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Why Packaging Is Called Silent Salesman


The packaging is a customer’s first point of contact or introduction to a product. Whether it is a food packaging, electronic packaging, cosmetic packaging, or any other product packaging, it serves a definitive purpose. Product packaging plays a multi-faceted role, from protecting the product to delivering a positive first impression to building solid brand loyalty. 

All the successful marketers understand that, in the consumers’ eyes, the packaging is the product, pointing to the significance of packaging from a consumer’s perspective. Packaging, sometimes referred to as “the silent salesman,” is an integral part of marketing communications as it can communicate brand messages to the consumers within a retail environment.

Current Packaging Challenges Facing Us 

Over the years, retailers have been trying to keep track of the latest trends and market expectations in the packaging world. In the process, they might have lost sight of the consumers’ needs and demands. Customer requirements and knowledge are evolving at a rapid speed. 

A few decades ago, you probably had a single agent managing everything from the product collection to product distribution. Today, there might as well be three to four separate companies involved in moving the products from the manufacturer to the final distribution point. 

When there is an extensive supply chain, there are various factors that could interfere with your products’ quality and safety. Considering how in the future we would be dealing with unmanned stores with no staff members to answer your queries, your packaging must speak louder than ever.

Custom Packaging Is the Future of the Packaging Industry

With the proliferation of the products available on shelves and in online stores, more businesses realize that packaging is not just about chucking goods in a nondescript box. To stay ahead in the competition, you must prioritize the consumer experience involving the overall aesthetics. 

The advanced printing techniques, digital technology, and craftsmanship provide infinite design opportunities for brands to enhance their market value. Let’s take a look at how customization using novel technologies will elevate the consumer’s brand experience and affect custom box packaging in the future. 

       Interactive Customized Designs

Packaging design trends come and go. It might be transparent packaging with soft colors one year and bright, vibrant colors the next. However, what remains static with packaging design is the need to wow consumers and treat them with a customized unboxing experience. 

In our fast-paced lives with less and less downtime, convenience has become a priority, and it holds true for packaging as well. Convenient packaging does not have to be boring. Consumers want informative and aesthetically pleasing packaging. This is where intelligent, customized packaging comes in. 

Customers want to feel engaged and demand interaction with the product they buy. A custom packaging that reflects the product’s essence using colors, textures, and exciting graphics will resonate well with the customers.  

       The Rise of Augmented Reality

In the present hyper-connected world, there is an emerging trend of augmented reality (AR). It depicts the role interactive technology is going to play in the future of packaging. AR is a link enclosed in a custom box that, upon clicking, will take you to the company’s media channel.

AR gives your packaging a considerable amount of real estate. It can provide consumers with important product information and offer interactive content for better customer involvement. AR will take your brand recognition to a whole new level with virtual test drives, product evaluation, and other interactive elements. 

It will provide a more personalized experience for each customer, make future marketing attempts, and product launches much more targeted and relevant.

       Improved Eco-Friendly Packaging

The packaging industry has a huge impact on the environment. The growing demand for eco-friendly packaging has been driving the global sustainable packaging industry. The demand for ecological packaging alternatives has forced companies to take an eco-friendly route regarding their packaging material. 

The persistent demand for sustainable packaging and technological development is expected to help the global sustainable market in sustaining its growth in the years leading up to 2026.


In the future, enhancing the consumer experience, getting the products delivered on time, and doing right by the environment will be integral components of a successful custom box packaging strategy. Advanced technologies are making goals easier and more fun to accomplish than ever before.

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