Importance of Aqueous Coating in the Packaging and Printing Industries

aqueous coating

Your product packaging boxes must be eye-catching and amaze your target market to leave a lasting impression.

Although these visually appealing packaging designs increase sales, manufacturers must also ensure that the packaging fulfills its fundamental duty of securing the commodity.

Speaking of protection and durability, one of the most important packaging components to be mindful of is the coating if you want your package to continue to look great even after many people have touched and handled your products.

The coating enhances the final appearance and charm of the product, regardless of whether it is used for calendars, packaging boxes, manuals, or other uses.

A common option is an aqueous coating (AQ) because of its distinct benefits, particular uses, and affordability.

What is AQ (Aqueous) Coating?

For printing and packaging, it is regarded as the "default" coating.

When used in the printing process, it has quick-drying properties that enable the creation of various visual effects and, thus, a wide range of application techniques.

Aqueous coating, which is well known for being sustainable, is utilized in packaging applications for:

  • Foodstuffs 

  • Ornamental Gifts

  • Quickly movable consumer goods

When handling, coatings are frequently applied to prevent the accumulation of contaminants like fingerprints.

With the use of various coatings, surface durability can also be improved.

The applicability of aqueous coating for your product packaging will be largely determined from a packaging standpoint by the type of product. For instance, cosmetics and fragrances may contain compounds that make it challenging to maintain an AQ coating on the packaging's outside or interior.

Different Types of AQ Coatings

Gloss Aqueous Coating: If you are searching for a gloss finish that is less flashy and more modest, an AQ coating is the perfect option. UV coating or film laminates work well for high gloss.

Matte Aqueous Coating: If you want a coating with little gloss and depth but lots of color intensity, think about matte.

Satin: This material, which looks glossy and matte, offers good scratch resistance and a medium sheen.

Soft touch coating: When opposed to a glossy finish, a soft touch aqueous coating produces a velvety texture with a mellow appearance.

Pencil Receptive: This coating is laser, ink, and pencil-friendly. It is useful in situations when a precise pencil, laser, ink, or ink marking or impression is required.

Dry-Erase: AQ coating is a less expensive option than laminate. It produces a high gloss finish.

The Process of Aqueous Coating

Before printing ink on sheets, the Aqueous Coating Process Machines immediately coat the surfaces with an aqueous coating. Following application, the sheet proceeds to the finishing area of the facility, where it is quickly dried using a hot air system.

It's crucial to remember that AQ coatings are applied to the full sheet's surface rather than just certain outlined sections.

Furthermore, using the proper text and paper weights helps stop the paper from wrinkling, curling, or losing shape.

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Aqueous Coating Vs. UV Coating

UV coating is another typical and quite well type of coating in addition to aqueous coating. Both coating types have a number of tempting advantages, but understanding the differences can help you choose the best coating for your particular requirements.

The method by which they are dried is the main distinction between AQ coating and UV coating. Since aqueous coatings are based on water, the coating's volatile constituents either evaporate or are absorbed into the porous substance. The paper is shielded from smudges and scratches by a thin film that is produced as a result of doing this.

In contrast, when exposed to UV radiation, totally non-volatile chemicals used in UV coatings react to cure.

The Key Benefits of Aqueous Coating

Environmentally friendly and Non-Toxic: The treated paper is readily recyclable and does not create toxic byproducts. After applying an aqueous coating, there is very little solid waste, and harmful cleaning agents are not needed for cleaning.

Versatile: When the print needs additional finishing, it is a hassle-free solution that works well with a variety of printing techniques. For extra finish options, the coating also makes it very simple to write on and print over it.

Budget-Friendly: This water-based coating enables significant cost reductions by being utilized primarily in conjunction with printing.

Sturdy and Durable: The coating preserves the metallic ink's fidelity by protecting the ink against air exposure. Aqueous coating is superior to varnish because it is less likely to yellow over time.

Although aqueous coating business cards have a number of advantages, varnish and other finishing materials have a lower risk of chemical burning than AQ and UV coating. The aqueous coating has a lower level of solvent resistance than UV coating and thermal lamination.

But when it comes to print finish options, AQ coating continues to be the most common option.

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How Half Price Packaging Can Play a Role in your Business

We understand that this knowledge of the customized product packaging and printing process is technical. It is reasonable to have concerns regarding the aqueous coating procedure as you consider whether or not it is appropriate for the type of covering for your product packaging.

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