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The Ultimate Guide on How Packaging Can Impact Customer Perception


The competition is deadly and fierce, and the consumers are bombarded with too many marketing stimuli that are masked behind a universe of options. Studies show that consumers are exposed to 20,000+ choices within the first half an hour of the shopping session. It is tough to stay relevant and attractive for the consumers for any company that exists out there. And thus, each is in desperate need to find THE THING that will make their brand different from others; that will be their saving grace; that will push them to achieve that level of uniqueness that creates an "X-Factor" to help stand out of the crowd like they own the world.

How does one achieve uniqueness?

How do you know what's best for your brand? If you are a marketer, Psychology should be your best friend, your better half and your comrade. Consumers' behavior is the most unpredictably predictable element, which, if controlled, will help you rule over your targeted audience. Consumer behavior and I cannot stress on this enough, should never be left on pilot mode.

If you want your business to be the poster child for a success story, you need to work for it. It takes around-the-clock attention, constant efforts, blood, sweat, and tears to understand and predict the psychology behind a consumer's perception, their behavior, and their purchase intention.

Several factors have a powerful influence on consumer perception, and consequently, their behavior. How your product looks, how it feels, and what emotions it triggers definitely takes a chunk of these factors. It is a known fact that consumers make subconscious decisions about the products they see, pass judgments on products as they move along, and it all depends on how the product is packaged. Consumers create a strong perception over a product and the brand associated with it, depending entirely on the packaging, the appeal it creates before they even use the product. Several studies proved that consumers make choices on the visual appeal of a product, as it makes it easier for them to take a risk, go out on a limb for a brand that is unknown to them. In simple words,

Customized packaging garners trust like magic!

Trust is a massive part of how consumers perceive your brand and the products associated with it. If you are successful in creating a strong trust factor among your customers, the throne is yours! Keep in mind that a perception can be positive or negative. While bad publicity is still publicity, to be successful, you need to steer away from this ideology and work on creating a positive image for your brand. To do so, you need to work on your visual appeal first!

Product packaging plays a vital role when you want to go for more of a 'feast-for-your-eyes' effect on your consumers. To put it succinctly, it all comes down to how you present the product. Product packaging not only looks appealing to the eyes, but it sets the stage for how you want to represent your brand; it tells your story in your own words, in your own way, and enables the world to view your brand and products with your eyes.

You have to choose a look as per your brand image. For instance, if you go for a more modern look, it will leave a different impression than a brand that uses a cutesy design, or a one that uses more vintage, rustic look.

Within a fraction of a second, consumer perception is set, and often, an opinion so strong is made, that no matter what you do or say to change it, you will not be able to make strides. So, it would be best if you are very careful when it comes to marketing your brand in a way that creates (positive) consumer perception and triggers purchase intention. You may have considered packaging to be a minor detail that can be overlooked at the end, but we are sure after reading the post up till this part, you understand that packaging should not be taken lightly, as it can make or break the image of your brand.

Close your eyes and imagine a blue box with a white ribbon. What do you see? Tiffany’s trademarked blue box! This is the kind of custom packaging we are talking about. Just by defining the color of the box with a ribbon on it, your mind immediately jumps to Tiffany & Co.’s infamous packaging. This is the kind of influence custom packaging holds over a brand.

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Now that you understand the imperative need of creating a positive perception and the influence of custom packaging over it, it is time we walk you through the multiple factors involved in the packaging of a product that influences the consumers and targeted audience, so you can not only stand out in the crowd but can maximize your sales as well!

Color Matters!

Several studies show the impact of color on the mind of human beings, how different colors have power over us, and how they can trigger different emotions. According to research, around 90% of snap judgments about products can be made based on color alone. Using color psychology to your advantage can help you attract more consumers towards your brand, both existing and new! There are broad messages found in color perception and play a significant role in branding and purchases. The relationship between a brand and the color it chooses to represent itself hinges on this singular question?

Does the color fit the product that is being sold?

