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The Need to Design Stylish Custom Boxes from an Expert Packaging Company


The numerous consumer brands always look to integrate modern technology and deliver superior quality products to the customers. Marketing of a product or service has always been a cornerstone for all business companies, and its significance has increased due to tough competition and change in needs and wants of customers. The marketing mix consists of four popular words starting from the letter ‘P,’ which are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. The four marketing elements are necessary to develop a meaningful strategy that can ensure success in the form of sales to the company.

The business dynamics have always been influenced by innovative and advanced technology that has made products and services smart and easy to use by the consumers. The conventional marketing strategy was driven by the companies demonstrating the features and values of their product, but the customer input was not taken into account. The product packaging, which is a key element in the presentation, was an afterthought for nearly all business companies that did not realize its importance.

The Importance of Product Packaging:

The resources, time, thoughts, and skill devoted to design and develop the products will be of no value if the goods and products are not packaged in an alluring way. It is a common fact that many of the customers who walk in a store judge the quality of the product just by its packaging. Today, consumers have easy access to information and technology and an opportunity to portray their needs and wants easily to the business companies. The change from product focused strategy to consumer-centric strategy has forced businesses to look for new ways to captivate and meet the expectations of consumers.

Packaging is now termed by many experts as the fifth element in the marketing mix and a vital aspect when it comes to branding of the product. The goods packaged before only kept the product safe and fresh, but now there is a growing trend of ‘custom packaging which gives the ability to a business company, startups, and entrepreneurs to

·         Present their products and goods in the most attractive and stylish manner

·         Advertise the true value of the products

·         Give consumers all the necessary information about the product

·         Connect with the target audience and compel them to buy the product

Custom packaging has become imperative and is an essential aspect of marketing plans and strategy as it can help to attract and retain a wide customer base. It allows you to package a product or item in numerous kinds of standard, classic, contemporary and extravagant designs.

The Need to Design and Develop Custom Boxes:

The retail packaging is considered to be the best and last chance for a company to make a sale as apart from the quality, a consumer also makes an emotional decision when purchasing a product. If two similar brands are selling more or less the same product, then the customer will make a decision to buy the product that is aesthetically more appealing and exhibits all the qualities of a superior product. There are many big, small, and startup businesses that want to integrate modern packaging styles and make efficient use of it to increase their sales but are not familiar with the steps to go about it.

A custom box packaging company is the one-stop solution for all the businesses that are hoping to redesign and revamp their product packaging and present their goods and items in a more enchanting way to the customers. The word custom packaging means that as an owner of a business, you can personalize everything that comes in packaging and presentation of the product from the brand logo, artwork, brand colors, size, shape, layout, dimension, tagline, and information to be imprinted on a custom box. Traditionally, a standard sized box was used to store, ship, and deliver products, but now you can desi gn and develop boxes that exactly fit the measurements and specifications of your product.

The packaging provider company have all the innovative resources, methods, techniques, and a creative design team that helps it to develop a wide range of custom boxes for numerous purposes whether it is retail, food, or cosmetic product. The packaging companies have user-friendly websites where you can browse through their portfolio of custom designs and select the best one that suits your marketing needs and budget. You can either fill the online form with the specifications or call directly to tell the details on the type of custom design you are looking for.

The design team will interact with you and note down all the necessary details from the size and shape dimensions to the style options, logo design, artwork, color, and type of packaging material. The packaging provider offers its services for anyone, whether it is a businessman or someone looking to fulfill his personal use. The trend of home based business is increasing, a custom box can be very handy particularly for people who are experts in baking goods and want to deliver their food items to different customers in their neighborhood. A custom box can also be designed if you are looking to present a gift item to your loved ones on a special occasion or event.

The Process of Designing a Custom Box

The advancement of technology has made the packaging process quite simple and easy. The design team of a packaging provider is aware of the use of innovative practices that can add a subtle touch to the presentation of the custom boxes. The design team is skilled in using various amazing software tools to design and develop eye-catching styles and tailor-made the boxes precisely to your specifications. The design team constantly updates the clients on various stages of the custom packaging that involves

·         Material Choice

The packaging material is one of the vital aspects and it depends on the type and purpose of the product to be packed. The popular material options consist of cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, Kraft boxes, and rigid boxes. Both the cardboard and Kraft boxes are ideal for retail, cosmetic, and food product display due to their flexible and eco-friendly design while the corrugated and rigid boxes are meant to provide sturdiness and durability to the heavy products that are to be shipped.

·         Styling Options

The packaging companies offer a world of different customizations for the boxes, and you can select the best feature that can authenticate and improve the aesthetics of your product. The various value-added styles include premium lamination and foiling, such as Gloss, Matte, and Spot UV coatings and Gold/Silver foiling. There is also the option of embossing and debossing.

·         Shapes and Layout

Custom packaging is all about experimenting extravagant and new designs that customers have not seen or used before. A custom box with fascinating shape and alluring design would always stand out among other brands and also grab the attention of a customer. There are several shapes that can be selected according to the product that includes a sleeve, pillow, auto-lock bottom, five-panel hangar, and seal end. Apart from the shapes, one of the common features these days is a die-cut window that allows the customers to see the contents or products present inside.

·         Printing

The final or finishing touch of involves the printing of logo, tagline, artwork, and technical information. The packaging companies use the latest digital and offset printing technique that allows the design team to implement best color schemes, images, and fonts for the product. The standard coloring technique that nearly all packaging companies offer is the PMS (Pantone Matching System) and CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black)

Half Price Packaging is one premium quality packaging provider that is known to design and deliver top-notch custom boxes for its clients and customers. All our teams strive to meet and go beyond our client’s expectations. We use modern packaging and printing techniques that conform to industry standards. We use the best quality of packaging material that is sturdy, flexible, durable, and, most importantly, recyclable, which means it will not lead to any waste or carbon emission.

Half Price Packaging is probably the only packaging company that allows maximum personalization on the wishes and request of clients and customers. We offer free design assistance that allows you to share your original design, and we will refine it. We make custom packaging affordable by providing wholesale rates that reduce the cost of boxes if you order in bulk quantity. 

Request Free Sample Kit Now.

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