Kailua Beads Making a Bold Statement with Custom Pillow Boxes

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Kailua Beads guarantees happiness when it comes to brightening your days with delicate tropical jewelry, including Bracelets, KB Charm kit, and Necklace kit. Every item has the peculiar spirit of a Hawaiian island. The fun jewelry pieces are hand-carved and have fascinated customers since they arrived.

The original shells in jewelry items contain aspects of nature and help you create a stronger bond with the miraculous creation of the sea.

If you love Disneyland movies and are a hardcore fan of Moana, the brand has crafted an entire Moana Bead Kit so you can fabricate the desired style of bracelet and necklace. Kailua Beads brings beads in various colors, including emerald, purple, papaya, and pink, to spark your interest. The most indulging things about the beads are their finest quality materials, colorfulness, and cute accent charms.

Jewelry without gold cannot be complete! Kailua Beads offers a gold-plated box chain in a gold-plated necklace kit. To give a differentiating outlook to your necklace, you can add plenty of captivating items to make it more vibrant, including smiley faces, cowrie shells, freshwater pearls, gemstone & Czech glass beads, and sunflowers. It also allows you to adjust the length of the necklace, easily put it on, and secure it in a dust bag.

Shop the tropical jewelry as a memory for your outstanding trip to Hawaiian Islands and save them as mementos for the coming years.


When Kailua Beads streamlined itself with the core purpose of tropical jewelry, it needed to change its non-customized boxes to custom packaging boxes to represent the nature of its products. They needed their branded packaging to be great, so their customers get the best experience at first glance.

The challenges of shifting from non-custom packaging to personalized packaging were that they were confused with a glut of the styles, materials, and designs of custom packaging boxes suitable for their products.


kailua beads

Constanza Dennis, the founder of Kailua Beads, talked with Ross Morgan from Half Price Packaging about the nature of her jewelry product and shared her expectations for packaging boxes. She needed an innovative and captivating style of boxes for her mesmerizing tropical jewelry items.

Half Price Packaging produced custom pillow boxes made of cardstock with 14pt thickness and the dimensions of L5” x W3” x H1”. The brand provided only a logo and text for the packaging boxes. We created a well-rounded packaging design and printed it with two color choices by picking an advanced Pantone Matching System. To squeeze more from the aesthetic appeal of boxes, our packaging experts applied UV blind finishing and matte lamination.

“We are happy with the perfect design and attractive style of custom pillow boxes, thanks to Half Price Packaging to accommodate our needs.”

We delivered custom pillow boxes through DHL within 10 days at $490 for 1020 units of premium quality boxes. We exceeded Kailua Beads' expectations, and they gave us a couple of recurring orders.

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The appearance of packaging boxes played an integral role in attracting customers to their products, which led to a notable increase in brand revenues. Kauila Bead's change of mind from non-customized boxes to stunning custom pillow boxes with a brand logo and delightful design improved its recognition among prospects. Also, the packaging boxes aid in expanding the brand's sales.

“After getting higher sales, we realized that revisiting our packaging design was the perfect decision we made with Half Price Packaging.”

Half Price Packaging X Kauila Beads resulted in a revolutionized brand's packaging strategy, further enhancing its fascination with customers. This partnership underpins the huge part our custom packaging services play in driving sales and expanding your brand's reach.

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