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Mermaid Cove and Half Price Packaging: A Green Style Collaboration

Mermaid Cove

This client story is about another successful collaboration that exemplifies how teaming up can make big dreams happen. “Mermaid Cove” is an eco-friendly cosmetic company run by a passionate mother-son duo, Ildiko and Béla. Their love for the environment and a desire to give back to marine conservation efforts inspired them to create a line of artisan cosmetics that are as beneficial for the planet as they are for the skin.

From the start, Mermaid Cove's mission has been simple: create top-notch skincare while supporting ocean preservation by donating a portion of every purchase to Oceana Canada.

Ildiko, the devoted mother, finds her greatest inspiration in the Caribbean Sea, drawn to its breathtaking shades of jade and turquoise. Its serene waters radiate a calming energy that resonates deeply with her. Béla, the enthusiastic son, joined his mother to create Mermaid Cove, inspired by their shared love for the ocean.

Mermaid Cove's product line, ranging from soaps and facial creams to bath bombs and bamboo accessories, shows its commitment to sustainability and quality. However, as their business grew, they realized the need for professional branding and packaging that would align with their values and appeal to their environmentally conscious customers.

Mermaid Cove reached out to Half Price Packaging through our dedicated customer service representative, Maya Williams. They were looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions that would enhance their brand while minimizing environmental impact. Maya worked closely with Ildiko and Béla to understand their needs, vision, and the values they held dear.

What did they say?

"Half Price Packaging provided us with beautiful packaging that helped us reduce our carbon footprint and further our mission of marine conservation. Maya's support and guidance were invaluable throughout the process, and we are grateful for the partnership.”

We designed sustainable packaging that perfectly matched their requirements. The boxes were made from 350 GSM cardstock, with dimensions of 35.5 x 35.5 x 154 mm, and a tuck box shape.

Our experts created the artwork from scratch, incorporating PMS colors and a matte lamination with spot UV for a touch of elegance. Our team went beyond and created a beautiful mermaid graphic, which became the face of Mermaid Cove. This design perfectly represented their brand and connected with their customers, sparking magic and wonder every time they saw it.

The pricing, at $2350 for 2000 units, along with a fast turnaround time of 10-12 business days, made our offer highly appealing to them. We used DHL for shipping and offered free custom samples to make sure everything was perfect before making the final products.

“The packaging turned heads with its stunning design. It also joined Mermaid Cove's mission to save the oceans, adding an extra splash of eco-friendliness to every shipment.”

Here at Half Price Packaging, we are overjoyed by the commitment and talent of our team, from our creative designers to our friendly customer service squad. Our collaboration with Mermaid Cove is proof of what's possible when businesses unite for a shared goal of making our world greener. We are very grateful to Mermaid Cove for trusting us.

Their focus on sustainability and quality inspires us, and we are proud to support their mission. The prospect of continuing our partnership and creating more great collaborations excites us. Here's hoping for achieving greater things together.

Ildiko and Béla were really happy with the outcome.

"We were impressed with the quality and affordability of Half Price Packaging’s services,"

they spoke. Further added,

“Maya was great at keeping communication smooth and understanding our needs all along. The new packaging looks amazing and fits perfectly with our eco-friendly values."

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