The Importance and Benefits of Corrugated Packaging Boxes

corrugated boxes

People have been familiar with different types of boxes since they were kids. Even if you have been going to a supermarket or a discount store for many years, you must be returning home with your goods or household accessories packaged in a cardboard box. The shapes and sizes of the boxes may differ, but they all have a particular texture and quality. The purpose of corrugated boxes is to accommodate the demands of varying businesses, including crockery, eatables, household accessories, fashion, and beverages.

With the advent and popularity of online business and e-commerce, corrugated boxes have become increasingly valuable and important. Approximately 95% of goods are transported to retail stores and delivered to customers in custom corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are the first choice for many product and service industries due to their efficiency, durability, and dependability. Lightweight cartons often cannot hold the products' weight, but the corrugated boxes are ideal for heavier and more fragile items.

Many people think a corrugated box is only suitable for the shipping industry, but the custom corrugated box is widely used in the e-commerce, office, and retail sectors. A company logo, brand image, and other necessary details can easily be printed on a corrugated box. Another significant advantage of a corrugated box is that it is recyclable, making it a priority for companies concerned about maintaining an eco-friendly environment. The usage and applications of corrugated boxes are many, and the reasons why it is such as popular choice are:

Availability in a Wide Range of Designs and Sizes

The corrugated boxes come in varying sizes and can easily be customized to fit particular-sized products. The best thing is that they can easily be carried, transported, and can be broken down or wrapped up to be used again.

These boxes are remarkably customizable that allowing brands and businesses to get these boxes the desired design and shape as per their product specifications. These boxes are available in very small sizes to the larger ones aligned with the product size and shape.

With the availability of modern technologies, it is quite easy now to give corrugated materials the desired shape that allows packaging suppliers to meet all kinds of packaging requirements of their clients.

Easy to Customize

Many packaging companies allow businesses to order custom boxes in spectacular designs, colors, and sizes. The custom boxes provide more visibility to the brand image and identity. The custom corrugated boxes contain the company's logo, brand name, and other product details and features. The corrugated boxes transport various consumer goods, including office supplies, books, food and beverages, clothing, electronic products, and other things.

Product Protection

Product safety is one of the critical aspects that customers care about when receiving packaged items. If the products are damaged due to the lower packaging quality, it does not leave any positive impression on buyers. Instead, it results in losing customers' trust in the respective brand.

For that purpose, custom-designed corrugated boxes come in handy. Their double-layer walls with E and B Flutes inside protect the packaged items against all environmental, shipping, and handling impacts. Furthermore, the added inserts keep the packaged items intact in their place.

These aspects make these boxes beneficial for all brands and businesses regarding shipping and handling their delicate and precious products.


Most modern corrugated boxes are made from renewable sources, which makes them easy to recycle and reuse.

Pine trees provide the raw material for corrugated boxes, which are known to be sturdy and durable. The corrugated boxes are made from corrugated paperboard that has two rows of air columns. Three layers of semi-recycled brown Kraft paper are shaped like waves and glued together between two sheets to form corrugated cardboard sheets. The corrugated cardboard sheets are then cut, printed, folded, and glued together to make cartons and other types of folded boxes.

A Universal Packaging Solution

Another thing that sets custom corrugated boxes apart from other types of packaging products is their universal usage. They are all fit for all kinds of products regardless of their nature and specifications, owing to their customizability.

You can find the usage of corrugated mailer packaging solutions across industries from food and cosmetics to electrical and pharmaceutical ones. Due to their rigid nature, they have the ability to keep the packaged items secure for a maximum time. That is what makes these boxes the primary choice of all brands and businesses.

An Affordable Way to Go

Besides being multipurpose and eco-friendly, custom corrugated box packaging solutions are also economical. It means that these boxes can help reduce the overall shipping costs for a business. Packaging manufacturers offer special discounts on bulk purchases that can help you save money.

Despite being rigid and durable, corrugated boxes come lightweight and do not add much weight to the product regarding shipping. A lot of logistics companies charge their customers based on the overall weight of the package. So, these boxes help respective brands and retailers save plenty of money on their product shipping to their customers.

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Final Words

It is known that everyone always looks for something beneficial and long-serving for their products to sustain in the market. Custom corrugated boxes are one of the long-serving, protective packaging solutions, and one can understand how much they can benefit their brand or business considering the above discussion. From product safety to eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness, they are beneficial in every aspect and can help any brand and business to stand out in the market in no time.

Half Price Packaging has been providing these top-notch packaging boxes over an extended period of time with a wide range of customization options and exclusive printing choices. Buying in bulk can also help in enjoying discounted prices, free shipping, and a lot of other advantages. Happy shopping!

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