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Why Utilize Custom Mailer Boxes and Their Benefits

custom mailer boxes

Table of Content

  1. What Makes Custom Mailer Boxes Useful for All Businesses?

  2. Create Brand Story

  3. Lightweight and Cost-Efficient

  4. Product Safety

  5. Customizability

  6. Brand Recognition

  7. Anti-Tampering

  8. Affordability

  9. Sustainability

  10. Takeaways

The word mailer is extracted from the mailing and is considered a tool for dispatching products, documents, and other things over long distances. In this regard, the need for protective and durable custom mailer boxes becomes great.

There are plenty of reasons and advantages linked to these boxes that invite brands and retailers to go for them. From storytelling to presenting products elegantly and, more importantly, keeping them original all the way are the keys in this regard.

Before going in-depth about the need and benefits of custom mailer boxes, it is vital to understand what they are and how they keep the packaged products intact. A mailer box is a cardboard or kraft paper-made package with interlocking flaps and a strong base. These customized boxes also contain double-side walls, making them more secure and durable.

What Makes Custom Mailer Boxes Useful for All Businesses?

Since we know what mailer boxes are, here we are discussing the attributes and features that make them capable of being used across all businesses. These boxes are the most demanding among the logistic companies specifically, due to the below-listed attributes.

Create Brand Story

According to Steve Jobs, packaging has a vital role in the success of a brand and business. It helps them create a brand story. He says;

"Packaging can be theater, it can create a story."

Cardboard and kraft paper-made custom mailer boxes hold all the capabilities to create a brand story and entice customers to buy from the respective brand. Exclusive printing and the unique design of these boxes make it easier for brands and logistic companies to communicate their message to the targeted audience effectively.

According to a recent study by IPSOS, 72% of American consumers make their buying decisions due to the products' packaging design. Considering this percentage, one can easily grab a maximum share of the e-commerce industry by dispatching products in uniquely designed and customized mailer boxes.

Packaging manufacturers utilize the state of the art printing technologies and vibrant color patterns that enable these boxes to create a story about the respective brand or eCommerce business and convince buyers. That is why we can find many brands and logistic companies using these boxes and enjoying elevated sales and profitability.

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Lightweight and Cost-Efficient

Another attribute of these boxes that makes them a beneficial packaging solution is their lighter weight and ability to reduce shipping costs. Custom mailer boxes and mailer boxes with tear strips come lightweight and do not add any mentionable weight to the packaged items. 

In today's shipping practices, logistic companies charge dispatchers based on the overall weight and size of the package. That is why e-commerce business owners are looking for lightweight solutions, and these cardboard and kraft paper-made mailer boxes are perfect for them. You can also save sufficient money by dispatching your product to your customers in these packages.

Product Safety

Product safety is one of the crucial aspects for which customer always cares. Receiving original and undamaged products is the first priority and demand of customers. Any brand or business failing to deliver products safely loses customers trust and sales. That is why brands and businesses always look for durable and protective solutions.

Considering this aspect, packaging manufacturers design and customize these boxes to help respective brands and retailers deliver products in the best possible ways. The usage of sturdy materials like cardboard, kraft mailer boxes, and corrugated stock make these boxes secure enough to keep the packaged items original against all environmental factors, shipping, and handling troubles. This aspect also makes mailer packaging boxes a beneficial tool for e-commerce brands and retail businesses to upkeep their customers' satisfaction and trust in their products.


Customizability and design adaptability are other key aspects of custom mailer packaging boxes that make them usable for all kinds of products. You can get these boxes customized and designed in all desirable shapes, sizes, and styles per your products' specific needs.

For example, if you are into a business of heavy electrical devices or delicate jewelry products, these boxes can be designed accordingly. With the availability of modern grooving and die-cutting technologies, it has become easier for packaging manufacturers to customize them following your needs.

So, they allow you to meet and get them in your way. You may choose desired inserts, foiling, perforation, and lamination options to give your needed mailing boxes a unique look. In other words, you can go to any extent when it comes to customizing these boxes for mailing purposes to make your business stand out.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is all that every brand and business desires and strives for. If a brand gets recognized by a large number of people in the market, it can ultimately grab a maximum portion of market sales. That is why we can see brands looking for unique and trademark packaging solutions for their products to make a separate identity in the market. 

In this regard, you cannot ignore the capabilities of custom sleeved mailer packaging. These boxes come with unique and exclusive branding features like brand logos, theme, taglines, and vibrant colors that make people aware of the respective brand throughout their journey from warehouse to shipping and delivery at customers' doorsteps.


Customers always love products that come untempered. We see that many times just due to ill packaging, people in the logistic businesses face tempering issues during the shipping process that cause the return of the product. 

Considering this aspect, packaging manufacturers are coming up with modern packaging techniques and have designed boxes specific to mailing purposes by including all anti-tempering features. Nowadays, these custom boxes are incorporating these boxes with QR codes, Bar codes, and anti-tampering stickers and sensors that are helping all brands and logistic brands in delivering the purchased products untempered to customers.

Going for these boxes can help you build customers' trust in your products and encourage them for word of mouth for your brand or business.

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The most crucial aspect of customized and printed mailer boxes is their affordability. As these boxes are manufactured out of cardboard and kraft paper materials. These materials are readily available in the market at low prices, allowing packaging manufacturers to make these boxes by bearing the minimum cost.

Furthermore, in bulk manufacturing, their production cost gets further reduced, allowing manufacturers to offer these boxes at affordable prices. It has been seen that many packaging suppliers offer discounts and coupons on buying in bulk. So, you can also save money by purchasing custom mailer boxes wholesale at discounted rates. This aspect makes them affordable for all brands and businesses.


According to the 2020 McKinsey report, 60-70% of customers are willing to pay additional money for products packaged in sustainable packaging solutions. It means that the world is moving toward sustainable packaging, which requires brands and businesses to use recyclable and reusable packaging solutions for their products.

Since most e-commerce brands and logistic companies have to use an excessive amount of packaging products for dispatching products, they can make a massive impact on environmental health. Cardboard and kraft mailer boxes are up to the mark in this regard. The material used in their manufacturing is recyclable and reusable, leaving no carbon footprints.

By using these boxes, respective brands and businesses can attract a massive number of eco-minded customers.


Secure delivery of products is the desire of every e-commerce and logistic brand as it helps them build customers trust. Custom mailer shipping boxes are a suitable solution for them, considering the above-described benefits and attributes of these packages. These boxes are exceptional in every aspect, from the customizability, diversity, and ability to create a story to eco-friendliness, product safety, and affordability. Hence you can take their advantage to stand out from the rest in the competition.

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