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The significance and advantages of Corrugated Boxes in Packaging


People are familiar with different types of coxes and packaged boxes since they were kids. Even you are going to a supermarket or a discount store for many years and returning home with your goods or household accessories in a cardboard box. The shapes and sizes of the boxes may differ, but they all have a particular texture and quality. Corrugated boxes are specially designed boxes that are produced on a large scale to accommodate the demand of various businesses which includes crockery, eatables, household accessories, fashion, and beverages.

The advent and widespread popularity of online business and e-commerce have increased the importance and value of corrugated boxes. According to a popular belief, nearly 95% of the goods and products transported to retail stores and delivered to customers are through custom corrugated boxes. The corrugated boxes are the first choice for many product and service industry businesses due to its efficiency, durability, and dependability. The lightweight cartons many times are not able to hold the weight of the products and tear apart, but the corrugated boxes are ideal heavier and fragile items.

Many people think that a corrugated box is only suitable for the shipping industry, but the custom corrugated box is widely used in the e-commerce, office, and retia industry. A company logo, brand image, and other necessary details can easily be printed on a corrugated box. Another significant advantage of a corrugated box is that it recyclable which makes it a priority for companies who are concerned about maintaining an eco-friendly environment. The usage and applications of corrugated boxes are many, and the reasons why it is such as popular choice are

·         Sizes:

The corrugated boxes come in varying sizes, and can easily be customized to fit particular sized products. The best thing is that they can easily be carried, transported, and can be broken down or wrapped up to be used again

·         Strength:

The corrugated boxes are quite strong as compared to ordinary cardboard boxes. The strength allows them to be used to pack personal belongings and valuable goods. The boxes, when sealed and packaged can easily withstand pressure and keep the items inside safe and secure.

·         Recyclable:

Most of the modern corrugated boxes are made from renewable sources, which makes them easy to recycle and reuse.

Pine trees provide the raw material for corrugated boxes, which is known to be sturdy and durable. The corrugated boxes are made from corrugated paperboard that has two rows of air columns. There are three layers of semi-recycled brown Kraft paper, which are shaped like waves and glued together between two sheets to form corrugated cardboard sheets. The corrugated cardboard sheets are then cut, printed, folded, and glued together to make cartons and other types of folded boxes. The excess pieces left after the boxes are made are sent together to be recycled.

There are many packaging companies that allow many businesses to order custom boxes in spectacular design, colors, and sizes. The custom boxes provide more visibility to the brand image and identity. The custom corrugated boxes contain the company’s logo, brand name, and other product details and features. The corrugated boxes are used in transporting a variety of consumer goods that includes office supplies, books, food and beverages, clothing, electronic products, and other things.

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