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The Need for Custom Packaging and use of Wooden Advertising Boxes


The Need for Custom Packaging and use of Wooden Advertising Boxes

In a competitive business world, companies are looking for ways to sustain and achieve success. The packaging is one hidden aspect that can play a key role in marketing of a business product and service. The packaging industry is surrounded by a stream of different cardboard boxes, which are essential components in storing, shipping, and delivering variety of products from clothes, shoes, electronic gadgets, and other fast moving consumer goods. 

Traditionally there was a trend of plain boxes that had a light brown texture, and they were mostly used for storing and transporting goods. But the trends have changed, and now the complete design, color, quality, and overall looks and feel of cardboard boxes have improved. Business companies can even order custom packaging which can be an efficient and cost-effective advertising tool. The combination of packaging and advertising is the best marketing activity particularly for organizations have budget constraints. 

Why Packaging is significant in Advertising?

The marketing principle revolves around the 4 P’s which are product, price, promotion, and place. For example you went to a store to buy a shampoo and stare at the various bottles; nearly every time, the color and design of the bottle would persuade you to buy that product more than anything else. The packaging of the product is the key and can make even an ordinary product into a success. The packaging does all the advertising and makes a lasting impression on the consumers. 

You visit stores regularly and get a chance to touch and feel most of the consumer goods, but even you know if the box contains a new smartphone or a laptop, you still feel excited to open the box. In e-commerce, packaging is a crucial aspect that can ensure customer satisfaction more than anything else. 

There are various designs and make of custom boxes, and one such is wooden advertising boxes, which are considered as a luxury in packaging due to its sturdiness, firmness, and durability. The wooden boxes can easily be customized to suit your business needs. You have the option to choose the size, type of wood, the closure method, thickness, varnish, and how your product will store in the box. The wooden boxes are usually used for sending gifts, or storing vintage and collector’s item such as wine bottles, and other small accessories. The cardboard box itself has a woody and organic quality that many brands look to package their products. 

Custom packaging has added a unique dimension in packaging goods and given an opportunity to business owners and entrepreneurs to clearly define the marketing elements such as logo, labeling, and other product features. The cardboard boxes with superior quality, tailor made themes, and patterns, with exclusive logo and colors, can easily give the competitive edge that most business organizations and startup companies are looking for. 

The wooden advertising boxes are highly popular around the world particularly in North America, Europe, and Asia. The wooden boxes are available in wide variety, which includes jigsaw puzzle, ballpoint pen, and vacuum drying equipment. The steps to custom design your wooden box includes 

Upload the logo of your company and other essential branding elements.

Messages can easily be displayed for the target audience 

Determine the quantity of boxes you want

Ensure that the custom branded boxes reach you within two weeks

The unique options that the packaging company offers to customize the wooden box are 

Material (Wood, Plywood, or Bamboo)

Size (According to your requirement)

Color (Of your choice)

Interior (velvet or other material)

Shape (Any required shape through a computer controlled cutting machine)

Logo Design (Imprint, Laser, or Gold stamping)

Surfacing options (Spray paint, stick paper, or stick coating) 

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