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Why Corrugated Boxes Are the Ideal Most Choice for Packaging Food


Why Corrugated Boxes Are the Ideal Most Choice for Packaging Food?

The world population now stands at 7.7 billion and is expected to make it to 9.6 billion by the end of 2050.The massive increase in population means we will need more food, and hence we will be needing more and more packaging material to place the food in.

The size of global food packaging market has crossed $251.8 billion in 2013. While in the US, it has reached $54.4 billion, as stated by the Hanover Research. With this increase in the food packaging market, the demand for eco-friendly packaging has been a top priority in majority of the countries today. 

Statistics say that 60% of the food packaging materials used in China are a major threat to the environment today. The fruit circulation in most of the big cities in the country have reduced to 25%, and that of vegetables to 30%. Keeping in mind that the ultimate destination for these food boxes and wrappers is in the garbage, it is important to make sure the materials used for their packing are biodegradable, and this is where corrugated boxes come in!

  Corrugated Boxes

The food packaging market today runs the gamut of packaging materials from glass containers to metal cans, and from paperboard boxes to firm polymer trays.

It is high time now to look for something that will not only be accessible by everyone, but also will generate least security risks to the environment. Corrugated cardboard would be just the right option to solve all these problems. It has been a packaging material choice of many brands and industries for quite some time now. It is constructed in such a way that it not only is sustainable, but can carry a wide range of heavy weights without moisture and bacteria damaging the food material inside. Furthermore, these boxes can be customized according to the quantity and type of food.

The corrugated boxes are made from corrugated paperboard, which is different from the hard and stiff paper we call “cardboard”. If you closely look at these boxes, you will notice a row of air columns. The papers columns help in strengthening the material while the air acts as a cushion. These corrugated boxes protect the food inside from banging around with half of it spilled already. 

The following are some of the reasons why these corrugated boxes are preferred for food packaging. 

Can be customized:

Whether you want to send a curtain of mangoes to your son in another city, or keep the half-eaten pizza from last night, corrugated boxes are just the right choice to make. With its simple and presentable design, these boxes also solve the problem of customization according to the weight and type of food to store. Fluting comes in various thicknesses and sizes, depending on your requirements for the food.  

Despite their capability to support heavy weights for a long period of time, they are flexible and can easily be cut, reshaped or hammered. You can cut down a huge corrugated box into smaller pieces and redesign them according to your choice and need. 

You can label the boxes:

The advertisement of a brand or a newly launched product has become an imperative thing in today’s world. With great innovations and improvements in technology, corrugated boxes serve as the new billboards for your food products. 

The smooth surface of these boxes makes it convenient to get every type of printing for every product you are selling. Producers can get their food packaging delivered with creative ideas from brand messaging to product information by customized labeling and beautiful graphics for every food item accordingly. 

Protects your food:

The food industry in general, and fruit industry specifically, is continuously using the corrugated boxes for their packaging and distribution purposes. This is mainly because these boxes are considered to be hygienic and healthy. 

When products are to be transported to distant places that will take days, it is important to ensure they are safeguarded from physical and chemical damages. Since the corrugated boxes are crated and processed at high temperatures (as high as 150 degree Celsius), the high temperatures during their manufacturing keeps them safe from bacteria and other microorganisms.   

 Scientific research proves that bacteria and other harmful microorganisms become trapped in the fibers within the boxes. The trapped bacteria, are now unable to get access to water and other essential nutrients for their growth, hence die before spreading to the food. Researchers from University of Bologna conducted several experiments and came up to the conclusion that fruits and vegetables can be kept fresh up to 3 days longer than other kinds of packaging. Some of the hygienic food products packaged using the corrugated boxes currently are:

Fruits and Vegetables


Meat products


They are sustainable:

With the fast supply of food items today, it is of great significance to ensure the packaging used for it is sustainable and environment friendly. As these boxes are manufactured from old corrugated 

materials like newspapers and straws, they can easily be recycled and used again for some other purpose. 

Apart from food packaging, one can also use these corrugated boxes for stacking up store items and then surrender these to a manufacturing company for recycle when you do not need them. A survey conducted by the American Forest and Paper Association found out that the recycling rate of old corrugated boxes has raised to almost 93% in 2015. It is expected to reach 95% by the end of this year. More than 51 percent of the old corrugated boxes were used in the manufacturing of new ones for different industries.

Corrugated boxes are affordable:

These boxes are one of the least expensive materials ever developed.

Their manufacturing process is easy and precise, unlike other packaging containers. Thus, limited retail price has been a feature these boxes have carried over for years. Apart from that, the corrugated boxes are lightweight and can be folded up easily. This makes them convenient and economical when the transportation is to be made in bulks for large businesses. Moreover, the costs associated with the damage to your products while on transit are reduced because of their durability and strength.

They are strong:

Having said that they are strong and durable, these boxes can easily support heavy weights for a longer time than other boxes, without the fear of them bending. In other words, they are less malleable and you can pile several boxes over one another without rupturing them. 

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