Recognition is key! According to many studies, our brains prefer brands that are recognizable ¬– which means that new brands must target a customized palette of color for their custom packaging to ensure that differentiation occurs between entrenched competitors.

A carefully thought color palette that perfectly sums up the essence of the brand is the end-goal. A visually appealing packaging needs colors to make it more vibrant or more modern. It all depends on your product. Take the beauty industry in consideration. Famous and successful brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Fenty Beauty, etc., all use different color themes to introduce their different collections. Each collection has custom packaging with a set color theme and use very specific cosmetic boxes to represent each collection. The takeaway is, choose your colors wisely! They set the character of your brand and are essential when it comes to customer retention because, like we said, recognition is key, and you will not achieve retention if there is no recognition!

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Labeling can be good sometimes!

Creating the information architecture for your package will help you convey everything essential for your brand, and that needs to be communicated to your audience. Choosing a font is a crucial part of this step as, just like colors, fonts set a tone about your brand image as well. The fonts that you opt for need to be highly visible and visual, and must suit your product well.

It would be advantageous if you made sure that your labels are clear and designed in a way that captures the audiences in an informative way while being visually appealing. A label may contain beautiful images that are relevant to your brand and product, nutritional facts associated with the product that you are offering, a brilliant testimonial from a verified customer, or a witty tagline that explains the gist of your brand’s entire existence. Gift boxes require labelling to help identify who the gift is from.

When it comes to custom packaging, it can be used for multiple purposes. A good packaging can help you convey your message to the consumer in a unique perspective that has a personal touch. Gift boxes are the most common example when it comes to adding a personal touch to how you package a product. Custom gift boxes for packaging can help you write a personal note to your loved ones, or kind words to your friends, or a heartfelt message. This shows thoughtfulness and engagement with the consumer and helps creates an emotional attachment.

Is it Secure?

Security is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about custom packaging. If the products are fragile, the packaging needs to be sturdier, and if the product is too luxurious, the packaging needs to be promising as well. Custom Packaging can, without a shred of doubt, influence consumer experience by keeping the product safe and secure.

If you are buying an expensive perfume, would you prefer a packaging that is beautiful and can carry the weight of the bottle while keeping it safe from breakage or would you prefer a packaging that is not so easy on the eyes and is too delicate? The one that can protect your new expensive perfume? We thought so.

The security of packaging is essential as it ensures that the product will not face wear and tear during shipping or movement, which will not only help prevent returns (that are costly), but also give a boost to the perception of quality in the eyes of your consumers. A secure packaging implies that if a brand is willing to invest in its packaging alone, it must be investing in the quality of product itself as well. This influences the consumers and triggers purchase intention all the while, creating a positive perception over the brand image.

Does Material show Quality?

The quality of material used in packaging plays an essential role in creating a positive perception. When the quality of the packaging is good and shows promise, new customers and consumers are attracted to the brand and are ready to take the risks of trying out a new brand that may be unknown or just not that famous. Quality in packaging creates a sense of worth; consumers feel as if their money’s worth is being redeemed. A good quality of material used in packaging a product does wonders when it comes to creating a visual appeal. Where a color theme, font, and labelling may create attractiveness, but if all of these elements are present on a material that is poor in quality, they do not fulfill their purpose as effectively. It is important to remember that consumers’ associate quality with money. The mind of a consumer justifies high prices when it associates high quality with it. Thus, if your product has premium packaging, the consumer happily pays a good amount for it.


The packaging design is thus an essential part of the marketing plan for any business that buys or sells products. The fundamental purpose of custom packaging is to protect the product, but companies can also use packaging for promotions, marketing and advertisements, and for boosting their sales. When done right, packaging helps to identify and differentiate products to the consumers, it helps in attracting new consumers, convey the message of the brand, and create a value in the mind of the user.

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Hopefully, by now, you are convinced that packaging works like magic when it comes to consumer perception. The next thing to do is to find out the best place for it. Half Price Packaging has proved to be the best in town.

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