Innovative Yet Practical Ideas for Nuts and Dried Fruits Packaging

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The lower level of moisture in nuts and dried fruit is the secret of their captivating taste and freshness. Dried fruit suppliers and manufacturers try to use a special kind of nuts packaging that doesn’t allow a single molecule of moisture or oxygen to enter the bag. It enhances the edible’s palatability and maintains its nutritional value for longer. But you need to know which nuts and dried fruit packaging is suitable for combating the major problems occurring in packaging, and that is the invasion of microbes and biochemical degradation of nuts to make them immune to spoilage.

Where dried fruit and nut packaging maintain the flavor and aroma of dried fruit packaging by overcoming the chance of mold, transporting nuts and dry fruit packaging becomes easier.

Moreover, you can print all the brand elements on mylar bags or pouches to boost your image or reputation in the market.

Let's explore amazing nuts and dried fruit packaging ideas in peculiar styles while comprehending the technical issues and their solutions. These options are needed for providing your customers with healthier food snacks.

Essential Technicalities for Nuts Packaging

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You need to include these key features in your nuts packaging to make your brand efficient and secure more sales.

Abrasion Resistant:

The materials chosen for your nut and seed packaging must be able to stay strong in the face of harsh handling, leading to abrasions. After all, even a little scratch can damage the outer or inner layer of the packaging and affect the dry fruit quality.

Puncture Free:

Packaging must be impermeable and durable enough to stay intact against sharp objects so that environmental factors like moisture or oxygen don’t interact with the products.

No Flex Cracking:

Under certain pressure, the malleability of nut packaging gets affected, and the protective layers on the packaging surface change their texture or get broken. The packaging materials must be durable enough to withstand all necessary pressures.

No Blistering:

These air bubbles are trapped in the sealing process of dried fruit bags. They usually appear due to lubrication or contamination.

Appropriate Seal:

Apply appropriate temperature and pressure while taking care of adequate sealing time to avoid partial or complete leaking.

Versatility of Mylar Bags as Nut Packaging

mylar bags as nut packaging

Biodegradable Mylar bags or pouches are cost-effective and sturdy packaging solutions for dried food packing, including pistachio, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and more. They provide ultra protection to ensure your customers gain a high level of nutrition after having them. Moreover, the following are the features that bring diversity to the mylar bag design.


They have the trait of resealability, which means you can keep your products’ leftovers fresh. It is suitable for items that can only be finished in more than a single serving.

High Barrier Packaging:

The material of mylar bags is impenetrable to oxygen and moisture.

Biodegradable Material:

These nut bags are produced by biodegradable PLA (polylactic acid). After use, mylar bags decompose into friendly components for the soil.

Nitrogen Flush:

When you intend to build a certain pressure in the packaging for nuts, stick with the nitrogen flush. Why? It provides an oxygen-free environment for packed dry fruits.

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Top 4 Styles Ideas for Dried Fruit Packaging

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Depending on the level of stability and quantity of nuts you pack in one place, always choose the perfect style for your dried fruit packaging.

Stick Pack:

Go with a stick pack when you desire to pack a limited amount of dried fruit, enough for a single serving. The stick pack has three sealing sides: top, bottom, and sides.

Sachet Pack/Four-Side Seal:

These dry fruit bags or pouches are also termed flat bags and are the most commonly used. The sachet comes with all sides sealed in a square shape. It’s suitable for selling small quantities of nuts.


Do you want to present large amounts of nuts and dried fruits on retail shelves? Opt for a doypack or mylar stand up pouch with a re-open zipper. They are designed to accommodate the requirements of more than single-use products.

Pillow Pack:

These bags are highly presentable and filled with nitrogen flush, promising high-level protection.

How Long Are Nuts and Dried Fruit Saved in Packaging?

nuts and dried fruits are save in packaging

The shelled nuts can hold their freshness at room temperature from 4 to 6 months. On the other hand, unshelled nuts in a bag can retain their nutritional value from 6 to 9 months. Pine nuts deviate from this behavior and lie in the category of exception.

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Preserve the crispiness, freshness, and quality of your nuts and dried fruit by using perfect packaging. It will not only skyrocket your sales but also create a strong reputation for your brand because of the originality of your product taste. There are different styles of dry fruit packaging available, including standup pouches, stick packs, four-sided seals, and pillow packs to present your dry fruits in a way that suits your needs.

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