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The Year of Change: Top 5 Trends Influencing the Pharma Packaging Industry in 2020


What do we exactly do with the packaging after buying a product? Without any second thoughts, we happen to throw it in the garbage. But, have you ever thought what happens or where does the package go after that? Yes, I am referring to the recycling of materials, and when it comes to reuse whatever we have discarded, then the pharmaceutical industry, in particular, could not be closer to this truth.

Talking about the importance of packaging from a pharmaceutical’s perspective,  one does not only have to come up with a pharma packaging box that conveys information about the product, protect it from environmental fluctuation and maintain the quality of the medicine through the entire distribution chain, but also has to make sure the materials used are eco-friendly. The product has to reach the customer in a quality-based safe manner while taking care of the environmental waste it will create after use. This is the reason the pharmaceutical industry from the past few years has some strict packaging requirements and protocols, as it deals with drugs that can either hurt people or help them. The goal now, is not only to have packaging truly performing its function of protecting the drugs as to perform their role in a practical way, but also to have a record-keeping of how much of these pharma boxes in the waste stream will have to be recycled.

The rising environmental concerns have boosted the need for providing better microbial and sterile therapeutic packaging more than ever before. Vendors today are approaching towards flexible customized pharma boxes because of properties like chemical resistance, transparency, and the ability to be cast into different shapes and durability that will ultimately influence the industry growth in a flash in the subsequent times.

While this might be one trend to look into in 2020 in the pharmaceutical industry, there are other trends that will influence the medicine industry in the upcoming years. Here are the top 5 of them that need to be ensured as we move ahead.

Top 5 Trends Influencing the Pharma Packaging Industry in 2020

2020 is expected to be a year of change for the pharmaceutical packaging and labeling industry. Up and down the supply chain, this industry will definitely have to work even harder to achieve traceability per DSCSA (Drug Supply Per Security Act) standards. Not to mention that the pharma industry will prevail to face challenges of the past. Predominantly, delivering new product types, the globalization of drug stream, the rise of chronic lifestyle conditions, and the upsurge of counterfeit medicines in the market.

However, the pharma packaging industry can play an important role in helping to address these current issues. No matter it is protecting patients from falsified medicines or reducing packaging waste and boosting the profits of the industry; overall, the pharma packaging industry can bring a change that tends to make a difference to the bottom line.

Here are the top 5 trends that we can expect from the pharma packaging industry in 2020:

Creating Child-Resistant Packaging Designs:

The Child-Resistant Packaging market will continue to evolve and advance in 2020 as brands look to deliver a safe and commercially viable good. Cannabis-based medicinal products are expected to be a significant driver of growth in this regard. These medicinal cannabis products can offer therapeutic benefits to patients that other traditional drugs cannot provide. This is just one advantage of these products, there further benefits to be leveraged, which shows the big pharma can have a lot of gain in the future.

However, the problem with these medicinal cannabis products is that if a child by accident, ingests larger quantities of the concentrated cannabis oil, then the effects could be life-threatening in some cases. The packaging manufacturers now have a duty of labeling child-resistant packaging for their potential customers.  This consists of adding complete terms to the package such as “child-resistant packaging,” instead of writing abbreviations and adding information in a particular place as “how supplied and handling section.” The separate adhesive labels are considered to be at best practice as compared to the on-packaging designs.

As we enter 2020, the expectations also increase to come up with customized printed pharma boxes that ensure child protection in the best possible ways. There are packaging companies that already use separate labels of child-resistant, and we expect others to join the mission as well while creating the custom printed pharma boxes.

Smart Packaging in the Pharma Industry:

When it comes to smart packaging in the pharma industry, then it not only provides important information about the medicines but also monitors the conditions this drug has been exposed to while its journey in the supply chain. Once a product goes out for delivery, there is no real visibility as to what happens to it before it reaches the required place or person. The incorporation of printed sensors on the custom pharma package, custom diagnostic packaging boxes and NFC antennas can facilitate the monitoring of shock, temperature and humidity to provide definite proof of quality. This is a great benefit to the food and pharma industry where brands and consumers go through the risk of genuine harm from poorly packaged and expired goods.

Apart from this, smart packaging also offers consumers and patients with an understanding of what exactly is the product and how to interact with it in a safe manner. For instance, by communicating through smartphones and other internet-enabled devices, one can remind a patient to take their medicines, making sure of suppling a dosage schedule in reaching optimum results.

Greater Consumer Demand and Emphasis on Personalized Care:

The consumer’s demands are also expanding and transforming with the pharmaceutical industry’s regulatory landscape making a shift. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) has ensured a total of thirty million Americans to get medical insurance. With the aging population, this is seen to have coupled and has led to a rise in the global demand for pharmaceuticals. The needs have also changed to a great extent with this expansion of consumer demand. The idea of “one size fits all” no longer cuts it, and there is a greater focus on personalized medicine that comes in custom pharma boxes which means shorter lead times (time from the start of a process till it ends) and smaller batches (a type of small-scale production) for manufacturers.

Talking about the pharmaceutical packagers, in particular, there is an excellent chance of more continuous and localized production in the upcoming years. The personalized meditation makes it necessary for the label and packaging manufacturers to make smaller batches of custom printed pharma boxes and research diagnostic boxes with short time leads. And, the fact that the quantities are smaller, we will see a shift towards packaging goods much closer to its sale for an efficient distribution.

The Rise in use of Contract Packaging Companies

The pharmaceutical manufacturers are hard-pressed to ensure and keep up with their packaging necessities with the changing market and stiffening of regulations. The cost of replacing legacy.

paraphernalia now is much higher in the face of these stricter regulations. The pharmaceutical packaging industry has itself become complex than ever before. And, because of this reason, more pharmaceutical manufacturers are coming forward for specialized CPs (contact packagers) so that a higher level of speed and accuracy in the packaging operations can be ensured. This makes the pharmaceutical companies to focus only on their core competencies, which is the developing of drugs, and leave the pharmaceutical packaging complexities to the experts whether it is about the medicine packaging boxes or the research diagnostic boxes.

With a greater flexibility, smaller batches and shorter time leads, the specialized pharmaceutical packaging and labeling companies are able to offer full-service solution which the pharma manufacturers cannot provide. And, the fact that this outsourcing of packaging services can reduce the supply chain costs to a great extent, we are likely to see more partnerships of pharma companies with the Contract Packagers for their packaging and labeling needs.

Keeping Sustainability Ahead of the Game:

Just like the pharmaceutical industry, the developers of pharma packaging boxes and custom research diagnostic boxes are putting a lot of emphasis on what we call sustainability. The focus now is to use recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials keeping in mind the lifecycle analysis and carbon-footprint reduction of these used materials so that it can contribute mainly to a safe and clean environment. The concept of in-store recycling has become a trend where patients are to return the used inhalers and other such devices to the pharmacy. There are many packaging companies that are already ensuring this factor while manufacturing any sort of pharma packaging box.

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