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Why Frustration Free Packaging Essential for Your Brand?

The biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon is a legendary force in the e-commerce fulfillment industry. 

Amazon is constantly looking for creative methods to satisfy its clients. It focuses that every item it sells, gets to customers as quickly as possible and it should be in excellent shape. 

Amazon declared an expansion of its Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) reward program on June 1, 2021. It is an important component of Amazon's strategy for success in the marketplace. FFP consists of packaging that is entirely made of recyclable materials and is: 

1. Intended to deliver goods in their original packaging. 

2. Simple to open 

3. Made to eliminate the necessity for a separate shipping box. 

Amazon's e-commerce platform requires manufacturers to adhere to these strict packing specifications; otherwise, your products won't be delivered to customers. 

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Let's dive into the details of the FFP success model by Amazon for a better understanding:  

Goals of Frustration Free Packaging Program

frustration free packaging

Amazon has collaborated with vendors and packaging suppliers as part of its Frustration Free Packaging program to optimize ecommerce packaging in three ways: 

a. Make the consumer experience better. 

b. Reduce the size of packaging to reduce its negative effects on the environment. 

c. Reduce the expense of shipping products. 

The FFP program focuses on these fundamental objectives. 

Standard Packaging Vs. FFP 

The goal of Frustration-Free Packaging has always been to make consumers happy by using less material and packaging space. Traditional retail demands oversized packaging, so goods appeal to buyers more when on display shelves. Ecommerce doesn't need extra packing, in contrast to standard packaging. To further greatly reduce the use of paper, Frustration-Free Packaging encourages using recyclable materials and packaging that is in the proper size. 

We hope that you understood the frustration free packaging meaning. Now, let us tell you why you need to adopt this emerging trend for your business.  

Why Should You Use Amazon's Special Fulfillment Program? 

Promotional Purposes: It offers additional marketing and promotions for participating products. 

Cost-Effective Approach: Reduce the costs of your supply chain's labor, waste, packaging materials, and transportation. 

Free Accreditation: You only need to give samples of the products you want to be examined; Amazon does not charge for the certification evaluation. 

Rapid Approval: You can get a quick evaluation in a few days. It usually just takes a couple of weeks to complete the process.  

The fact that simple packing improves the purchasing experience is by far the most significant advantage. Your seller feedback and product reviews will benefit if buyers are pleased with their purchases. You will sell more on Amazon with more good reviews and better seller feedback. 

So, you benefit the environment, your consumers, and yourself by choosing Frustration-Free Packaging for sellers! Everyone wins. 

How Does This Incentive Program Work?  

Vendors may choose to use any one of these three methods to receive incentives: 

1. Ensure products are ready to ship without additional packaging. And they passed the ISTA 6A test and obtained an Amazon Ship in Own Container (SIOC) certification (FFP Tier 2). 

2. By reshaping their current packaging to be precise.  

3. Ensure their packaging is easily openable and recyclable (FFP Tier 1). 

The new incentive program's compliance date is in late December 2022. How quickly a vendor can modify its packaging will decide how many months it will be able to take advantage of the incentives. 

The Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) is an independent team of professionals who assist vendors in testing and approving their packaging with Amazon. 

A new information page with more case studies, resources, and videos is available on These resources provide the most recent e-commerce sustainable packaging options. Get on board! 

Frustration-free Packaging is Consumer-Centric Approach 

frustration-free packaging boxes

Hassle-free packaging considers the client. The objective is to simplify for customers who place orders on Amazon to open their shipments and instantly access their items. The business also wants to significantly reduce waste from packaging and packing supplies. 

There were only 19 products that fit the requirements in 2008 when Amazon announced the frustration-free idea. More than 750,000 products are now available in hassle-free packaging. Along with 360 million shipping boxes, this sustainable packaging initiative has eliminated 215,000 tons of packing materials.  

Amazon collaborated with the International Safe Transit Association to test retail shipments and products. They examine the package and goods to evaluate if they can survive unforeseen transport threats like compression, vibration, and falls. 

Mattel and Fisher-Price were among the first companies to use frustration free packaging to reduce waste. What they get by adopting FFP is as follows: 

Benefits of FFP Program for Enterprises  

1. The shipping package is in a perfect size—not too large nor too small. 

2. No additional packing is required, such as a box inside of a box. 

3. This packaging is very practical and simple to open. 

4. Due to the use of less gum and tape, it is easier to pack and unload. 

5. It utilizes minimal packaging, is made from entirely recyclable materials, and is environmentally friendly. 

6. Since the average package size is smaller, it is less burdensome on the supply chain. 

7. By accommodating consumer requests for less packaging, you can increase brand equity. 

8. Help them achieve sustainability objectives. 

9. Lower incoming shipping and packing expenses. 

10. Lower returns and damage rates. 

Final Thoughts 

To lessen the amount of waste generated by packaging, try using Amazon Frustration Free Packaging. With this service, consumers can purchase products with recyclable packaging. Moreover, they can also recycle the packaging boxes after using them.

frustration-free packaging

Don't worry if you still don't understand what is Frustration Free Packaging or if you need some assistance. We've got you covered. You can contact us any time, any part of the day. We will hear your queries and try to solve them in the best possible manner.