Pentaward Packaging Design Trends To Get Inspired This Year

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Upcoming designers, esteemed brands, and packaging professionals worldwide meet at Pentaward every year and carve the way forward for purposeful and innovative designs. Every design selected to be the best artwork of the year aligns with the simple philosophy, the same we have at Half Price Packaging, “design without purpose has no purpose.”

The design parameters, such as high functionality and a vibrantly bold color scheme, transform boxes into stunning global inspiration to stick with for the coming years. We have compiled some state-of-the-art packaging design trends that are nothing less than a benchmark for achieving profound utility and attractiveness.

Remember, packaging designs must be satisfying for both the audience and designers.

Top 8 Rising Trends in Packaging

1. Consumer Led Sustainability

consumer led sustainability

Consumers can play a vital role in giving a second life to packaging. It can be possible when you communicate and educate them through design to take the right measures for reducing the impact of high wastage on the planet.


  • To raise awareness, Colgate produced “recycle me” toothpaste tubes to change the behavior of customers by incorporating a recycling push in them.

  • Moreover, Carte D’Or’s Affogati, an ice cream brand, chose 100% recyclable and compostable cardboard packaging material. They shared their recycling plan with the customers and told them how the buyer could contribute to their sustainability story.

2. Use Hyper Bold Visuals

use hyper bold visuals

Hyper-bold visuals such as vibrant colors, graphics, and fonts add a wow factor to your packaging design to stand out from the rest. You can go with the monochrome trend to provide a cohesive brand experience without holding on to intricate typography or a rainbow mania by utilizing hues as a medium to attract attention.


A cosmetic brand, BYOMA, used the monochromatic bold color scheme to showcase its new brand proposition of employing premium-quality packaging. The brand highlights its logo and iconic illustrations as the first things to be noticed.

3. Accessible and Inclusive Design

accessible and inclusive design

When your customers’ demography is wider, you need inclusive designs to cement the sense of belonging for every community.


  • For accessibility, Microsoft's Surface Adaptive Kit created special labels like braille QR codes on packaging so that people with visual impairments or disability can easily use the packaging.

  • Doritos Solid Black tried to bring real-world change by linking packaging design with social issues. The brand takes an innovative approach to introducing limited edition packs with printed details about black creators to challenge the status quo and improve the black position in society.

4. Tactile Detailing

tactile detailing

The design does not remain an art only! Now, neuromarketing research is leading the design industry toward radical changes, and one of them is tactile detailing. This packaging trend includes offering a special texture to the packaging surface that establishes a sense of quality, exclusiveness, and higher value in the minds of customers. It’s the most powerful first-impression maker to create intimate feelings between the brand and users.


Alamatura, a food brand, added tactile detailing in its design by using handcrafted recycled labels to encompass an aspect of touch. The fibers in labels activate the senses to identify the natural quality of the product inside when grabbing the packaging.

5. Packaging Size Matters

packaging size matters

Although you use sustainable material, bypassing the standard of excessive packaging will cost you in the form of a decline in customers’ loyalty to your brands. The eco-conscious customers are not only interested in sustainable packaging but also looking for means to minimize the packaging waste as a whole.


Sony replaced plastic packaging for their WF-1000XM4 earphones, which are made with a mixture of recycled paper, sugarcane fiber, and bamboo materials. The brand also reduces the size of its packaging by a significant percentage to put its packaging on a diet.

6. Doodles


You can develop a deeper connection with your brand when you personalize your packaging by using hand-drawn illustrations, especially on special occasions. Doodle is not something new; it stays with customers from their childhood and invites them to be playful with your product packaging.


To attract young adults, Compound, a juice brand, created distinctive packaging for their fruit juice by drawing a fruit monster with energetic doodle patterns and symbols. To show the duality of peace and fun with their product packaging, the brand curates labels with quiet illustrations to show peace and exhibit goggled faces to induce hip-hop vibes for fun.

7. Next Level Smart Packaging

next level smart packaging

Smart packaging is facing a sharp rise because brands are trying to find new ways of engagement and communication with their customers. The packaging will allow the customers to learn more about the product's nature, ingredients, and brand.


FaceGym, a sports-inspired beauty brand, produced packaging with a unique tactile tab opening mechanism to make the customer unboxing experience more memorable. To capture the buyers’ attention, they designed a personal trainer app and hid its QR code in the packaging that customers only access when opening the beauty products packaging.

8. Rise of the Can

rise of the can

Can become a popular choice in the food and beverage industry for their better differentiation and novelty. They are also spotted as creative coffee packaging on retail shelves, depicting their higher versatility as packaging.


Pott’s uses the idea of a can for its sausage packaging, while every other brand chooses jars to present its products. They are made of recyclable aluminum materials. While expressing the inside product flavor, picking the distinctive design and graphics helps to add a twist to the product presentation.

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Pentwards is a worldwide platform for promoting packaging design trends. The top designs will become a practice for many brands as they provide their product packaging with a refreshing outlook and style while preserving their brand elegance.

Whether you have a food brand or cosmetic, these packaging trends are useful for bringing your product into the spotlight in a retail store. Moreover, to ensure you get what you envisioned for your packaging, it’s imperative to talk with the right packaging partner who has the technology and skill set to convert them into tangible results.

Half Price Packaging has 25 years of packaging excellence and is well-connected with the latest trends, which enable us to create classy packaging for our clients. So contact us to ace your packaging game now!

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