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Top Companies for Packaging Food

packaging food

Under co-existence and the amalgamation of different cultures, the love for food is increasing around the globe. And with this love is growing the food industry and, simultaneously, the food packaging industry.

When it comes to food packaging, even though the quality of the industry overall has increased significantly, it is more than necessary to opt for the best and only the best in the business for all simple reasons. The food industry is highly dependent on how it serves the food, primarily when the order is delivered to the customer's doorsteps. Thus, it is here where the food packaging boxes come into play, as they are not only the first thing that customers look at when food is served but also offer a protective covering to the food (which generally showcases your brand's name at the front).

List of the Best Food Packaging Companies Around the World

Are you looking for one that aptly meets your product needs? Go through the list below to find out the perfect match!

1. Half Price Packaging

Half Price Packaging tops the list of the best food packaging brands. In order to provide their customers with the best services, the gamut of their food packaging covers almost every sort of food item. They offer a wide variety of packaging boxes for every industry including Bakery Boxes, Cosmetic Boxes, Pharmaceutical Boxes, CBD Boxes, etc. Moreover, HPP (Half Price Packaging) also offers customized printing, so if you want any kind of customized printing or your company's name labeled on your packages, they cater such requisitions as well, that too in the most minimal of costs.

Along with their variety of boxes, they also offer 24/7 customer support, free digital proofs, absolutely no setup charges, and most importantly, a lower threshold for a minimum order than their counterparts. Half Price Packaging is so far the Best Food Packaging Company. Visit their page, and you will be choosing them in the future once you go through their comprehensive collection of food boxes!

2. Owens-Illinois

Owens-Illinois is one of the world's primary beverage container manufacturers. They have the expertise in crafting brand-building glass packaging for a variety of food and beverage products. Examples are spirits, beer, low alcohol refreshers, tea, cold coffee, wine, food, juice, and liquid medicines. They have the privilege of being one of the oldest packaging companies with a century of experience. So, if you are specifically looking for beverage container manufacturers, Owens-Illinois should be the definite choice, hands down.

3. Sealed Air

Sealed Air has the mission to enhance the flavor, freshness, safety, and security of the food they move. They work with various food packaging companies to create packaging solutions that increase operational efficiency, extend the product's shelf life, and reduce resource use throughout the supply chain. They claim that their innovations can double the shelf life of foods, such as fresh pasta, and can extend the freshness of meat from days to weeks. Their main objective is preserving nutrition and enhancing flavor and food safety. Moreover, they also make sure that the food never goes to waste and stays safe. Their dedication and love for food make them occupy the 3rd rank amongst my list of the best food packaging companies.

4. Ball

Ball Corporation has been in the business of packaging for more than two centuries. They provide metallic and plastic packaging for household products, beverages, and foods. For them, their rich history is their pride. As stated by the company, they believe in people, culture, and the ability to deliver value to their stakeholders. Their ascendency in metal packaging is simply unparalleled. If you want trouble-free packaging, which means perfect, then you should go to Ball food packaging company.

5. Crown Holdings

Crown Holdings is another high-quality company that provides beverage metal packaging technology. The company provides its services in 40 countries, focusing its supply channels in developing economies. Besides serving the food industry, Crown holdings also cater to the packaging needs of metals, beverage, construction, corrugated, agriculture, and other general industries.

6. Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa produces paper-based packaging. This company comprises around 45,000 employees in 34 countries. The company specializes in food and beverage packaging made of paper. They are one of the best manufacturers of Kraft boxes. You can go and have a look at the services they provide on their website.

7. Amcor

Amcor supplies offer a wide range of rigid and flexible packaging products for the food and beverage industries. They also provide packaging for healthcare, home, personal care, and the tobacco industry. This company is an all-rounder and facilitates almost every industry in the market with its packaging.

8. WestRock

Lastly, WestRock has a breathtaking record in developments in packaging design for food and beverages. It is the second-largest packaging company in the United States. The services of food packaging companies are getting better day by day, and their innovation of newer technologies and usage of better materials renders the choice for food brands even more difficult.

However, the choice becomes more evident with this comprehensive guide by your side on the leading 8 food packaging brands. We hope this was a helpful article for you to choose the best packaging industry for your brand.

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Do you agree with the list, or do you think we missed a significant packaging brand?

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