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Where to Buy Custom Packaging Boxes


The modern day business dynamics are very vibrant and greatly influenced by the innovative and sophisticated technology. The e-commerce market has simply grown tremendously in recent times and in times, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, the significance of online business and online shopping has increased tenfold. The advancement of technology has also prompted many aspiring businessmen to start their own business and cater to the needs and wants of customers in a better way.

With an increasing trend in online business, there is significant potential for startup businesses to make a mark and achieve success. We live in a digital age where the changing trends influence the choice and preferences of customers; there is easy access to information which also allows the consumers to make the best decision considering all their options. Studies and research suggest that the global e-commerce retail market will reach a staggering $4.5 trillion by 2021. The massive growth in e-commerce is considered by every big and small business company, and they have also started offering online shopping services.

The Importance of Custom Boxes for Startup Businesses

If you are beginning to run a startup business, then you have the prospect to be successful, but there are certain steps that must be taken. Nearly all startup businesses start by scratch, but with time and opportunity, they grow big. Startup businesses have a limited budget and have to be smart to efficiently utilize their budget. There are few options and cost effective strategies that can be adopted, such as integrating digital transformation with a user-friendly website and interactive social media pages. The second option is providing customers with alluring and quality packaging and having to buy custom box packaging.

The unboxing of packaging is now a growing trend and also the first interaction that customers have with your brand. Many experts have suggested that the days of standard and readymade boxes are long gone, and custom packaging is the future. Product packaging is now an essential element in the marketing and branding of a product because stylish and trendy packaging is the first thing that will attract the customers and make them want to buy your product. The e-commerce market can also be tough for businesses who offer similar products, but a custom box can be deciding factor and allow your brand to achieve a competitive edge.

To buy custom packaging boxes means that you are free to choose the size, shape, design, graphics, and color of your custom product boxes that can best reflect your brand image. A custom printed box is probably your first chance to make an impact, so it is better to cover every major and minor aspect of packaging.

The trend of custom printed boxes attracts many owners of startup businesses, but there are not clear on the complete process of custom packaging. Well, the answer is provided by the online packaging providers who have the resources, tools, and expert design team who can develop custom boxes according to your requirements. The many reasons why you should buy custom box packaging services are

·         Professional service guarantees success

A reputable packaging company is the one stop solution if you are looking for unique and attractive custom boxes. The packaging company employs all the modern practices and techniques which comply with the industry standards and ensures that boxes are tailor made according to specifications given by the client. There is a creative and experienced design team that not only knows the value of custom packaging but also familiar with the growing trends and how to fulfill the design requirements of clients.

·         Chance to be creative and authentic

Previously with the readymade boxes, there was little room for any personalization. But now with modern tools and methods, even the most extravagant and brilliant design is possible on the custom boxes. The innovative software tools and digital printing allows easy application of logos, artwork, color schemes, custom themes, labels, and text that can significantly improve the essence and visibility of your brand.

·         Adds more value to the product

As a startup business owner, you need to carry your individuality and be able to translate it in your products or services. Customers these days have become quite selective in their choices, and no matter how good the product maybe, if the product packaging does not convince them, they would not buy the product. The online packaging provider offers a range of design from their portfolio and would incorporate at least one distinctive element in the custom packaging that will make your product stand out.

·         Fulfill your professional or personal use

One of the best things about custom boxes is that they can easily be used for the fulfillment of both personal and professional purposes. A bakery may design and develop custom printed boxes to sell its wide range of eatable items. On the other hand, a person wanting to wrap gifts for his loved ones can also order exquisite custom boxes to pack gifts for Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

·         Wide range of custom features can be added

The online packaging providers not only help you buy custom packaging boxes, but you can add many amazing value added features that can further enhance the aesthetic value of your product and brand. There are many options regarding lamination of the custom boxes with Gloss, Matte, and Spot coatings. There are brilliant shapes and design that provide pleasant unboxing experiences such as the Sleeve, Pillow, Pyramid, and Mailer design. The popular options that many clients go for include Die-Cut window, Gold/Silver foiling, Embossing, Debossing, and Raised ink.

·         Use of quality and eco-friendly packaging material

One of the key factors in custom packaging is the choice of material to be used for the printed boxes. As the demand for custom boxes is increasing, there are also steps taken to reduce the impact on the environment. The packaging companies offer high quality cardboard stock, Kraft, fiberboard, and corrugated material that is tried and tested for sturdiness, flexibility, durability and most importantly is recyclable which means it does not add to the carbon footprint. There is also an eco-friendly symbol on the packaging that not only make the customers happy but portray your brand as an environment and socially aware company.


·         Wholesale rates reduce the cost

One of the most common question that comes to mind when you think to buy custom box packaging is the cost. Many people believe personalization in any market segment means paying a high price for the custom features, and it is common knowledge that designer clothes, shoes, jewelry, or bags all are expensive and costly. But on the contrary, the custom boxes are made affordable if you order in bulk quantity. The packaging company offers wholesale rates that allow you to get considerable discounts.

The Need to Employ Custom Packaging Services

The online platform is the biggest source to buy custom packaging boxes. There are many packaging providers who offer a wide assortment of custom printed boxes that can be designed according to given specifications. You do not have to go for one size fit all option as you have the choice to personalize the packaging that suits you best. The custom boxes serve multiple purposes, whether it is storing, packaging, shipping, or displaying a product on the shelf in a store.

Half Price Packaging is one of the premier company that offers quality and cost effective packaging solutions. We have a fantastic design team that has already delivered exclusive custom boxes for numerous categories that include retail, cosmetic, and food products. We offer services for both a startup company looking for brand popularity through custom packaged boxes and a person looking to send gifts in a classic custom box to his loved ones.

We provide our clients and customers. Free Design Assistance, Wholesale Rates, and Fast Delivery. We use the finest quality packaging material and a variety of custom options that can be applied from company name, brand logo, tagline, website address, to other necessary information that fulfil your marketing needs. For personal use, we can deliver custom boxes with personalized messages and decorations. 

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