Comparison of the USA’s Top Shipping Companies: USPS, UPS, and FedEx

usps ups and fedex shipping requirements

Shipping companies facilitate the transfer of your items from the place of production to where they will be used. There is a lot more going on between, and serious attention needs to be paid to understanding it to make the shipping process hassle-free both within and across borders. The top logistics companies like USPS (United States Postal Service), UPS ( United Parcel Service), and FedEx wear many hats and have shipping requirements that must be important to follow so you can glue your whole supply chain together efficiently.

Determining the shipping guidelines of these companies will let you realize that today’s logistics companies are more than just trucks taking your goods from point A to B. They secure your brand image with on-time deliveries, affordable landed costs, and durable packaging. Still curious how?

Understanding USPS, UPS, and FedEx Shipping Requirements

USPS Shipping Requirements

USPS Shipping Requirements
  • Put the full name of the company or customers along with their national and international addresses.

  • For international delivery, print your customs form and fill out the details.

  • Create a precise list of sending items, such as writing “hair extension,” not “beauty product.”

  • Can I use my custom boxes to ship through USPS? If you’re using your special packaging boxes, their maximum length for international service must not cross 24 inches, and the combined maximum length + thickness + height must be within 36 inches.

Choose Shipping Services

Based on the weight of the package and delivery time, USPS offers various types of shipping services for national and international customers, such as Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express, First Class Packaging, First-Class Mail, etc. Pick one that is suitable for your shipping requirements.

Prepare Your Packaging Boxes

  • Use durable packaging boxes that can hold your product safely during the fulfillment process. When your product is fragile, don’t forget to add packing materials like bubble wrap, kraft paper, etc.

  • In case you are using previously used boxes, remove all the marks, addresses, or shipping labels to avoid confusion.

  • Fill out the custom form for each item in the packaging boxes, including weight and worth.

  • To stick with the USPS Tape rule, close your boxes with 2-inch wide packaging tape to ensure your packaging remains tempered-free.

Write the Address

  • Write the address on the longest side of the boxes near the place where the postage will fit.

  • Print your return address and delivery address without commas or periods using a permanent marker or pen in capital letters.

  • Write both the sender and receiver addresses.

Calculate & Apply Postage

  • To figure out the price of your postage, use the USPS international or national postage calculator.

  • Choose the right shipping service, as the same postage for various shipping services will cost you accordingly.

  • Measure the dimensional weight in ounces or pounds, followed by using an accurate packaging label.

Create Your Custom Forms

If you are using the Click N-ship service or paying for your postage at the post office, you will receive the custom form from USPS. Otherwise, fill out the form by yourself! You don’t need a customs form when you are sending your package anywhere domestically.

Send your Shipment

Give your packaging boxes with the product to a clerk at the post office after successfully carrying out the shipment process.

UPS Shipping Guidelines

UPS Shipping Guidelines

UPS has its packaging guidelines to adequately and securely pack, cushion, and wrap your products. You can use their shipping checklist and UPS box requirement to avoid any chance of inconvenience upon your product transition.

Shipping Checklist

  • UPS recommends you avoid reusing boxes and go for rigid boxes with flaps.

  • For over-wrap, don’t use paper and string.

  • Don’t wrap all the products combined inside the boxes; keep them separate to prevent collusion.

  • Use packing materials to properly cushion.

  • If your packaging boxes are not new, conceal or remove all the previous labels.

  • Write an address on the boxes and add a duplicate one inside the packaging boxes.

  • Use the packaging boxes to align with box strength guidelines given by UPS.

  • UPS doesn’t have any duct rule; you can use any 2-inch wider tape to close your packaging boxes.

Packaging Box Requirements

Whether you use one-box or two-box packaging, you need to apply a bursting test according to the weight of your product and package. For instance, if your packaging is 30 lb, your corrugated boxes must have the strength to 200 lbs per sq. in. to qualify for UPS packaging box requirements.

One Box Packing Method consists of a simple three-step process.

  • Choose the appropriate box.

  • Fill the gaps with packing materials like air-encapsulated plastic, air bags, peanuts, foam, kraft paper, liners, and inserts.

  • Seal the packaging boxes with tape.

While the Two-Box Packaging Method requires another box, you put the primary boxes into another box and add 3 inches of cushioning material for extra protection.

FedEx Shipping Requirements

FedEx Shipping Requirements

FedEx has specific shipping requirements regarding measuring and weighing your package, sealing, and packing methods.

  • FedEx charges you by measuring the length and girth ( 2 x weight+, 2 x height) or calculating the dimensional weight if your packaging volume is higher than its weight.

  • If you have the question in mind, can you use the USPS box for FedEx? The answer is no. Any other type of packaging is prohibited when you ship your items by FedEx.

  • If your products are heavier, use double wall boxes for more safety.

  • FedEx uses the same UPS procedure for single-box packing and double-box packing.

  • If you are reusing your packaging, remove all the previous labels and make sure your boxes have no dents or tears before shipping.

  • To seal your packaging boxes, use 2-inch wider water-activated paper tape, pressure-sensitive plastic tap, or water-activated tape.

  • Add your address and recipient inside and outside of packages.

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USPS, UPS, and FedEx are the top shipping companies in the USA, and they have their own shipping guidelines. When you have particular products and try to send them through these logistics companies, you can’t do without following their shipping requirements regarding the dimensions of packaging boxes, packing materials, and sealing processes.

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