How To Find Your Desired Custom Cardboard Boxes?

desired custom cardboard boxes

Ever tried to order boxes and felt like you needed a translator? Single wall? Fluting? FEFCO-what-now? Don't worry; we're here to help!

Shipping requirements of customers put Cardboard boxes in the most popular packaging product category in the world. In fact, custom printed cardboard boxes are significant in the packaging industry, particularly for branding and product presentation. These boxes offer a unique opportunity in the B2B market to differentiate products in a competitive market.

By incorporating custom printing on cardboard boxes, businesses can build brand visibility, create a professional image, can resonate with specific needs, and improve customer experience by making noteworthy memories. So, make sure to find a reputable and reliable packaging expert to gain such an advantage.

Billions are made each year, and it’s no surprise that it will grow its market cap. Whether you're a big business or just starting out, understanding the basics of cardboard packaging will save you time, money, and headaches.

Think of this as your quick guide sheet. We'll break down those confusing terms, explain how boxes are measured, and even show you the most popular styles.

Understanding Cardboard Box Dimensions

mastering the basics of cardboard box measurements

What’s the first thing that pops up inside the mind of a buyer when selecting the desired cardboard? It's the dimensions of custom sized cardboard boxes. When measuring the size of a cardboard box, we recommend using the internal dimensions. This is the usable space that your products will go in, usually expressed as:

Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H)

Length = The longest opening dimension

Width = The shorter opening dimension

Height = The dimension from the top of the opening to the base of the box (sometimes referred to as depth).

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Most of the time, the dimensions of a cardboard box will be referred to in millimeters. For example: 600mm x 300mm x 250mm. However, many people still choose to use centimeters or even inches. Here is the conversion chart for you:

  • 10mm = 1cm

  • 100mm = 10cm

  • 1000mm = 1m

  • 1 inch = 2.54cm / 25.4mm

The Anatomy of Cardboard Boxes

the engineering of cardboard boxes

Most shipping products are made from corrugated cardboard that is made from a fluted or waved piece of paper sandwiched between two flat pieces of paper. It helps to strengthen the walls of a cardboard box.

There are three main categories of corrugated cardboard you’ll come across when it comes to boxes:

  • Single wall – one layer of fluted board is sandwiched between two sheets of liner board, and as a result, we have a box also known as a single wall cardboard box.

  • Double wall – two layers of fluting that are glued to three layers of liner board. This outputs a double wall cardboard box, which is stronger than using a single wall alone.

  • Triple wall – three layers of fluting are laminated with four-liner boards. This would make a triple or tri-wall box, which is probably the most heavy-weight and durable of all boxes.

Board Grades

The board grade refers to the weight, quality, and type of paper material used to manufacture cardboard.

The board weight will range from 90gsm to 300gsm as per user intent.

This stands for grams per square meter - the heavier the weight of the paper, the stronger the box will be.

Keep in mind that the GSM description of the board may relate to the performance of the board and not the actual weight. In other words, it has the properties of a heavier material. You may also hear people say cardboard is “kraft” or “test.”

  • If the paper used in manufacturing is virgin material, it's called kraft.

  • If it's made of a recycled material, the term for it is known as test.

A combination of both kraft and test cardboard can also be seen.

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Popular FEFCO Box Styles

top rated fefco box designs

You can choose the type of box you want from internationally recognized designs called FEFCO styles. FEFCO is the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers. There are nine different categories of cardboard boxes, which are then broken down further into styles. Each style is given a number for easy reference. Here are some of the most popular FEFCO styles you’ll encounter.

1. FEFCO 0201:

A standard box with top and bottom flaps meeting in the center is widely used for shipping.

2. FEFCO 0210:

Box with overlapping flaps at the top and bottom, providing extra stacking strength.

3. FEFCO 0300:

Telescopic box consisting of two parts - a lid and a tray. This is ideal for packaging products of varying heights.

4. FEFCO 0401:

Folder-type box with a hinged lid, suitable for presenting products in a retail environment.

5. FEFCO 0501:

All-over interlocking flaps box, promising enhanced protection for heavier items during transit.:

6. FEFCO 0600:

Box with separate lid and base, commonly used for luxury packaging or gift boxes.

7. FEFCO 0701:

Box with a crash-lock bottom for quick assembly, often used for e-commerce packaging.

8. FEFCO 0904:

A tray-style box with a separate lid is suitable for displaying products or as a gift box.

9. FEFCO 0211:

Box with overlapping flaps at the top and bottom, providing extra stacking strength and a more secure closure.

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Understanding the value-based opportunities of custom cardboard boxes can be an asset to your business. From decoding the complex terminology to understanding dimensions, construction, and anatomy, each aspect plays a vital role in your packaging decisions. With a thorough understanding of these elements and the various FEFCO box styles available, you can effectively select the right packaging solutions to meet your needs, protect your products, and build your brand's impact.

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