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Why the Design of Your Product Labels Is an Essential Part of Your Packaging?

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You probably put a lot of time and attention into creating your items. Shouldn't you also invest time and effort in label design?

Your product packaging labels can advance your brand strategy by showcasing your brand. Your product labels are the ideal spot to use your branding because developing a brand is mainly a visual process. The label describes the product's contents, which is essential information your buyers want and promotes brand awareness and loyalty.

Here is why the design of your product labels matters for your packaging and how to make the best labels for your products:

Why does Your Product Packaging Labels Design Matter?

Even though it could be simple to put a plain label on your product, this might not be the best course of action. This is because product label design matters more than you might realize.  

You should spend time and money designing product labels for your packaging for the following reasons:

1. Potential customers initially see your product graphics. As a result, product labels can give consumers a positive or negative initial impression. They have the power to either entice a client to learn more or push them away towards your competitors products.

 2. Product labels are an excellent method to differentiate yourself from the competition. The label and packaging of your goods must be noticeable among the many other items on a crowded shelf.

3. Additionally, the labels on your products might support your company's branding.

 4. Moreover, the labels on your products successfully connect with consumers. Customers should find all the information about your brand and items on the product labels.

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What labeling guidelines must be adhered to for items sold in the US?

Before a product can be sold in the United States, its label or markings must adhere to various standards, depending on the product. The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) and Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulation (UPLR), NIST Handbook 130-Current Edition, govern the labeling standards for items and commodities marketed in package form by weight, measure, or count.

What Different Elements Make Up Product Labels? 

Concentrate packaging with labels must be carefully developed, with the five design elements of content, material, color, finish, and size and structure. What you need to know about each of these many elements during the design process is as follows:


Content is the initial element of your product label. Your label is much more than just a vibrant, eye-catching layout. It must also have the appropriate information. You can be required to add specific information on the food packaging labels depending on your product type.

 At the very least, you must list the product name, brand name, contact details for the brand, and manufacturer name. You must also provide the expiration date, a list of the components, and directions, if relevant.


Your graphic designs' second element are their materials. You wouldn't believe the variety of materials available for product labels. The function of the material is even more crucial than appearance. Consider the best label materials for your particular product and the storage environment.

 For example, basic Kraft paper labels may be applied to dry goods. For products that are subject to moisture, waterproof labels should be utilized.


Color makes up the third element of your custom labels for packaging. You might choose to use vibrant colors on the product label if your brand has a strong visual identity. On the other hand, you might also want to think about color psychology. Different emotions have been linked to specific colors.

 White, for instance, represents purity, brevity, innocence, and honesty. On the other hand, black represents formality, sophistication, and safety. Considering the emotions, you want your brand and product to elicit will help you choose your colors.

Size & Structure

The final element of your custom packaging labels is dimensions and shape. Larger labels aren't always better when it comes to branding. You want your label to be both readable and appealing simultaneously.

Then how can you strike the ideal balance?

 In short, the decision is yours. To choose the one that looks and feels the finest, you might wish to make a few examples in various shapes and sizes. You could always do a legitimate test group with friends, family, or even unrelated strangers if you don't want to make this decision alone.

What Are the Best Label Design Techniques for Your Products?

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, it's time to advance and combine all of these elements into a striking and useful product label:

1. Add the Correct Information

Make sure the appropriate information is on your product labels while designing them. Consider your audience and what information they might like to see on your label, and then include it.

2. Share a Story

The information on your product label should go above the essentials. It must develop a story to draw in clients. Tell the history of your business, your origins, and your values.

 Include this information on the label if you have avoided a particular ingredient or manufactured the product in a particular manner.

3. Favor White Space

White space on a label is a mere empty area that is not covered by graphics or text. The label can look simpler and tidier by using white space to divide its various components.

4. Try Something New

The potential to stand out from the competition with something unique on your product label is fantastic. You could, for instance, employ a label shape or attractive pattern. Use a distinctive label material or add finishing touches like glitter, metallic foil, texture, etc.

 Here's where you can truly let your imagination go wild and develop a cool feature that will set your label apart from the competition.

5. Be Reliable

Last but not least, consistency is required on your product's printed packaging labels. This implies that they must all be printed identically and with the same finish. This also implies that they must all be used in precisely the same manner and position. 
The label design must be similar if many products are in the same line. It should be obvious that it belongs to the same line while simultaneously being that it is a different product. This is simple to accomplish using various colors and visuals.

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