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Online retailers (e-commerce brands) often depend on packaging to differentiate their products and create a memorable presentation experience for customers.

Product packaging design influences the buying decisions of 72% of American consumers, with 67% also considering the materials used in packaging. This is because the packaging is the first thing customers see when they're shopping or browsing. If a brand's retail product packaging looks attractive and compelling, buyers are likely to think positively about the brand.

Gift set packaging is especially critical for brands that rely heavily on PR packages for their promotional activities. These brands often collaborate with influencers who have large followings, primarily of Millennials and Gen Z individuals. Sending out PR packages with dull and plain packaging can undermine the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Therefore, they need to ensure their packaging is aesthetically appealing but also secure and practical.

Let's explore innovative and impactful strategies for cardboard box packaging and understand the significance of crafting packaging boxes that are both elegant and practical.

Factors to Consider When Creating Cardboard Packaging Design

Factors to Consider When Creating Cardboard Packaging Design

Echo boomers (Millennials) and Zoomers (Gen Z) value self-expression and individuality. They use their purchasing decisions to express their style and identity, which includes choosing products with eye-catching designs. The trend of unboxing videos on social media platforms has also exploded in popularity. This craze has become so widespread that there are countless YouTube channels, Instagram pages, dedicated communities, and forums where people can discuss and share unboxing experiences.

If you also want to create a captivating brand image, it's good to consider the following factors before designing your cardboard gift boxes:

Know your Target Audience

Before you start designing, consider whom the gift box is intended for. Understanding the recipient's preferences, tastes, and interests will help you tailor the package design to suit their style.

Define the Purpose

Determine the occasion or reason for the gift! Whether it's a birthday, wedding, holiday, or corporate event, the packaging design box should appropriately reflect the theme and sentiment.

Pay Attention to Size & Shape

The dimensions of the gift box packaging should accommodate the contents comfortably while maintaining an original intact shape. One must consider the size and shape of the items being packaged to avoid excessive empty space or overcrowding.

Choose Quality Material

It is advised to select high-quality materials for the boxed packaging that not only look good but also provide durability and protection for the contents inside. You can pick from cardboard, kraft, corrugated, and more options based on your product requirements.

Go for an Eye-Getting Color Scheme

If your brand is all about being eco-friendly, you can go for shades of green, brown, and beige for your gift box package. This palette aligns with your brand values and helps customers remember your brand by making them feel confident about choosing your products if they're into sustainability.

Moreover, choosing black or grey for men’s products and bright shades for women’s products is a sensible decision. Where pastel hues can go well with scented and luxurious candles, sharp yellows and pinks for cosmetics should be preferred.

Always use colors wisely to make contrast and highlight important features.

Unique Design

Infusing distinctive elements into box packaging design can make presents even more special. For example, custom illustrations, bold typography, abstract patterns, or real-time graphics can be added to complement the brand essence and give a one-of-a-kind experience.

Bring On Some Branding Elements

Gift box design with branding elements like brand name, logo, contact details, QR codes, marketing taglines, etc., builds a recognizable look. The logos could be displayed prominently, either raised or indented, to create a three-dimensional effect. This not only reinforces brand recognition but also communicates quality and sophistication.

Customization Options

Selecting a custom box design for packaging enables individuals to personalize their gifts or products according to their preferences. Custom packaging gives you the freedom to choose the dimensions, shape, color, and materials of your gift box exactly as you desire and specify.

Consider Functionality

Make sure that the gift box packaging can be effortlessly opened and closed, providing convenient access to the contents inside. For easy handling, you can also add features like magnetic closures, ribbon pulls, or tabs. It reflects positively on the giver, as it demonstrates thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

What Common Details Should Be Included in Gift Box Packaging?

Common Details Should Be Included in Gift Box Packaging

The information printed onto a gift box can vary depending on factors such as the occasion, the contents of the box, and any branding or personalization. However, here are some usual elements often found on gift box packaging:

  • Product name or description

  • Brand slogans, values, specific tone, or style

  • Occasion or theme for specialized gift boxes

  • Instructions or care information

  • List of ingredients or materials used

  • Website or social media handles

  • QR codes

  • Warnings or labels

  • Sustainability messages

  • Contact information

  • Hang tags with exclusive offers

  • Any personalized message or handwritten notes

21 Tips To Design Custom Gift Box Packaging?

Tips To Design Custom Gift Box Packaging

Designing your own gift box packaging can be an exciting journey, but it requires a lot of consideration and careful planning. From selecting software to ensuring sustainability, each step plays an important role in creating an impactful and effective packaging solution for your product.

Here are simple steps to help you get started:

  1. Software Selection: Choose software like Adobe Illustrator or free options like GIMP or Inkscape.

  2. Prepare Dielines: Generate templates for printing and forming packaging.

  3. Design Labels: Start with labels to get a feel for the design.

  4. Keep it Simple: Avoid clutter by using clean, minimalist designs.

  5. Use Contrast: Contrast colors, shapes, and sizes for visual appeal.

  6. Font Pairing: Choose fonts sensibly for readability and aesthetic.

  7. Add Illustrations: Custom illustrations can enhance the design.

  8. Incorporate Patterns: Patterns can add decorative elements.

  9. Create Impact: Make packaging engaging and praiseworthy.

  10. Ensure Protection: Use sturdy materials to protect products.

  11. Budget-Friendly Options: Utilize rubber stamps or recyclable materials to save costs.

  12. Add Special Touches: Ribbons or unique materials can add elegance.

  13. Consider Storage: Design with storage conditions in mind.

  14. Pay Attention to Details: Include necessary information like barcodes.

  15. View in 3D: Use software to visualize designs in 3D.

  16. Create Mockups: Preview designs using mockup tools.

  17. Make IRL Mockups: Create physical mockups to see and feel the design.

  18. Know Box Types: Familiarize with common box types and enclosures.

  19. Prioritize Sustainability: Opt for eco-friendly packaging options.

  20. Gather Feedback: Seek input from others before finalizing designs.

  21. Ready for Printing: Make sure design specifications are correct before printing.

Once your box design is complete, consider enhancing it further with extra decorations. You could use stickers, decorative tapes, tissue paper for wrapping, and foam inserts for additional protection. Adding ribbon handless, bow ties, and personalized hang tags can provide an individualized flair to your gift box. These embellishments deck up your packaging and make your present even more notable, complementing the design choices you've already made.

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