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How Retail Ready Packaging Is the Future of Store Display Strategy

Regarding packaging, companies are looking for the best way to ensure customers buy their products. If you are a brand that ships products in bulk or sells your product online, then having the right type of packaging can make all the difference in sales.

Retail ready packaging (RRP) is a new type of packaging that has become popular with entrepreneurs and small businesses. RRP stands for "retail-ready package" and refers to the type of box used at retail outlets like supermarkets or convenience stores.

This article will discuss why brands should consider using RRP as a store display strategy. We will also look at examples from big brands such as Coca-Cola and Starbucks, which are already using them successfully today. 

Why Use Retail Ready Packaging?

Retail ready packaging is a cost-effective way for brands to maintain their brand image while providing a convenient way for retailers to stock and display products.


By using retail-ready packaging, you can reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills by reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging materials. This will also help reduce costs associated with shipping, which means more money left over for other marketing initiatives like advertising or promotions.

Retailers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from competitors, and one way they do this is through product presentation (i.e., how well products look when displayed). Retailers want their customers' eyes on them before they even walk through their doors; therefore, having a better presentation aids this goal by giving shoppers something interesting to look at.  

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Characteristics of Efficient Retail-Ready Packaging

retail ready packaging design

1. Easy to assemble

2. Enhance the brand image

Cost-effective due to the cost of manufacturing and shipping, but also because it reduces waste and allows retailers to focus on other aspects of their business (such as customer service).

1. Easy to stock

2. Easy to dispose of

Let's discuss them in detail for better understanding; 

Easy to Assemble

The second reason to use RRP is that it's easy to assemble. This means you don't need a third party, like a logistics company or shipping company, to help ship your product. It also means that if the package needs any repairs or adjustments, there are already pre-made holes in place for them, so all you have to do is add screws and washers as needed.

Enhances Brand Image

Retail-ready packaging can be used to enhance a brand's image. It can help build trust with consumers and create a unique brand identity.

A brand's retail ready packaging solutions can influence consumers' perceptions of the product or service offered, which is why brands need to use retail-ready packaging (RRP).

Brands that take this approach will find that they can:

Give customers a better sense of what they offer through images and text on the front panel or back panel of their product packages. 

Showcase their values through clear messages on all sides.  

Create an immersive environment that makes customers feel like they have entered an attractive store where everything works together well. 

Help customers feel like they are part of a larger movement or community.

The customer experience is one of the most important aspects of any brand. Retail-ready packaging can help brands improve that experience by making their products more attractive to consumers. Still, it's also worth noting that RRP doesn't have to be limited to physical goods. Digital products such as apps and websites can also benefit from this approach.

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Easy to Stock

RRP is easy to store and transport. If you are stocking your shelves with RRP, you will be able to put them in place quickly without worrying about carrying heavy packages around the store. This makes it ideal for stores with limited storage space or high-traffic areas where customers need quick access but don't want their time wasted waiting for inventory.

Custom retail packaging can also be stacked on top of each other so they take up less space than traditional packaging methods require. When stacked together, they make even more efficient use of available space. 

The biggest advantage of display ready packaging is that it's lightweight. This makes it ideal for stores with limited storage space or high-traffic areas where customers need quick access but don't want their time wasted waiting for inventory.

Easy to dispose

RRP is easy to dispose of. The type of packaging allows for recycling, composting, or even reusing. This means the brand can reduce its carbon footprint while maintaining brand visibility and continuity.

The packaging is made with natural and biodegradable materials, which are less harmful to the environment. This can help reduce waste and make it easier to dispose of when you're done.

The brand offers its customers a chance to make a difference in their lives by making eco-friendly choices. It's easy for people to help the environment without having to do much work themselves.


RRP packaging is more cost-effective than other types of packaging. It can be used for various products, including small and large quantities, and it's easy to customize the package design based on your needs.

Wholesale retail boxes are also flexible enough to accommodate different sizes and quantities, and you don't have to invest in multiple types of boxes if you only need one or two sizes.

Benefits of Retail-Ready Packaging

Retail-ready packaging is a great way to save money, help save time and energy, and reduce space.

custom retail ready packaging

You can save money: Retail-ready packaging is much less expensive than traditional shrink wrap or pallets. This means that you get more value from your investment in RRP by reducing the amount of packaging needed on any given product than if it were shrink-wrapped or packed in traditional ways.

You can help cut down on time: If you are already paying someone else to handle these things for you (like an external logistics provider), then they will usually do them faster than what would happen if they had to do them themselves; so just think about how much faster loading trucks or planes would be when using RRP instead of standard methods.

Let's discuss the benefits in detail: 

1. It Forces Brands to Think Holistically

Secondary packaging and pallet optimization may be significantly influenced by primary package design. Brands may prevent expenditures later in product damage by thinking about how the creative retail packaging will stand up throughout its journey, from the warehouse to the shelf.

2. Brands Can Avoid Stock-Outs

Brands may avoid stock-outs, which occur when a shop runs out of supply of a particular product, using quick and simple loading. Increased brand exposure and revenues result from spending a longer time on the shelves.

3. RRP Can Help Decrease Packaging Waste

Brands can save money on materials by using efficient eco-friendly retail packaging that reduces waste, and retailers save time and money when disposing of the material at the end of the product's lifetime.

4. RRP Augments Product Presentation

In addition to being aesthetically appealing, RRP packaging can also help make your product more memorable and appealing to consumers. Brands need to understand that first impressions matter when selling products. When you see a brand name on an item in front of you, it will take just one second for that brand's name to register with your brain, and then chances are that you will remember it better than any competitor's version of this same product!

This is why boxes for retail packaging are so essential. They help differentiate from competitors' offerings by making them look more attractive than they would be without any embellishments or branding elements.

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Considering all of the Facts 

Retail ready packaging is the most important part of your brand, and it's an area you can't afford to skimp on if you want to get the attention of the target audience. Retail-ready packaging is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways your brand can gain more visibility in the market.

custom boxes

This type of packaging has been proven time and time again as a successful strategy for brands looking to boost their sales via online shopping channels. The reason why? It's because people pay attention to even the little details and see what's available there and when they see something they like, they will buy it!