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What are Custom Printed French Macaron Boxes


Who doesn’t know about macarons nowadays? They are sort of sweet confection made of egg whites, icing sugar, almond meal and different food coloring, they can be referred as a kind of cookie that brought an innovation in baking world. In order to showcase macrons and to protect them custom printed French macron boxes are designed. The custom box packaging allows you to design your custom macaron boxes with variety of sizes and styles.

Pros Of Using Custom Printed French Macaron boxes

The first and foremost reason for these boxes being preferred is their high-quality packaging. Along with it, the boxes provide separators so that the macarons remain in their place and one doesn’t damage the other.

Grasp Attention

The most important concern of every company is to know about the targeting audience.  Custom Macaron Boxes are tailored in such a way that they get the attention of people belonging to all ages. In order to give a mesmerizing visual to the product, customized macaron boxes imprint tempting artwork and offer a die cut window to make the macrons more captivating with the die cut boxes. The technique of keeping a window grasps the attention of customers no matter what age they belong to, by showcasing colorful macarons and influencing their purchasing decision.

High Quality Boxes

It is important to offer a promising quality of boxes which would ultimately ensure good quality of product. Customized Macaron boxes are preferred over other bakery boxes because of their high-quality custom box packaging that gives them a luxurious outlook. Stiff cardboard is used in manufacturing macaron boxes which keeps the product fresh and absorbs the moisture. Furthermore, macron boxes have tremendous finishing as gloss coating makes those boxes look shiny and attractive.

Promotes Business

Companies always remain in search of strategies to brand themselves. Packaging industry has eased up their worries as they also offer the option of customization which ultimately advertises the brand and product. Custom Box packaging allows you to add your logos and some additional information about the product or info to offer an easy access to customers to contact you. The more people get attracted to the boxes, the more they would be interested in buying the products which would increase the sales and boost up the business.

Durable Packaging

Durability and Security are the key elements of the custom box packaging which ensures the protection of the items it withholds. It is important that macaron boxes are strong and resistant so that it doesn’t damage the macrons inside. For this purpose, macaron boxes are manufactured by thick cardboard sheets that not only protects the items from being damaged but also secures them from external environmental factors as it offers extra layers of lamination


Before a final outlook, product boxes have to go through a process of manufacturing, printing and designing and obviously each step costs more but macaron boxes especially if you go for Macron Wholesale boxes, they will be very cost effective as larger amount of order would offer big discounts and give you quality, designed according to your requisites keeping the cost low.

Multi-Purpose Favor Boxes

Macron Boxes are not limited for showcasing macarons only rather it can be used for multiple purposes. Although macaron favor boxes seem to be small in size, they have great importance, be it for bakery items or any other product and business. They are designed in a way that anything can fit in easily and would be protected and would add more value to the product it carries within.

Like macaron boxes, truffle boxes are also used for similar purposes. Truffle boxes also give a luxurious touch to the packaging and add appeal in the customers’ eyes. Truffle boxes are mostly used to showcase chocolate and such delicacies making the already special item more special by adding personal customization.

The food industry is flourishing but it is nothing without the packaging industry. A packaging company bags all the credit from production house to food display aisle in fact till the time the items are consumed by the buyers. A packaging company has to provide product boxes that are durable, sustainable and sturdy along with being up to date and stylishly elegant.

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