The Naturals by Blue Magic™ Packaging: Case Study

Blue Majic

Ryan Early, often referred to as "Farmer Ryan™", has carved a niche for himself in the hemp industry, thanks to his trailblazing efforts in cultivation and extensive research.

Ryan Early holds the reins as the principal owner of Blue Green Ventures, American Wholesale Hemp, Hempyre Genetics, and Can-ek Labs. Additionally, he serves as the General Contractor for Northwestern Oklahoma State University's Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

Raised in the heart of Oklahoma, Farmer Ryan was presented with an opportunity to explore more than a hundred Indigenous Hemp plants, remnants from the U.S. military operations. This collection also boasted of evolving Landrace Strains, showcasing a variety of genetic variations.

After gathering a selection of these Landrace cannabis types and subjecting them to a series of rigorous tests — ranging from temperature fluctuations, nutrient shortages, varying humidity levels, root growth studies, to light cycle variations — detailed observations were made on the distinctive attributes of each cultivar.

Naturals by BlueMagic™

Naturals by BlueMagic™ offers a natural, toxin-free microbiome fungicide solution that promises both economic and environmental benefits for farming. This groundbreaking fungicide effectively combats common fungal infections, including the pervasive White Powdery Mildew and other related diseases.

Derived from plant-based innovations, EcoGuard doesn't just tackle fungus but also acts as a deterrent for prevalent pests such as mosquitos, spider mites, and whiteflies.

Beyond these advantages, recent research indicates that plants treated with EcoGuard exhibit accelerated growth, heightened vitality, and even a decreased dependency on water and fertilizers.

Naturals by Blue Magic™ offers potent, nature-derived solutions to combat fungi and deter detrimental insects without resorting to artificial chemicals. Harnessing the potential of our groundbreaking BiomeMax® Microbiome Replication Technology™, we mimic the natural warning signals insects produce to alert others of imminent threats.

This pioneering, plant-based method has enabled us to provide a sustainable alternative to conventional chemical-based approaches for safeguarding crops, turf, and even against pests that trouble humans and pets. Consequently, Blue Magic™ paves the way to significantly reduce, if not completely forgo, the usage of chemical pesticides and fungicides.

Moreover, it has been demonstrated to decrease the dependence on fertilizers and water, further lessening the ecological footprint linked with pest management and the repercussions of fungal outbreaks.

The team at Naturals by Blue Magic™ was acutely aware of the weight and expectation that came with Ryan Early's esteemed reputation in the hemp industry. Being a luminary in the sector, products associated with his name were not just expected to be high quality, but they needed to make a statement—both in efficacy and presentation.

Understanding this, the team was determined to craft a product that was nothing short of stellar. It needed to stand out, resonate with consumers, and be instantly recognizable as a testament to Ryan Early's commitment to excellence.

The product was to be a tangible reflection of his pioneering spirit, dedication, and significant contributions to the hemp market.


For a product of this stature, ordinary packaging simply wouldn't do. It needed to captivate at first glance, exuding boldness and confidence.

Yet, in keeping with the brand's ethos and the industry's sustainable leanings, the packaging also had to be eco-friendly.

At Naturals by Blue Magic™, the journey to find the perfect packaging and the right packaging partner proved to be far more challenging than anticipated. For a brand deeply rooted in its values, it was crucial to partner with a packaging provider who not only understood these values but also resonated with them.

Many packaging providers, although competent, failed to grasp the core principles and ethos that Naturals by Blue Magic™ held dear. The solutions presented often came with staggering costs that threatened to strain the brand's financial framework.

These escalated costs posed significant challenges, as balancing budget constraints with the desire for high-quality, sustainable packaging became a tightrope walk.

The decision to explore international partnerships, especially with manufacturers in China, brought with it a fresh set of complications. Supply chain issues became increasingly prominent, with long lead times causing significant disruptions to the brand's launch and distribution plans.

