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The Trend of Presenting Savory Muffins in Exquisite Boxes


Muffins are one of the most favorite breakfast treats for many people. They are easily available at many bakeries and stores. People love to start their day with a muffin along with a cup of coffee. Also, many people prefer to bake them at home every morning as there is nothing more satisfying than eating a warm and freshly baked muffin. There are also many ready to make muffin mix available in the market for quick baking.

Difference between Cupcakes and Muffins

Many people get confused between muffins and cupcakes. They generally consider a muffin as an unfrosted cupcake, which is the most obvious visual difference between a muffin and a cupcake. But before proceeding further, let me clear the fact that if you think that removing frosting from a cupcake can turn it into a muffin, then you are wrong. A muffin is a quick bread and bigger than cupcakes.

Muffins are less-sweeter and chunky as compare to cupcakes. They do not require any frosting as they have different fillings inside that add enough taste. Some muffins are sugar topped or contain a very thin glaze, while cupcakes are plain mini-cakes topped with deliciously creamy frosting. 

The ingredients of both cupcakes and muffins are similar. They both contain eggs, flour, sugar, butter, and milk, but for muffins, you can also use oat flour, whole wheat flour, or different nut flours like almond or cashew flour. Also, muffins are filled with delicious mix-ins like nuts, dried fruits, blueberries, or chocolate chips. 

While preparing muffins, you can replace butter with any liquid fat like vegetable oil, but you cannot do the same with cupcakes. Because to create a creamy consistency, butter is an essential ingredient for them. Basically, the mixing consistency of batter differentiates them both. 

Cupcakes are made by creaming the butter much longer along with sugar to create a fluffy smooth batter. Also, the batter of cupcakes is beaten much longer than the muffin to create air bubbles and uniformness. However, muffin batter is beaten briefly and remains lumpy; it helps to make it denser.

Muffins are believed to be much healthier than cupcakes. There are also savory muffins available in many stores, but you cannot find a savory cupcake anywhere. There are many different types of muffins but let us have a look at some most popular muffins that are loved by everyone.

  • Blueberry muffins

  • Banana muffins

  • Strawberry muffins

  • Chunky cherry chocolate muffins

  • Savory breakfast muffins

  • Chocolate chip muffins

  • Cottage cheese muffins 

  • Sweet potato muffins

  • Whole wheat muffins

Importance of Packaging

Muffins are quite appealing baked items and taste delightful. Many bakeries use custom muffin boxes to present this baked good. Because to hold these scrumptious baked goods, a specific packaging is required. These boxes help maintain the shape of muffins as they are quite delicate and can get crumbled easily. It is highly important to have the best quality custom boxes because a good custom packaging helps to preserve the quality and freshness of your muffins.

Packaging is the most important part of branding these days. It helps to make your product prominent in the market. If you have started a new business, using mind-blowing custom boxes can help you nail your targeted audience. These custom boxes are perfect for printing; you can print all the required information to facilitate your customers along with your logo or company name for better brand promotion. 

To get the best custom boxes, look for the best packaging providers in the market and tell them what kind of box you require, or you can ask for their suggestions that could fascinate your customers. 

Do not compromise on your packaging. Take your time to select the best custom muffin box because a catchy custom box can also help to enhance your sale.

Once you have chosen your packaging, these companies will provide you a sample custom box and will proceed further after your approval. You can also order these boxes online, and your packaging will be delivered at your doorstep. 

Important Point to Consider Before Purchasing Custom Boxes 

Muffin boxes are similar to cake boxes but with separators or different sections and can vary in size. However, the material used for the manufacturing of these boxes is the same as that used for cake boxes. There are some points you need to consider while purchasing a custom muffin box.

  • Look for the quality of cardboard; either it will be sturdy or little rickety.

  • Ensure your muffin boxes have some separators.

  • Prefer muffin boxes that are slightly higher to protect the glaze on muffins. 

  • For better appeal, consider die-cut custom boxes

  • Ensure that the tabs interlock perfectly, so the box remains stiff, and the security of your muffin is guaranteed. 

How can you Customize these Boxes?

Muffin boxes are available in various shapes and sizes, along with beautiful designs and printing options. These custom boxes can also be used by people who love to send handmade baked goods to their friends and family. Sending handmade muffins in these custom boxes compliment your baked delicacy. Also, these custom muffin boxes can be used at weddings, birthdays, baby showers, or family reunions. 

These boxes can be personalized with die-cut designs; you can also add silver foiling, ribbons, and more. You can also ask the packaging providers to print special characters on these custom boxes like for valentine’s, you can ask for hearts printed box, and for Halloween, you can ask for jack o’ lantern themed muffin boxes. 

Custom muffin boxes are quite reasonable and eco-friendly. The material used for the production of these custom boxes is recyclable. Using these custom boxes help you build a positive impression on your customers as it does not cause any harm to our environment. It is the main reason why many bakers prefer these custom packaging. It helps them to follow the latest packaging trends and gain success.

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