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How to Get Custom Packaging?


Before we dig deep into custom packaging, let’s first explore “what actually is custom packaging, and what are the advantages”?

There is a contrast difference between standard packaging and custom packaging in light of the fact that if you go with custom packaging, you have the freedom to decide on exclusive features for your product packaging. On the contrary, you don’t get this freedom in the case of standard packaging.

From a brand perspective, custom product packaging is vital since it allows your products to be exclusive or personalized, as a result, turns into a superior customer experience. In addition, custom packaging carries out a major job in protecting the item inside.

You will experience difficulties standing out from the crowd, and there will be a meager positive response from customers in case the box or other sort of package is insipid and uninteresting without having personalized/exclusive packaging for your product.

The Exclusiveness of Custom Packaging

In the process of custom packaging, you get a chance to completely customize your product boxes or shipping boxes. The process is intended to make these boxes fit appropriately and means to better protect the product contrasted with standard packaging.

Before the advent of advanced technology, the packaging process required to go through time taking processes, such as engineering, design, model, and testing, these processes used to take longer, in addition, it required a lot of money and effort; however, advanced techniques have made it all simple and less time taking along with affordable for everyone to get custom packaging boxes.

By making use of company/brand logo, exclusive patterns, shapes, pictures, or anything you want to add on the product packaging, you get the freedom to customize it and give a more satisfying experience to your customers

Let’s Explore the Advantages of Custom Packaging.

Enhance Brand Value

You can use packaging as a significant tool to enhance your brand awareness, expand the value, and essentially make a better customer experience that you do not get in standard packaging. These days people look for personalized products, and in this case, packaging carries out a vital job. Dull and nonexclusive packages that don't feel exceptional and enjoyable to the customer is probably going to be a gigantic side road.

You get a chance to fortify your brand value with the help of improved customized packaging; in addition, an extraordinary product will result in building an emotional connection with a customer, and it will keep growing stronger. With the help of an emotional connection, you can make sure to establish an enduring connection with customers, and keep growing your business.

Personalized Size and Dimensions

Except for graphics and printing alternatives, you can decide on any particular size or measurements so that the package fits any measurements and different shapes. “One size fit all” is not suitable for all products. As a matter of fact, you can save a good amount of money by tailoring the size of your product or shipping boxes. While the product is in transit and the box is extra big, it will make your item move. Adding extra material to help keep away from this move is truly a good idea; however, it is an additional expense. Having a tailored size for your box will additionally protect the item without incurring any additional cost.

Helps Building Personal Connection

According to a recent study regarding the manner, buyers are connected to a cereal brand revealed that the customers are so attracted to a brand when the characters on the packaging shown in an approach to get attention. At the point, both character design and shelf placing line up effectively, buyers are found to feel drastically more prominent amounts of trust in the brand.

Brand’s Cause Can Be Specified Through Materials That Go into Packaging

Disposed of packaging builds up 33% of the inflow at landfill locations. The utilization of moderate, biodegradable packaging, together with viable advertising, can make for an extraordinary branding message that features environmental accountability. In most circumstances, brands can work with custom retail packaging experts to put innovative, environmentally friendly packaging together to adequately push brand cognizance.

Brands Are Successful That Focus on Public Observation

In the case of a startup endeavoring to become well known in a jam-packed market, it can appear as though exceptional consideration paid to the brand by utilizing interesting packaging is an activity in extravagance. To worried businesspersons, it can appear as though there could be progressively significant things to consider, for example, timely delivery and product quality.

Making A Brilliant Unboxing Experience

Irrespective of the size of the company or the type of product, in a crowded market full of competitors, extraordinary packaging is fundamental. With the use of custom packaging bags, you can overcome the pressure and beat the competition when it comes to selling a similar item.

Following Are the Essential Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Packaging

You Have to Build Brand Recognition

Product packaging can be an important advertising prospect. Personalized designs work in a way to help to make an essential "unboxing" experience, which can fortify brand recognition and develop customer loyalty. With the help of including branded components to your packaging technique, such as sealing boxes with a custom brand sticker or including advertising materials or business cards, you can increase brand recognition.

You Need to Decrease Packaging Expenses

You need to avoid packaging that is “one size fits all. Utilizing similar kinds of materials for every one of your items is frequently costly and wasteful since items differ by size, shape, and weight. Rather than utilizing “one size for all” method to deal with your packaging process, utilize tailored packaging for every one of your diverse item dimensions.

Along these lines, you can lessen the amount of abundance material you have to fill boxes and stay away from the danger of harming items in boxes that don't fit appropriately. Working with a tailored packaging for products and shipping can work in a way to help you with building up a smart packaging alternative intended for products of diverse sizes and dimensions.

