Top 5 Pharma Packaging Industry Trends

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What do people usually do with the product packaging boxes after using a product?

Without any second thoughts, they happen to throw it in the garbage. But have you ever thought about what happens or where does the package go after that?

Talking about the importance of packaging from a pharmaceutical perspective, one does not only have to come up with a pharmaceutical packaging box that provides information about your product. But also secure it from environmental changes (humidity, moisture, UV rays, etc.) and retain the medicine's quality in all distribution chains. One must also make sure the material in the packaging used is eco-friendly. The product must reach the customer in a safe manner in any case while taking care of the environmental waste it will create after use.

Top 5 Trends Influencing the Pharma Packaging Industry in 2023

2023 is expected to be a year of change for the pharmaceutical packaging and labeling industry. Up and down the supply chain, this industry will have to work harder to achieve traceability per DSCSA (Drug Supply Per Security Act) Standards.

The pharmaceutical packaging providers can play an important role in helping to address these current issues:

  • protecting patients from falsified medicines

  • reducing packaging waste

  • boosting the industry's profits.

The pharmaceutical packaging enterprises can bring a change that tends to make a difference to the pharmaceutical industry.

Here are some crucial points that the pharma industry needs to consider in the future while packing their products;

Creating Child-Resistant Packaging Designs

The Child-Resistant Packaging market will continue to evolve and advance in 2022 as brands look to deliver safe and commercially viable goods. Cannabis-based medicinal products are going to be a significant driver of growth. These medicinal cannabis products can offer therapeutic benefits to patients that other traditional drugs cannot provide.

However, the problem with these medicinal cannabis products is that if a child accidentally ingests larger quantities of the concentrated cannabis oil, then the effects could be life-threatening in some cases. The packaging manufacturers are now bound to label child resistant packaging for their potential customers. It consists of adding complete terms to the package, such as "child-resistant packaging.

As we are in the middle of 2023, the expectations also increase to come up with customized printed pharma boxes that ensure child protection in the best possible ways. Packaging companies already use separate labels of child-resistant. And we expect others to join the mission while creating the custom printed pharma boxes.

Smart Packaging in the Pharma Industry

When it comes to smart packaging in the pharma industry, it not only provides important information about the medicines. It also monitors the conditions the respective drug has been exposed to while its journey in the supply chain.

Smart packaging also offers consumers and patients an understanding of the product and how to safely interact with it. For instance, by communicating through smartphones and other internet-enabled devices, one can remind patients to take their medicines, providing a dosage schedule to reach optimum results.

Greater Consumer Demand and Emphasis on Personalized Care

The consumer's demands are also expanding and transforming. Talking about the pharmaceutical sector, in particular, there is an excellent chance of more continuous and localized production in the upcoming years. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) has ensured thirty million Americans get medical insurance. The aging population has led to a rise in the global demand for pharmaceuticals. The needs have also changed greatly with this expansion of consumer demand.

The idea of "one size fits all" no longer cuts it. A greater focus on personalized medicine comes in custom pharma boxes for manufacturers. Personalized medication requires proper labeling on the packaging. Smaller batches of custom-printed pharma and diagnostic research boxes with short-time leads are required.

The Need for Packaging Companies to fulfill the Current Packaging Requirements

The pharmaceutical manufacturers are hard-pressed to ensure and keep up with their packaging necessities with the changing market and stiff regulations. The pharmaceutical packaging industry has itself become more complex than ever before. And because of this, more pharmaceutical manufacturers are coming forward for packaging enterprises to ensure a higher level of speed and accuracy in the packaging operations.

Keeping Sustainability Ahead of the Game

Just like the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacturers of pharma packaging boxes and custom research diagnostic boxes are emphasizing packaging sustainability. The focus now is to use recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials keeping in mind the lifecycle analysis and carbon-footprint reduction of these used materials. Many packaging companies already ensure this factor while manufacturing any type of pharmaceutical packaging box.

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