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custom pillow cases

Retailers are letting go of the past and embracing a fresh start, and now is an excellent time to welcome new developments. As an entrepreneur, why not look forward to trying something new?

To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often. ~Winston Churchill

If an enterprise doesn't care about the packaging that encases its retail products, how can it expect to succeed? So, brands come up with an attractive yet functional packaging design to improve their branding. This is where custom pillow cases come in handy; this one-of-a-kind packaging will add extra value to your products.

The development and access to custom packaging has completely revolutionized the packaging industry. A few decades ago, business companies and even common people had limited options when it came to the design and style of packaged boxes.

But today, myriad designs are available to exactly suit the purpose and the specifications of the product to be packaged and used either for commercial or personal purposes.

Custom packaging has provided a new avenue for business companies, particularly startup companies to aesthetically package and present their products, whether it is a retail, food, or cosmetic product.

The rapid progress in computer technology has allowed skilled designers to experiment with extravagant and unique styles in boxes that have never been tried before.

How Custom Pillow Cases Design has changed Packaging Styles

The pillow box is without a doubt one of the most distinctive-looking boxes, with a design that differs significantly from the typical square and rectangular-shaped boxes.

The custom created pillow case boxes are simple to fold and come in a variety of styles, making them a lovely and unique way to wrap a gift. The pillow box can be manufactured to order, depending on the product's size and form.

Pillow boxes have a unique design that sets them apart from regular cardboard boxes. This box derives its name from the fact that it mimics the 'pillow' that each of us uses to sleep.

The custom pillow box packaging case covers are gaining tremendous popularity due to their elegance and sophistication. Many people may think that due to the extravagant design, the pillow boxes may be expensive as compared to other regular designed boxes, but on ordering bulk quantity, the price gets reduced significantly.

The pillow boxes are primarily used to store a wide range of cosmetic products such as creams, beauty soaps, hair extensions, and mascara. Apart from cosmetic products, people can also use the pillow box to keep their adornments and small garments.

The pillow boxes are popular due to their exquisite design that makes the product on the display shelf more attractive to the customers.

Purpose and Wide Range of Applications of Custom Pillow Cases

Custom body pillow case covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it simple to display not only the company logo, but also the product's characteristics and important information. Pillow boxes are made from a variety of materials, including cardboard, Kraft, corrugated stock, and stiff material.

The sort of goods or object to be packaged determines the thickness and length of the box. Because of its sturdiness, longevity, and environmental friendliness, kraft paper is a popular packing material. The sustainability feature of these boxes help to reduce carbon footprint.

If you need bespoke pillow covers for your business, you should seek assistance from packaging companies that have experience designing and developing custom boxes and have a creative staff that is up to date on the latest packaging trends and techniques.

The packaging firms offer a user-friendly website where you can get a good concept of the design and style by looking through the portfolio of designs; you can either choose a current design or submit your idea or proposal.

The design team will produce estimations to see if the design is feasible, and they will add subtle touches to the design to make it more appealing to customers. The design team would want to know what kind of product it is so that it may be authenticated with a relevant theme.

Half Price Packaging is a well-known packaging company that employs a creative team to give your boxes an eye-catching style. Browse Us! To explore a whole new world of customization.

Aside from commercial use, custom-made pillowcases can also be used to package and distribute birthday and anniversary gifts. Ribbons, laces, buttons, and other gift labels can be used to further embellish the printed luxury pillow boxes.

The Steps to Follow When Opting for Custom Pillow Cases

There is no one size fits all, but that's the purpose of custom packaging to allow business clients and customers to choose their design, packaging material, size, color, and customization options.

You can add a handle to make the pillow box easy to carry and also add a window insertion, so it makes it easy for customers to easily see into the contents of the box and entice them to make a buying decision.

There are many options offered to you from finishing choices, packaging material, color schemes, vibrant themes, and fascinating artwork. The simple steps you need to follow are


You need to provide the design specifications for your original and authentic pillow box. The pillow boxes are a few of the boxes that are entirely made according to the size and shape of the product, and there is no extra space.


The design options include all the artwork, images, logo style, texts, and other useful information you need to display on the custom pillow case covers.

The design team sends you a demo design first where you can experiment with different color schemes or add some other detail to the design.


There are many styles of pillow case boxes concerning their assembling. The styling options include die-cutting, perforation, scoring, and gluing of the edges.

The appearance of the customs body pillow case covers can be altered with window insertion, embossing, raised ink, and PVC boxing.

Lamination and Printing

Gloss finish, Matte finish, Spot UV finish, Gold and Silver finishing are just a few of the coatings and laminations available.

Almost all packaging firms now use the most up-to-date printing techniques, such as digital and offset printing, to ensure exceptional packaging quality.

Packaging Material

Cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated are the three most popular packaging materials. Cardboard is a plant-based material that is easily recyclable.

Kraft Pillow Box is created from wood pulp and provides design versatility. It is also 100% biodegradable. If the product is heavy, corrugated material is the ideal option because it absorbs the impact and protects the object inside.

Embellishing Features

You can add other value-added features to complement your packaged boxes. Pillowcase is a unique design that can easily be integrated with ribbons, laces, buttons, and bows to make the design more alluring.

Pillow Cases: Why Should You Consider?

The cost component of any large-purpose packaged box is critical, especially for startup firms with a restricted budget. For personalized pillow case covers, cardboard and Kraft material are both widely available and inexpensive.

You have a lot of styling options as a new entrepreneur, such as box size, packaging material, color, and extras like glass/matte lamination, embossing/debossing, and spot UV coating.

We live in a digital era where individuals utilize smartphones and high-speed internet to obtain information on almost anything in seconds.

With millions of people utilizing the internet almost continuously throughout the day, businesses have been pushed to make rapid modifications to their marketing tactics. The one-of-a-kind packaging styles have given way to new and exquisite packaging designs that have never been seen before.

Beneficial Aspects of Custom Pillow Cases

The enchanting design of pillow case make an instant impression on consumers

On the display rack in a store, a pillow case box will stand out as compared to standard design boxes

Consumers will buy the product due to unique pillow design which will improve the sales 

The colorful graphics and vibrant artwork will add to the beauty of the product and entice the customers to make a buying decision.

Customization means the product will easily fit in the packaging design, reduce the weight, and lower the shipping costs

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Final Thoughts 

Half Price Packaging is a high-end company that creates stunning and lavish pillow boxes. We have a fantastic design team that has already developed enthralling and stunning custom boxes for a variety of businesses as well as individuals looking for boxes for personal usage.

To give the pillow boxes a crisp and exciting appearance, we offer a wide range of customizations as well as advanced printing solutions.

You may believe that using custom options increases the cost of manufacturing the boxes, but this is not the case; if you need custom apparel pillow boxes in bulk, we offer wholesale rates that significantly reduce the cost. Place your order now! We will be pleased to serve you with the best possible services.

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