn More About Two Piece Candle Boxes

Make Your Candles Boxes Appear More Classy

When choosing packaging for a candle box, various factors like style, design, printing, and finishing all play a vital part. We use modern approaches and are constantly trying to develop new concepts. Custom candle boxes with windows are a new style in the candle packaging industry. These windows are made of PVC and boost product visibility while allowing consumers to experience the elegance of scented and beautiful candles.

On custom two piece candle boxes, printing with modern processes for a logo or name printing and engraving of spot UV, foil stamping gets the best finishing results. The simple design of the lid does not detract from the printing. You may use our fascinating additional features like embossing, debossing, inserts, ribbons, and bows for candle boxes with windows to boost their visual appeal and make your products stand out. Complete our simple ordering process and put your trust in us!

Custom Two Piece Box Styles With Protective Inserts

Winter's essence and feeling can be brought to life with candles. Both scented and decorative can improve the ambiance of a place. With these gorgeous boxes, you may display your candles ethereally. Get extensive customer service by offering free design guidance and detailed instructions for giving the candle boxes a stylish look. In addition, protective inserts will ensure the safety of your candles during shipment. Please browse our extensive collection of candle packaging and make any necessary changes. Moreover, you can customize the two piece box in various styles for candle storage.

Sleeve & Drawer Two Piece Box for Candles

For providing a luxury box opening with an attractive style, use a drawer box to give your exclusive candle a brand impression. You can box jar candles in this safe packaging that is made of thick cardboard material, which can bear strong shocks. With these gorgeous boxes, you may ethereally showcase your candles. In addition, offering free design help and detailed instructions to make the boxes for candles seem stylish can win you exceptional customer service. 

Shoulder Neck Rigid Two Piece Box for Candles

The shoulder neck box is among the most robust 2 piece candle boxes. It has a distinct base and cover. A tray has been glued within the box's base. The longer neck is visible when the box is closed, adding to the overall aesthetic. Candles, watches, jewelry, and other gifts are stored in shoulder neck candle boxes, among other goods.

Custom Two Piece Box for Candles

We also offer eco-friendly, long-lasting packaging. These boxes are produced from environmentally sustainable raw materials. Custom 2-piece candle boxes may be recycled and disassembled. They emit no hazardous pollutants while being recycled. Candle packing boxes are available in a number of styles.

As a result, the packaging for your high-end product should be stylish and secure to catch the eye of your target market. Examine our extensive collection of candle boxes with windows and make adjustments as needed.

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