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Why Attractive and Stylish Packaging important for a Business Company


Branding is one key element of a marketing strategy that can help a company attract its target audience and achieve success. Branding is all about portraying an authentic and alluring image of your brand that not only connects with the customers but also leaves a memorable impression. Traditionally, branding was termed as a logo, tagline, or symbol that can distinguish one company’s product or service from another company.

Today, branding is a broad terminology that ensures that the company is able to deliver its message more clearly, connect with the customers, motivates the customers to make the buying decision, and improves the credibility of the company. In recent times, packaging has become an essential element of branding as a product packed and displayed in a beautiful package will captivate more customers. Branded products are clearly recognized and acknowledged, so it is vital to have a distinct and stylish logo imprinted on the product packaging that can make customers remember, every time they go shopping.

It is imperative for small, medium-sized, and startup business companies to take support from custom packaging that can allow them to compete and tempt the customers to buy their products. It takes a considerable amount of resources, skill, and effort to develop products that can be used by consumers to fulfill their needs or wants. But without appealing packaging, all the effort and work will go to waste as a customer would not even buy the product, no matter how good the quality of the product may be.

How Packaging Attracts Customers

A customer who walks in a store is exposed to a wide assortment of brands and a variety of products, marketing surveys and studies suggest that a brand has nearly 20 seconds to impress the customer and lead to a purchasing decision. A meaningful and trendy packaging can make your product attractive and memorable in the eyes of customers. A neat and enchanting custom design package box is cost effective and conveys more meaning to your brand than any other advertisement.

The conventional method of packaging was using boxes with a standard design to store, ship, or display products. But, thanks to the advancement in technology, there is rapid growth in the packaging industry. The modern packaging designs, innovative software tools, the latest printing technique, and the finest quality material all formed the basis of custom packaging.

As a startup business owner, now you have the right to choose the best size, shape, dimension, design, and color of the custom boxes that will suit your products and brand. Custom packaging is termed as the future in the packaging industry, and the readymade boxes are more or less now replaced by excellent and quality personalized boxes. Using the same old and bland boxes does not sit well among the consumers, and you must use personalized and branded boxes that can enhance your brand's visibility and identity.

The custom packaging is offered by a custom box packaging company that not only has proper packaging and printing resources but an experienced and creative design team. You are asked to give your product specifications and chose from a wide archive of design for your custom boxes. You have a right to select a particular theme that complements your brand logo, tagline, labels, and artwork of your brand. Customers these days are motivated to be loyal to a brand that has a consistent logo and portrays emotional feelings that they can easily relate to.

The Growing Need of Custom Boxes for Business

We live in a fast paced world where consumers have easy access to information and a wide range of options when it comes to retail, cosmetics, or food products. In a super or hyper store, the first impression of a brand is the last impression for most customers.

In the aisles and counters, the products that are similar in the category are placed together that increases the competition. A well-crafted and exquisite custom printed box will not only attract the customer wanting to buy the product but also by other customers who may be looking for some other product. The custom packaging makes the customers feel special as they perceive that the company has spent a good amount of resources, skill, and effort to deliver quality products to them.

The need for custom packaging is increasing every day and particularly for startup and home-based businesses. The best thing is that custom boxes can be designed for not only serving a professional purpose but can also fulfill a personal reason. For instance, you are organizing a birthday party for your kid and require cute and sophisticated boxes to put candies and sweets to the kids who will come to the party. You can simply pick a design or send your own design that matches the birthday theme and get the custom boxes delivered to your doorstep.

The important aspect in choosing the design of custom boxes is the kind of products you are going to produce and market. The four main consumer categories include Retail, Food, Display, or Cosmetics. The second factor is the price of your products, whether it is a luxury item or an economical one. If it is a luxury product such as lipstick or perfume, then the customers expect an alluring and fashionable packaging. Some other factors to analyze are whether the product is fragile or perishable. The attractive benefits of packaging include

Ø  Brand Identification

Customers these days are very brand conscious and selective in their choice and preferences. A creative brand logo in bold fonts and amazing colors is easily recognized. The custom box becomes the face of the brand and lures the current and potential customers.

Ø  Distinctive Appearance

It is a wish of every business company to present their products in packaging that can be the most unique and stylish. It is a race to be distinctive as compared to rival brands, and custom packaging is one factor that can help to apply even the most extravagant design theme. The latest technologies help to experiment with all kinds of styles, patterns, colors, and designs. A distinguished and incredible packaging can even make an ordinary product look beautiful in the eyes of customers.

Ø  Inspiring Colors and Artwork

The vibrant colors inspire people of every age, and the first thing that customers notice about the packaging is its color. A product display can easily be enhanced with lively, animated, and enchanting colors. It does not matter if you do not have a budget to apply luxurious embellishments, as just a combination of the right colors can do the trick of enticing the customers.

Ø  Product Description

The product display is incomplete without the product information. There is ample space on the custom boxes to print all the necessary details of the product from its ingredients to its uses, and expiry date.

Ø  Precise Size and Shape

The standard boxes used before only came in certain sizes and shapes and were made to store, or package the products no matter the layout or dimension of the products. The custom boxes are modified and especially made to fit the products and keep them intact.

Ø  Sustainable Packaging Material

The impact of packaged boxes on the environment was quite a concern over the years. But today, numerous steps have been taken to curb the carbon waste of boxes. Many of the packaging of retail and food products are now done in Kraft material that is flexible, durable, and eco-friendly.

Ø  Affordability

Nearly all the packaging companies make custom packaging affordable by offering numerous deals and wholesales rates that reduce the cost if you order custom boxes in bulk quantity.

Ø  Pleasant Unboxing Experience

One of the fairly new trends among customers is recording unboxing video of a product they are using for the first time and sharing their thoughts on social media. This popular trend compels the business companies to offer quality in both the external and internal packaging of their product.

Custom packaging is a cost effective marketing tool that is now within easy grasp of most businesses who aspire to improve the quality of their brand and influence customers to use their products.

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