Rally: Beating the Odds with Amazing Custom Product Packaging for Their Collectables Items

rally packaging

Rally is a collectible assets-based business that attracts investors to buy and sell equity shares. Their products are rare enough to provide you with a chance to connect with the past, get social recognition & prestige, and satisfy your quest to hunt antiques. The company has a transparent business model comprising 04 simple steps.

  • Source, verify, and acquire the best collectibles from all over the glove

  • Turn the items into a company aligning with all regulations and create equity shares

  • Build the investor's portfolio with fascinating offers

  • Sell your shares on a stock exchange or through their glitch-free application

Every souvenir has an amazing story with a proper timeline! You can read, watch, and listen to their podcast to learn about them. On the Rally App, around 459 mementos are presented with the market cap and amount for equity shares. When you decide to buy a share, you don’t need to pay any commissions or hidden fees.

The valuable product line of Rally includes the ‘99 Pokemon Complete Set, ‘33 Goudey Babe Ruth Card, 1st Ed Harry Potter, ‘79 Gretzky Rookie Card, ‘91 Michael Jordan Uniform, and more. All you need to do is click on the product, read its details, and invest.


Sports trading cards are always on the surge in demand among collectors and investors. It’s the same speculation and demands that drive their prices higher.

Rally has a specific vision about packaging: when you have something extraordinary to offer, its packaging must have similar luxury and aesthetic traits. Rally needed premium quality custom envelope cardstock boxes within a fast lead time to protect and facelift the outlook of their sports cards.

“We were looking for two main features in the packaging partner, the fast lead time because we had a tight schedule and quality packaging for sports trading cards safety while uplifting its display.”


Cristina Sasso (representative at Rally) talked with Nick Russell from Half Price Packaging. She shared the issues of time constraints as well as her requirements for the nature of packaging.

Half Price Packaging curated cardstock envelope style boxes with the dimensions of L- 2.00 x W- 4.00 x H- 6.00 inches and 300 GSM Card Stock. Rally gave their artwork, and our packaging experts executed the instructions for 3 colors of PMS on the exterior of the packaging boxes. To add grace to the outlook of packaging, the company chose matte finishing.

"I was amazed by the exceptional service provided! Not only did they deliver our order swiftly, but they also offered competitive per-unit costs that fit perfectly into our budget. We couldn't be more satisfied with their service!"

The quoted price was quite affordable at $100 for 100 units. Moreover, we delivered the boxes within 4-5 days via DSL - even before the Rally’s deadline.

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Half Price Packaging lifts the burden off Cristiano Sasso to meet the deadline for their sports trading cards. The durable packaging with the right thickness makes collectible safety possible, while the matte finish brings shine, so the cards grab the attention of investors at first glance. The reasonable price of packaging, on the other hand, helped them to get more boxes at the given rates.

“Nick Russell is a real asset to the company who not only guided me throughout the process but also met his commitment to affordable prices and quality packaging.”

Half Price Packaging X Rally is the perfect collaboration for designing the perfect sports trading card packaging to present and protect them better.

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