You Need to Step in A New Market

Is your product’s packaging keeping you away from stepping in a new market? For instance, packaging for large club stores is unique in contrast to the conventional grocery store. These sorts of stores regularly require items to be packaged and shrink-wrapped together. In case you have an intention to step in a new market, for example, club stores, you should adopt personalized packaging alternatives so that you could meet particular requirements.

How to Get Custom Packaging?

These days, you can come across plenty of custom packaging manufacturers. In some cases, it turns out to be difficult for brands to choose the appropriate one. Particularly when you are a new entrant, you must be extra cautious. You can pick an appropriate custom packaging provider by taking into account a few aspects.

For example, the amount of experience the manufacturer has. In addition, you can go through the reviews provided by the existing customers. By reading what other people have to say about the company, you can have a good idea. With the help of these reviews, you can get a great sense of getting a quick decision regarding a specific service provider. Furthermore, you can also look for any free services or features that the custom packaging service provider brings to the table.

The custom product packaging company offers design assistance without any additional cost is an added advantage. You will have the option to take free design help from their experienced designers without any additional cost. Such manufacturers just charge the designing fee. Free delivery is also an advantage.

Some manufacturers have an order limit, or they offer free shipping on a certain amount of order, so you should look for that. Some manufactures allow you to order without any restrictions, and they have a package to suit everyone’s needs; consequently, you can order a few or for bulk custom packaging boxes. Prices for bulk orders are lower as compared to fewer boxes. In this case, Half Price Packaging could turn out to be a great choice, as they have a package to suit everyone’s needs, along with 24/7 customer support and great bonuses.

What Sort of Things Should You Consider While Picking A Manufacturer?


Locating a manufacturer near you is useful not on the grounds that you can witness how your boxes are made, yet in addition, since you can decrease delivery and cargo expenses.


You can avail fulfillment service from certain manufactures. In the case of working with them on fulfillment and production, you can totally avoid shipping/cargo expenses for boxes by keeping all under a similar roof.


You need to have your particular size and order quantity in mind at the time of inquiring about quotes. After that, you will have an option to compare manufacturers dependent on price, yet in addition, be wary about manufacturers who offer prices far less than others; they possibly will be offering lower prices by lessening the internal and external liner.

Remember that in case you're bargaining hard and attempting to bring down the price, a manufacturer possibly will decrease the liner, both internal and external, of the paper stock.

Turn Around Time:

In the case of a custom packaging process, it usually takes around three to four weeks, as it requires to create plates and dies for a box and design to be completed. In addition, it could take around one to two weeks for shipping in case it is not a local or nearby manufacturer. At the time of deciding on the shipping date, you need to remember turnaround time when addressing manufacturers.

Order Placement and Getting A Good Quote:

After deciding on the manufacturer for your custom packaging boxes, the following step is to know the manner to communicate with them. You can get in touch through their Live Chat, Email, or UAN helpline numbers. They have 24/7 customer support to help their clients. You can get information about your order or ask questions that are in your mind before placing an order.

The recommended way is to get in touch with them and ask and examine what they bring to the table with respect to services and prices. Before placing an order, you can tell them your order requirements, such as quantity, sizes, design, or any particular thing you may require. It's a smart thought to place an order for bulk quantity on the grounds that you will get extremely lower prices. In light of these aspects, you can think about utilizing a spreadsheet to keep a record of several quotes and the most preferable alternatives.

Where to Get Custom Packaging Made

As you may find, several custom packaging manufactures with the help of a little research online, however, amongst others, Half Price Packaging could turn out to be the best option as they offer all the features discussed above, such as expert designing ideas, 24/7 friendly customer support, UAN number, and packages to suit all budgets. On top of that, they have a vast range of services when it comes to offering custom product/shipping packaging services.

Deciding on a custom packaging process doesn't need to be frightening. It's significantly simpler than any other designing process that looks astounding and won't burn up all available resources. In any case, you need to be aware of the fact that there's still significant work that goes into the designing procedure. The best custom product/shipping packaging doesn't simply include a logo or brand colors. It represents a story and makes the complete visual for a brand.


When it comes to designing physical packaging for products or shipping boxes, it takes some out of the box thinking process. You need to be aware of the fact that the process of designing custom packaging is beyond just choosing what goes on your packaging. Your packaging tells a story with your brand’s message and imparts it on a physical item. In this case, shapes, materials, and finishes will all include additional spark to your final product.

Above, we have covered the essentials of custom product packaging to help you with advancing towards brand recognition by comprehending everything associated with the procedure.

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