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The Popular Trend of Using Custom Cardboard Sleeves for Marketing of Soaps


Personal hygiene is essential and must be practiced by everyone to prevent illness and infections. The simple yet effective method of just washing your hands eliminates even the smallest germs and  allergies. But simply washing hands is not enough, and personal hygiene must be maintained to ensure a healthy personal, social, and psychological lifestyle. Soaps have been one of the essential factors in maintaining cleanliness since ancient times. Today there are numerous types of soaps available that consumers can use according to their needs and preference. The two most popular types of soaps used worldwide by people are beauty and medicated soaps, although soaps are used for different purposes as well. The beauty soaps are famous for their exotic fragrances while the medicated soaps are used to wash away the germs.

Traditionally, soaps available in markets usually come in a very ordinary and mundane packaging without any element of style or attractiveness. The soap manufacturing companies used to be product centric, and soaps being a common consumer item were mass produced. But trends have changed, and the marketing of soaps have also evolved like that of other consumer and retail products. Studies and

market research have suggested that packaging has become one of the most crucial elements of marketing and in making an impression in the minds of consumers.

The first thing that a customer walking into a retail store notices is the packaging of the product before even buying or using it. In today’s competitive and fast changing world, customers are exposed to a wide variety of products, and every business company is trying to gain the trust of its potential customers. A good and valuable product will not even be picked by a customer from the display rack if its packaging is

not stylish and eye-catching. The key to achieving success in selling soaps lies in designing and developing custom packaging of the soaps.

The custom packaging is offered by many reputable packaging providers who allow clients to choose the size, shape, layout, color, and style of the custom box pertinent to their products. The best thing about custom boxes is that the company’s logo, tagline, artwork, fonts, and images can be displayed in extravagant and stylish manner, not imagined before.

The rapid advancement in technology put forward variety of innovations in the design and style of packaging. Cardboard soap sleeves are currently one of the most popular packaging trends in the soap market. You will find many similar types of boxes in the packaging industry, but a sleeve box truly has a distinctive and artistic appearance. The modern sleeve box design comes with inserts in variable shapes and sizes. Sleeve boxes consist of two parts, one is the tray, and the second is the sleeve. The personal care products and cosmetics industry rely heavily on the presentation and packaging of the product for which custom packaged sleeve boxes are the best choice.

In a competitive market, the innovative and unique design of sleeve cardboard boxes can help your brand enhance its visual appeal and garner popularity and success that it deserves. There are different boxes that can be used to advertise the soaps, but the diversity and stunning looks of sleeve boxes are hardly present in other types of custom boxes.

The alluring artwork, captivating fonts, and vibrant colors can easily accentuate the product. The modern design feature of die cut window insertion will further enhance the looks of the packaging and allow the customer to view the soap inside without opening it. Also, you might have noticed that people have such busy lifestyles that they do not have time to examine the packaging of each product before

making a purchasing decision. Therefore, a sleeve soap box is ideal for attracting customers and making them buy the soap without wasting much time. Once you believe that your product is the best and one that the customers will want to use over and over again, then you must not compromise on the quality of packaging and employ an expert packaging company for the design and printing of the custom sleeve boxes.

The best thing about cardboard soap sleeves is that customers only have to simply slide the tray, to let the soap come out rather than tearing like done with other conventional boxes normally used for soaps. No matter the size of the soap, the custom boxes can easily be designed to fit the specifications and also fulfill the marketing needs.

The soap sleeve box can be customized to different shapes such as rectangular, and square. The fabulously designed custom packaged sleeve soaps can surely appeal the customers if placed on a display shelf in a retail store or supermarket. There is clear competition in the soap segment, and your company can achieve a competitive edge by designing exquisite custom boxes. You will be free to select the style, shape, size, material, and printing color that suits your soap.

The cardboard soap sleeves are made from high quality cardboard material that is tested for strength and durability. There are multiple options when it comes to finish and value added features of custom packaging which you can employ which includes  Luxurious and elaborate embossing and debossing

 Distinctive raised ink

 Beautiful gold/silver foiling

 Die cut window insertion

 Gloss, Matte, and Aqueous coating

 CMYK/PMS (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black/ Pantone Matching System) coloring technique The custom boxes are made from 100 % decomposable and ecofriendly material that minimizes the land waste and does not add to the carbon footprint. The structural features of cardboard make it is the ideal material for sleeve boxes. The sheets of cardboard are inexpensive and provide the sturdiness known for giving added support to the packaging and extra layer of protection to the soap product. The cardboard boxes can easily be transported from the warehouse and delivered to the retail stores and supermarket without any inconvenience. The cardboard material is quite stiff and remains in shape no matter how rough the handling of the box. The custom cardboard boxes keep the soap secure and prevent exposure to heat, moisture, and other weather elements.

The modern digital and offset printing technique is fantastic as it allows the company to experiment and come up with stunning themes, images, color, and fonts that instantly click with their target audience.

The packaging providers emphasize attention to detail that results in custom packaging that is done precisely and accurately according to the client’s needs and requirements. The custom packaging is best for startup organizations that are looking to make their mark and trying to

win over the customers. The custom boxes will serve as a stepping stone for them and allow them to make a grand entrance in the soap segment with alluring and captivating cardboard soap sleeves boxes. It is a dream of every business company to maximize its sales and build on their revenue, well stylish and innovative custom boxes may be able to fulfill their goals. Half Price Packaging is one reputable packaging provider that specializes in designing and delivering exquisite custom packaging. We have a skilled and experienced design team that knows about the modern trends and offers complete customization for cardboard soap sleeves according to size,

shape, layout, color schemes required by you. We use the premium cardboard material that is sturdy, durable, and recyclable. We have a vast database of custom designs from where you can choose an exclusive design, or you can share your own idea, and we will refine it with our free design assistance.

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