How to Design a Custom Paper Bag | A Guidebook for 2024

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Displaying the essence of your product without quality packaging is completely out of the question and an unachievable task. Look at notable brands like Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Gucci and how they use packaging as a promotional marketing strategy to build their reputation among competitors. The basic idea that works wonders is “the right packaging is vital for selling your products.”

Whether you manage a coffee show, have a retail setting, or run a boutique, custom paper bags are perfect for carrying and earning more revenues. However, every paper bag is not suitable for every brand. You need a complete guideline to figure out how to design an outstanding custom paper bag and what the fundamentals are to keep in mind before jumping into the design process so you can meet your packaging requirements.

How to Design A Custom Paper Bag?

1. Carefully Select the Type of Paper

Select the Type of Paper

Choose the paper that is in compliance with your product needs. If your product is heavy or fragile, you must select the thicker and sturdier paper. For lightweight products such as gift items, accessories, or jewelry, brands prefer light paper options. Some of the main types of the paper include:

Kraft Paper:

Kraft paper is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and provides a rustic feel to your custom paper bags. Apart from being entirely recyclable, it is durable. That's why shopping bags and grocery bags are commonly made of Kraft paper.

Art Paper:

Art paper is ideal for printing and obtaining a silky texture for branded paper bags. You can also use them as gift bags or promotional bags.

Bleached Paper:

This material is used mostly in custom retail paper bags and gift bags due to its smoothness, easiness of coating, and printing.

Recycled Paper:

The materials used for making custom paper bags come from recycling. They are very budget-friendly and are acknowledged as an all-purpose bag.

2. Beautifully Color Your Paper Bag with Logo

paper bag with logo

How do you print on paper bags? Present your brand's tone and the product's nature by printing the relevant color scheme, artwork, and brand logo. For instance, if you have a shampoo brand and use an expensive-looking bottle, couple it with a fancy packaging design to give a coherent image of your product.

Further, the best custom packaging companies use the latest printing techniques, including CMYK printing, digital printing, and offset, to produce high-resolution results for paper bag designs.

3. Pick the Right Styles of Custom Paper Bag

Pick the Right Styles of Custom Paper Bag


They are iconic brown bags made of kraft paper and have small handles to carry them conveniently. SOS bags are ideal for skincare, jewelry, and food items. Moreover, you can add various shapes to make the outlook of these custom branded paper bags more catchy.

Pinch Bottom Bags

Pinch-bottom bags have tapered bottoms and are used for food items. They are used for takeaway bags and have envelope openings with grease-resistant interiors. Also, pinch-bottom bags are preferred by coffee houses and food stalls.

Merchandise Bags

Merchandise bags are excellent for customization and are also known as typical paper shopping bags. They are entirely customizable in diverse box sizes, styles, and shapes.

Euro Tote

Euro tote bags are associated with luxury products and can be tailored to any desired requirements. They are the best paper bags for gift packaging, for sure.

Bakery Bags

Bakery paper bags have wax linings and are ideal for selling products like bread, pastries, muffins, and more. These bags are made of kraft paper and have handles to carry them without any struggle.

Mailing Bags

Mailing bags, also called padded mailers, are suitable options for shipping smaller items. They are the preferable choice for e-commerce businesses.

4. Sizes of paper Bags

Sizes of paper Bags

You can customize the sizes of custom paper bags according to your products. When it comes to standards, paper bags have three sizes.

  • Small: It has the dimensions of 5.5" W x 8.375" H 3.25" D and is ideal for in-store shopping bags.

  • Medium: The dimensions of medium paper bags are 8" W x 10.25" H x 5" D. It’s the more versatile size and is used multi-purposely for gift bags, branded merch bags, and shopping bags.

  • Large: These paper boxes have the dimensions of 10" W x 13" H x 5" D, highly recommended for larger orders and purchases.

5. Diversity in Handles

Diversity in Handles

You can customize the handles of custom paper boxes to make them more trendy and functional for your customers.


For the touch of luxury or festivity in your paper bags, brands use colorful ribbons in differently stylish cuts. You can use these ribbons in myriad colors. It is suitable for any type of bag.


You can use cotton handles to bring the feel of finesse. They are customizable and durable enough to carry heavier products.

Twisted Paper

Twisted paper handles are an affordable option, but they do not give the premium feel that is provided by ribbon or cotton. They are quick to produce and endure heavy weight.

Folded Paper

When it comes to the most affordable and cost-effective handles, folded paper can be chosen. After all, they’re great for carrying lightweight products.

6. Finishing Options

Finishing Options

To add grace to your custom paper bags and make them more delightful for your customers, personalize them by applying appropriate finishing.

For high visibility, brands print their name and other essential info with embossing or debossing to provide a tactile texture on their brand paper bags. You can make the bag surface glossy with lamination, UV, and aqueous coating. On the other hand, hot gold foiling is an incredible way to grab customers’ attention.

Top 3 Benefits of Branded Paper Bags for Businesses

Top 3 Benefits of Branded Paper Bags

Whatever your audience is, it is easier to engage and persuade them to prefer your products with customized paper bags. They must represent the brand's mission and objective.

Custom paper bags for small businesses are beneficial, especially for startups and brands who are facing budget constraints due to the recession. With these bags, you can promote your brand and improve revenue efficiently.

Eco-friendly paper bags are replacing plastic bags and are widely chosen by brands and customers as they don’t leave any harmful effects on the environment. Their packaging material is reusable and 100% recyclable.

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Invest in your custom paper bags and make them brilliantly customized in size, shape, and design, making them attractive packaging for customers. The unique artwork, brand logo, and product info grab the buyer's attention, ensuring a high ROI.

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