Additionally, the bureaucratic maze of customs regulations added further delays, making timely product launches an uphill task.

Yet, perhaps the most glaring concern was the lack of consistency in the quality of packaging. With each batch, there seemed to be variations—either in texture, color, or design.

For a brand that thrived on consistency and quality, such discrepancies were unacceptable. Every packaging inconsistency not only jeopardized the brand's image but also cast doubts on its commitment to delivering excellence.

Amidst the mounting challenges, the team at Naturals by Blue Magic™ began to feel the weight of their challenges. The continuous hurdles with packaging, coupled with supply chain complexities and quality inconsistencies, took a toll on their spirits.

Each failed attempt at finding the right packaging solution felt like a blow, chipping away at their confidence. As more time passed, the hope of finding a partner who truly resonated with their brand's ethos seemed increasingly elusive.

Meetings that once buzzed with enthusiasm and brainstorming sessions that were once marked by innovation began to be overshadowed by a sense of despondency.

The essence of Naturals by Blue Magic™, which was rooted in perseverance and excellence, was being tested to its limits. Doubts began to creep in, with team members questioning their direction and choices.

Was their vision too ambitious? Were their standards too high to be realistically achieved in a market dominated by compromise?

The dream they had all collectively invested in, both emotionally and financially, appeared to be slipping through their fingers. With each passing day, the bright horizon they had initially set out towards seemed to drift further away, leaving behind a trail of dwindling hope and growing disillusionment.


Just as the team at Naturals by Blue Magic™ was coming to terms with the challenges and the looming possibility of compromising on their packaging ideals, an unforeseen intervention changed their trajectory.

Through the network of Lauren Meyer, a seasoned brand strategist known for her astute market insights and expansive industry connections, the brand was introduced to Steve.

Steve, unlike many others they had encountered in their quest, possessed a unique blend of understanding and expertise that seemed tailor-made for the conundrum Naturals by Blue Magic™ found themselves in.

His approach to packaging was holistic, focusing not just on aesthetics or cost-efficiency, but also on the brand's core values, its vision, and its promise to consumers.

Naturals by Blue Magic's journey to find the right packaging had its share of challenges, but their encounter with Steve marked a pivotal turning point.

Right from the outset, Steve's profound expertise was evident, but what truly set him apart was his meticulous attention to detail. He seemed to grasp the brand's ethos, and his insights into packaging intricacies deeply resonated with the team.

Impressed by the initial discussions and prototypes, the Naturals by Blue Magic team decided to place an order for individual hang tab boxes. Steve's designs weren't just functional; they were elegant, a perfect representation of the brand's commitment to excellence.

Recognizing the potential for a comprehensive display strategy, the team extended their order to include display cases. These cases were intended to house the hang tab boxes, offering an integrated presentation solution that was both efficient and visually appealing.

One notable aspect of their collaboration with Steve was the flexibility and customization he offered. Regardless of the size requirements the Naturals by Blue Magic team had in mind, Steve was adept at delivering precisely what was needed.

Upon finalizing the dimensions, the team would request the die line, ensuring that their design fit perfectly within the specified parameters.

The final product specifications were:

Product Type: Hang Tab and Display Box

Material: 18 Pt Card

Printing: Full Color

Finish: Gloss Lamination


The Naturals by Blue Magic team was eagerly awaiting the samples from Steve, and when they finally arrived, the reaction was unanimous: sheer admiration. The impeccable quality, design precision, and attention to detail were immediately evident, resulting in prompt approval from the entire team.

With such a stringent timeline, many would have hesitated. But Steve, understanding the gravity and importance of the situation, committed to the task. Not only did he promise to deliver, but he also ensured that the team at Naturals by Blue Magic would have their boxes well in time for their preparations.

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This timely delivery, combined with the consistent quality and support provided, solidified the trust between Naturals by Blue Magic and Steve's team at Half Price Packaging. It was clear that this partnership was built on reliability, commitment, and a shared passion for excellence.

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