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Handmade Excellence, Created by Half Price Packaging, Fitting Kaliuna's Vision Perfectly

Kaliuna Co

Kaliuna’s Main Concern? The degradation of basic household items in our capital-driven society! Previously, soaps were made from pure oils and lye, but now harsh, lab-made chemical detergents are common. These chemicals have adverse effects on both our bodies and the environment, as they end up in rivers and oceans, harming wildlife and marine ecosystems.

Kaliuna’s Vision of A future that's eco-conscious, cruelty-free, and vegan

In sunny California, Kailuna Co. is making waves in the beauty industry with its natural, animal-friendly, and ethically sourced products. Inspired by their two adorable kids, Kai and Luna, this brand is on a mission to create essentials that are gentle on both our bodies and the environment.

When Gabor Karakas, the brains behind Kailuna Co., came knocking on our door at Half Price Packaging, we were honored. Thank you, Gabor; your feedback warmed our hearts!

They wanted packaging that matched their eco-friendly ethos, and we were up for the challenge. With their trust in us, we knew we had to deliver something special. After all, Half Price Packaging was thrilled to collaborate with a brand that shares our values of quality, sustainability, and innovation.

Thanks to Liam Cade, our stellar Customer Service Rep, the project ran like clockwork. His dedication and attention to detail ensured a smooth process from start to finish, making sure we met every deadline with flying colors. Our skilled team got to work, putting their heads together to create packaging that was not just captivating but practical, too. From custom butterfly-shaped windows to sturdy tab locks, every detail was carefully thought out to complement Kailuna Co.'s vibe.

We utilized eco-friendly cardstock and Kraft material with a thickness of 350 GSM to show commitment to a non-toxic future. Our proficient team's exceptional focus extended beyond material selection. We opted for Tuck Auto Lock boxes for sprays, Seal end boxes for roll-on & tincture bottles, and Reverse tuck end style for soaps.

Employing state-of-the-art printing technologies and using the artwork files provided by the client, our team designed graceful and sophisticated boxes with full color outside printing. To strengthen protection and add visual allure, we made a mindful decision to include Matte Lamination and Spot UV, providing pristine, fingerprint-free packaging solutions and enhancing branding elements like logos, slogans, artwork, etc.

We provided end-to-end support, from box structuring to timely delivery. Half Price Packaging was really proud and happy after getting 30,000 boxes out the door within the promised 8-10 business days.

Here's what our client had to say about our services.

"Our longstanding partnership with Half Price Packaging has consistently exceeded our expectations. The impeccable quality, competitive pricing, and timely delivery have been nothing short of perfect."

Knowing that we have been able to support a brand like Kailuna Co. on its path to ethical packaging is what keeps us going. We are grateful for every opportunity to make a difference in the world of packaging. At Half Price Packaging, we pride ourselves on quality, affordability, and client satisfaction.

Working with Kailuna Co. has been a rewarding experience, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.

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