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How Mailer Boxes Are Acting as The Springboard for Logistics Industry


It might sound that mailer boxes are only used for mailing purposes, but these stereotypical needs in the past few years have revolutionized completely. In the present age of manufacturing technolgies, where every small or big businesses carry their management through a myriad of sources, customized mailer boxes have become a top priority for every manufacturing organization.

Mailer boxes contribute towards brand loyalty and brand affinity by creating a great first impression!

Many of the successful retailers today have set themselves apart from the crowd with their company packaging, at least to an extent. Think about your favorite food or clothing brand, and ask yourself if the packaging affects your buying decision some way. You will be surprised to find out how beautiful and customized alluring box would lighten up your mood in seconds, regardless of what age group you belong to. Such a packaging not only maintain a consistent image of the brand but also reinforce the positive elements of product ownership. Similarly, if in any way you decide to send items to your potential customers in plain white or brown boxes, then you probably are letting them know that you little care about the packaging. And if you do not care about the packaging, how will you prove that you care about the product?

It is, therefore, imperative to invest in a good packaging company so that you do not give any reason for your potential customers to walk away.

Now, if you are wondering where to get these customized mailer boxes for your business, then we have that sorted out already, but before that, let us first find out more about how these boxes can benefit the logistics industry.

Benefits of Mailer Boxes in the Logistics Industry

The custom mailer boxes tend to reinforce your brand in an impactful way. The moment your custom mailer box reaches your potential customer, the first thing they notice is the company logo that highlights the vision and message behind your business. This helps them relate the product with your brand name, which plays a vital role in customer retention. When it comes to e-commerce businesses, these boxes tend to be one of the most effective marketing tools that your company can use to stand out in the competitive market.

TL;DR, below mentioned are some of the benefits of customized mailer boxes:

Light in Weight

The first and foremost advantage that makes the mailer boxes act as the springboard of the logistics industry is their light weightiness, which makes shipping quite convenient.They come in various shapes and sizes with no edgy corners, keeping the goods safe inside.

They give you a safe transport of products:

With the customized mailer boxes, one does not have to worry about the safety of the products inside because the boxes are made up of materials that keep the box sturdy. Many a times, delicate items are to be transported, but instead of using the mailer boxes, use of common boxes damage goods, creating a bad impression of the brand. The mailer boxes tend to get you out of this mishap and assure customers that these products are being taken care of.

They are affordable:

As a retailer, you will need hundreds and thousands of packaging boxes every day for the delivery of goods, which means you need to keep aside a huge budget. However, you can avoid blowing your budget, especially in the case of a startup, with these customized mailer boxes that are easily affordable by everyone.

And, if you are wondering not investing a lot in the packaging means low-quality materials used, then there are many packaging companies out there that do not compromise on the quality while keeping the rates cost-friendly.

Mailer boxes as a marketing tool:

You will not have to travel to different places in order to market your product as customized mailer boxes can represent your brand in the most efficient ways.  The fact that these mailer boxes come with the logo design and the name of the brand, they not only depict the overall ideology and thoughts behind your company but also distinguish you from the competitors.

Another essential benefit of these mailer boxes is that they can be customized according to the size of the product inside, challenging the idea that “one size fits all.” All you need to do is explain designers how you want the mailer boxes to be and they will be delivered at your doorstep!

No need of external packaging:

In case of special events, when you need to send gifts and giveaways to your unique customers, there won’t be a need for some fancy external packaging. The custom mailer boxes can be customized into beautiful and eye-catchy designs, just enough to make them unique. This can further enhance the brand loyalty and you will have a crowd of happy and satisfied customers out there.

Eco-friendly mailer boxes:

Not only do the customized mailer boxes keep your products protected and safe, but also tend to contribute towards a safe and secure environment. Most of the companies use corrugated paper for the making of these boxes that can easily be biodegraded. This will also strengthen the trust customers have for your brand.

Your concern for a sustainable environment leaves a great impression!

Now that you are acquainted that the mailer boxes are not only affordable but also come in alluring designs that can gain customer attention in a matter of seconds, let us find out about their types and where you can get these boxes made for your new business.

Shapes of Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes give you a chance to choose from a variety of styles and shapes they come in. Some of these shapes are:

Sleeve Boxes:

The sleeve boxes are also known as tray boxes, as they have a sliding tray attached on both sides. When the product is placed inside this tray, it is slipped and shifted to the second section of the box, which is usually open from both ends. The sleeve mailer boxes are used for the transport of food and beverages, and sometimes electronics and toys.

Rolling End Tuck Top Boxes:

These are the traditional mailer boxes that contain a lid which rolls over to cover the central part of the box. The rolled lid/cap has a tuck end that locks the tray keeping the items inside fully covered and protected. To enhance the protection, the rolling end tuck top boxes also have dust flaps attached to both sides of the box, making sure dust particles do not enter and damage the product. They are usually used for transporting food items. Hence the dust flaps are found in the structure of the boxes.

Pillow Boxes:

These mailer boxes come in alluring designs that can be used for shipping products such as jewelry, perfumes, and other small items. Their festive looks make these boxes an excellent choice for sending out gifts!

Tuck Top Auto Bottom Boxes:

This is another traditional mailer box which is known to be one of the top line high-quality boxes. These mailer boxes have a top flap that tucks to the front part body of the box, while the bottom of the box folds for an easy assembly, giving an overall unique look. The tuck top auto bottom boxes are best known for sending out delicate and small-sized products.

Cube Boxes:

These are the mailer boxes that come in the shape of a cube, customized according to the size of the products inside. In a logistics firm where there are tons of products that need to be stocked on each other, these boxes benefit in an efficient way of fulfilling the purpose of storing goods. As the cube boxes do not have a complicated style and design, they are one of the most affordable boxes that you will come across.

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