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Useful Attributes Of Different Categories Of Telescope Boxes


Telescope boxes hold great significance for wrapping every day goods in a well secured manner. Its numerous shapes make it a useful choice for many brands for encasing their high end products with care and protection. The basic structure usually contains a simple top lid with the wide tray bottom. You can glue either of these parts as per your requirements. The tendency of undergoing various customizations is much higher for the sturdy structure of custom telescope boxes.


Telescope boxes hold a complete set of exposure for their consumers. The noticeable and powerful shape of these cases fulfill all sorts of packaging demands of the public. Customer favorite geometry of these packaging boxes are a new trend in the packaging business. To learn more, have a look on the following mentioned types.

1.   Double Cover Telescope Boxes

Double cover telescope boxes are commonly utilized for shipping fragile items to other countries. We know that mailer boxes or rigid boxes are the obvious choices for many shipping companies. In contrast to them, telescope boxes with double lids keep your merchandise safe and intact at one place no matter what.


For the decorative purpose, you can make choice of latest printing techniques that can amplify your designs in a better way. Lids and bottoms with distinguished designs can uplift the overall look of these cases separately. You can select numerous surface finishes to enhance the display of these boxes further.


2.   Telescope Boxes With Unattached Covers

Telescope boxes with non sticky lids are the specimen of the past century. After its invention, several shoe and clothing stores have been using them for wrapping tiny to medium sized products. Even perfume manufacturers packages their highly acclaimed perfumes in the luxurious custom telescope boxes.


Procedures of perforating and scoring of a box make it presentable and durable at the same time. People lean towards the long lasting products easily. The strong trust on the robust build up of the telescope boxes aids in direct branding for your company.  


3.   Usual Telescope With Attached Covers

Sweets and chocolates are placed in usual telescope boxes with attached covers. This sticking contraption helps in keeping your product safe from unwanted dust and moisture. As an additional feature, it provide support to the whole form of the telescope box.


The locking quality of these cases prevent the product from falling or breaking. Fragile products such as glass or crystal based goods remain protective within the strong walls of these cases. In some cases, the inner distributions in the corrugated telescope boxes offer suitable adjustment for placing more products in single box.


Conclusively, telescope boxes with attached and unattached lids are a common effective solution for handling light and heavy products. Customizations define the price to every type of brand. Suitability is the main factor that increases or decreases the sales for the many packaging printing companies.


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