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Explore the Perfect Packaging Material for Candle Shipping Boxes

Avoiding the rigors of the supply chain of your products can't be possible without working on the sturdiness of your packaging boxes. When it comes to candles, brands prefer to select our candle shipping boxes with tougher materials, the right dimensions, and shapes. The accurate shape and light weight of candle boxes help overcome the DIM calculation challenges given by logistic companies, which makes the shipping process more cost-effective for businesses.

Our array of packaging materials includes cardboard, corrugated, rigid, and Kraft with varying thicknesses between 9pt to 24pt. For longer distances, you can go for candle mailer boxes with various sorts of flutes, A, B, or C, that keep your candles in one place and reduce the risk of any damage.

Inspire Your Customers with Brilliantly Designed Packaging

Custom candle shipping boxes allow you to print particular designs that align with your brand identity. When you pick the artwork and typography for your design, you can consult our packaging experts. They will help you come up with imagery that will assist your customers in comprehending your message instantly and making purchase decisions in less time.

We use high-resolution printing technology, including CMYK printing, PMS, offset printing, and digital printing, which are capable of reducing the response time of customers incredibly low due to precision and clarity in product packaging design.

Sustainable Candle Boxes for a Greener Future

It’s not only the sweet fragrances that attract customers to your candles; the packaging material also matters most. Now, buyers become more eco-conscious and pick products in sustainable packaging. When your audience is interested in buying candles in sustainable packaging, using custom candle boxes will be an opportunity to deliver what your customers demand.

Our candle boxes are entirely biodegradable as they don’t leave any harmful components after degradation. These boxes don’t need years to become part of the environment, but they happen within a few days.

Give Your Candle Shipping Boxes an Exciting Look with the Finest Finishing and Add-ons

Half Price Packaging offers finishing solutions for adding grace to the appearance of your boxes. Our collection includes embossing, debossing, gloss lamination, varnish, anti-scratch, and the list goes on.

Where the aqueous coating is the extra layer on the candle shipping boxes, allowing them to effectively resist atmospheric moisture and humidity, matte Lamination provides a velvety texture and brings them to the spotlight on the retail shelf. Moreover, you can highlight your brand name or product name with a UV coating so the customers can identify your candles from the clutter of items.

Our add-ons make your candle shipping boxes more functional and versatile. For instance, with handles of different lengths, it becomes way easier to carry your candle boxes, while inserts keep your candles in one place during transit. Additionally, packing materials like foam and peanuts fill the voids and provide cushioning against external forces.

Get Premium Quality Candle Shipping Boxes Wholesale

Half Price Packaging offers premium packaging boxes at affordable prices. Respecting your budget constraints, we have a particular slot for every business to get the required candle shipping boxes wholesale for your products. Our packaging boxes are manufactured with eco-friendly packaging materials and follow all the regulations from the concerned authorities.

Successful product shipping can’t be complete without resilient packaging material, perfect size, shape, and style. Our innovative packaging technology enables us to create the boxes that enable you to deliver your products safely. For specific designs and styles of boxes, you can communicate with our brand specialists, who are well-versed in curating the respective custom packaging boxes.

Give us a call at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to obtain top-notch custom packaging boxes.

Frequently asked questions

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How Do You Ship Candles Safely?
Use packaging tubes as inserts before placing your candle inside the candle mailer boxes. It will prevent any chance of breakage.
What are the best sustainable packaging materials for Candle shipping boxes?
We offer cardboard, kraft, rigid, and corrugated materials with varying thicknesses to attain the right durability for your shipping boxes.
What customization options are available for custom candle shipping boxes?
You can change the size, shape, material, and design of your custom candle shipping boxes. For a posh and royal touch, choose special finishing and add-ons.
Which rigid box style is most commonly used for candle boxes for shipping?
Two-piece rigid boxes with special magnetic closures are mostly used for candle shipping boxes.
Can you ship candles in the summer?
Yes, you need special heat-resistant packaging boxes with aqueous finishing when candles are shipped in temperature-controlled containers.