What Kinds of Retail Boxes Should Your Business Consider?

Are you frustrated seeing your e-commerce sales figures significantly underperform your expectations?

Disappointed that you cannot obtain the same number of likes, thumbs-ups, tweets, and retweets as your rivals?

Are you tired of seeing products from other brands fly off store shelves while yours remain idle, cold, and abandoned?

Okay, perhaps we were a little dramatic there, but the point is still valid.

It is frustrating when you have a fantastic product that people would adore, but the sales are stagnant. If your company is currently experiencing something similar, it may be time to look beyond the product itself and reevaluate the product packaging. The packaging, that's right.

If your brand currently uses off-the-shelf packaging, it may be time to consider the advantages of custom retail boxes. These boxes can give you a winning approach over your rivals. They represent not only your products but also your mission and consumer appeal as an extension of your core values.

Let's explore why and how:

Why Custom Retail Boxes?

Imagine for a moment that you enter a store. You may be attracted to another product even if you go there with a specific purchase. Whether you need it or not, you still pick it up, examine it, and make a mental note.

What causes that, specifically? It was likely the product's packaging.

Custom retail packaging has the power to manipulate consumer purchasing decisions. A product stands out on a shelf much more when it has vibrant colors, clear, easy-to-read fonts, or is wrapped interestingly.

Excellent box designs of custom retail boxes help your brand stand out and make it simpler to differentiate from your rivals from the perspective of physical retail. Retailers adore the customizable options because they make their jobs easier by reducing overhead costs and making stocking and carrying items easier.

Different kinds of retail boxes are available that will be ideal for your product's requirements. All high-quality custom boxes share several features that improve your customers' overall brand experience.

Without further ado, now let's explore the most popular box types and how they function to protect your brands products while providing an excellent branding experience:

Folding Carton Boxes

Folding carton boxes are currently among the most prevalent and well-known boxes available, and it's simple to understand why. These paperboard boxes, also referred to as retail packaging boxes, are used for most retail product packaging.

 One of the two ends of these carton boxes typically has a tuck flap. Folding carton boxes are a great way to ensure that your package reaches your customers safely and securely, whether you're shipping clothes, candles, or other lightweight items.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are a more robust and long-lasting option for your product. They can't collapse like traditional boxes because they are made of stronger materials.

Rigid-style boxes are frequently wrapped separately with something else to help soften it up a bit and make it more appealing to consumers. It gives the designer more creative freedom to add a little "brandability" to the look.

Full Overlap Boxes

Outside flaps on these box designs overlap the box's width, adding incredible durability and offering a great roam to engrave all of your imagination as their designs. The most frequently used rigid boxes in real life are used to store iPads and iPhones.

Compared to corrugated and paperboard boxes, rigid boxes are much more expensive. This box is the finest option for cosmetics, foods, and luxury goods. These rigid printed retail boxes are customized with the latest printing and designing technology, and the leading brands of the world love them.

Telescope Boxes

These boxes have two parts and can have their lid removed similarly to a telescope's lid. Many luxury goods are packaged this way to create a luxurious feel and add sophistication.

Collapsible Boxes

Manufacturers and customers both like collapsible boxes. They are very flexible in design, giving product manufacturers a lot of freedom, and they are well suited for branding campaigns.

Due to their simplicity in collapsing and potential for reuse, customers adore them.

Additionally, the collapsible design of retail shipping boxes allows you to save more money on shipping as they are light in weight.

Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

Although this type of box has a somewhat complicated name, it operates very straightforwardly. It can be constructed without glue or tape by folding the ends and tucking them into the front.

This kind of box is frequently used to ship baked goods, and countless design options exist. These retail display boxes are a popular option for delicious food because the top can be transparent to display the items inside.

Mailer Boxes

These boxes are retail-ready and can be shipped directly in the mail, with no need for additional packaging. Mailer custom retail boxes with logo are the best as they are made with the highest level of customization, offering distinctive colors, designs, and shapes. You can print your brand's logo on the box for marketing purposes innovatively.

Shoulder Boxes

Although this particular box design is uncommon, that makes it stand out more when it is. It keeps the product in the middle of the box, with a base separate from the lid. The shoulder refers to this area. An excellent way to draw attention to the box and make it stand out even more, is to use contrasting colors with the product in the center.

Regular Slotted Container Boxes

The uniform length of the flaps on these boxes allows small and lightweight items to be shipped very easily. However, since only the external and print designs are editable, some design elements are unfortunately sacrificed.

Corrugated Boxes

Rigid boxes are the best option for shipping heavy items. But a corrugated box will work well if the item is too heavy for even a rigid box. Packaging manufacturers use corrugated cardboard to make rigid retail boxes packaging, which maintains its structural integrity even when stacked. Consequently, it protects the items that are inside from further harm. These characteristics make these boxes perfect for moving.

Who Knew Packaging Could Do So Much?

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