Discover Radiance: Unveiling Mia Bella Essentials Natural Solutions for Nurturing Beauty and Embracing Self-Care

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Donna Boh's journey with Mia Bella Essentials is a testament to nurturing beauty and self-care. Facing the challenge of customized packaging for diverse products, she turned to Hamzah Bhatti and Steve Parker from Half Price Packaging, ensuring precision and innovation. The result: a packaging solution that encapsulated her brand's essence, making Half Price Packaging an integral part of her brand's success story.

Fueled by the essence of motherhood and the beauty of nature, Mia Bella Essentials by Donna Boh centers on empowering women to embrace self-care through products crafted from easily identifiable and pronounceable natural ingredients.

Observing the extensive ingredient lists in personal care products, she recognized a demand for more organic, transparent, thoughtfully crafted alternatives.

For Donna, the essence of Mia Bella Essentials wasn't just confined to the natural ingredients within; it extended to the packaging that cradled her creations. She deeply understood that the packaging was the first interaction her clients had with her products.

To her, it was vital that the wrapping echoed the purity, authenticity, and dedication she poured into every product. Every component she used was sourced from nature and crafted with love, and she wanted her packaging to encapsulate this narrative.


Before the grand launch of her self-care range, Donna was acutely aware of the significance of impeccable packaging. She sought a holistic packaging solution that was an extension of the love, care, and natural essence that went into the items inside.

It was imperative to me to find a packaging solution that mirrored every product's love, care, and natural essence." ~ Donna Boh, CEO of Mia Bella Essentials

Unfortunately, Donna was confronted with a challenge. She knew she wanted her products housed in a single mailer box. Yet, determining the exact dimensions for such a packaging solution was complex. Each product in her line varied in size and shape, and the conventional, standardized packaging options wouldn't suffice.

Donna envisioned customized inserts within these boxes. These inserts wouldn't just be placeholders; they had to be crafted in a way that each product nestled perfectly in its dedicated space.

She knew precisely where to turn when the complexities of creating the ideal packaging solution seemed overwhelming. Steve Parker from Half Price Packaging was her go-to person, synonymous with precision, innovation, and understanding in the packaging industry.

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Turning to Steve in this crucial phase was not just about seeking a vendor but partnering with someone who would understand the heartbeat of her brand.

"Choosing Steve during this pivotal time wasn't just about finding a supplier; it was about aligning with someone who truly grasped the essence and heartbeat of my brand." ~ Donna

Always prompt and proactive, Steve suggested a hands-on approach. He requested Donna to send samples of all her products directly to his team. This wasn't just to gauge the size but to fully comprehend each item's essence, shape, and intricacies.

A robust 350 GSM Card was chosen to ensure durability and a premium feel. The team opted for full color and incorporated Pantone shades to guarantee consistency and brand alignment. A Matte finish was chosen to provide a sleek and sophisticated look, elevating the tactile experience.

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At Half Price Packaging, the team, under the adept leadership of Steve Parker, worked diligently to ensure that the packaging they crafted would meet Donna's exacting standards. With meticulous attention to detail, the first packaging batch was dispatched.


Upon receiving the packaging from Half Price Packaging, Donna was immediately taken aback by the quality and precision of the final product. After being immensely pleased with the initial packaging batch, Donna didn't hesitate to entrust Half Price Packaging with catering to her entire product line.

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The order encompassed packaging solutions for her entire product range: mailer boxes tailored for tins, jars, and bracelets; tuck boxes designed specifically for tincture bottles; and custom stickers to adorn each product.

With every order, Donna's confidence in Half Price Packaging grew, making them an integral part of her brand's success story.

The collaboration between Donna and Half Price Packaging, orchestrated by Steve, was nothing short of perfect, resulting in a packaging solution that Donna not only loved but was proud to present to her esteemed customers.

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