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How Can You Elevate Your Brand With Printed Mailer Boxes


The packaging industry is growing quite rapidly with the help of the advancements in e-commerce and developments in the latest digital printing techniques. A lot of intelligent and successful business owners have started using these customized display packaging for their branded products

Businesses that are small and newly established should consider these custom packaging boxes as they are the pivotal part of a successful marketing strategy. It is one of the most challenging tasks to find a perfect box to your mail orders because the customized mailer boxes are used to perform a double function during the process of shipping. 

People might think that a custom box can be the perfect fit for your mail order, but the characteristics and the level of potential these mailer boxes have for personalization can be a huge branding blockbuster for your business in the marketplace. After knowing its endless features and benefits, various companies have started investing in these boxes in order to create excellent brand awareness across the world. 

What are Custom Mailer Boxes?

A mailer box is a well-known packaging solution, especially in this era when everybody can order anything through the internet. Customized printed mailer boxes are exactly what they sound like: rigid, custom-made, and regular mailer boxes with exclusively designed lids that can be totally personalized from inside and out. These mailer boxes are made highly robust and rigid so that they can easily withstand the shipping process. 

You can use these custom mailer boxes for the packaging of small and delicate items, but they can also be used for some particular products regardless of their sizes as they are available in all sizes, designs and styles that are intended to be the best shape and style for a perfect shipping requirement. 

One of the primary function of this packaging is to deliver the products safely to the customers’ doorstep, without any damage. So providing protection is the utmost purpose of these personalized mailer boxes. Another function of a custom-made mailer box is to facilitate the shipping of the products; therefore, the customized packaging of mailer boxes is usually handy and lightweight. You can easily set it up in a truck, aircraft or onboard a ship. 

Unconventional Mailer Boxes

These mailer boxes are generally associated with plain grey-colored cartons, and it is known as the safest solution. But the problem is that this plain grey carton is quite boring and it is not going to be remembered by your customers. So, if you want to make an everlasting impression on their minds and to make it stand out in the market, you must invest some extra effort and time in the packaging of the shipping products. 

Firstly, you need to change the dull shape of your mailer box and decorate it by adding some colorful imprinting on the box. You can find a lot of printing styles available at different packaging companies and get your favorite custom-made printed mailer boxes

The courier will also associate this beautiful packaging box with your brand or company. You can also make your product packaging worthwhile by incorporating some advanced printing ideas, and it can be both short text and graphics. The content type is all about the company and its profile, but you can make some brilliant phrases and witty jokes related to the product. 

You can also add a picture story about the recycling of cardboard. Your customers will be truly impressed by this effort because it will show that your company is very much concerned about the safety of the environment and the needs of potential customers. 

Is Custom Mailer Box Right For Your Business?

A lot of questions may come to your mind while choosing the best custom mailer boxes for your brand. If you are a business owner, you will be wondering about so many things like 

  • Which type of packaging is right for my business? 

  • How much will it cost? 

  • What are the main advantages of custom made packaging? 

So, this is the point where you need to consider some key points first before choosing a perfect packaging solution for your shipping products. 

  • Size

Customization is the essence of these printed mailer boxes as you are completely allowed to create a box of any size, shape and design that your product needs. Obviously, the size of the product you are going to ship will determine the appropriate size for the custom mailer box. And if you are going to transport more than one product, you can also order various sizes according to the requirements of the products. 

  • Design 

Customized mailer boxes are available in all sizes, shapes and colors and can be printed with any design inside and outside as per the requirement of the customer. If you want to bring in some ultimate customer experience with advanced printing on these boxes or if you want something printed in an artistic style with your logo, then customized printed mailer boxes are the best option for you. From a branding viewpoint, there is no limit to what you can do with these mailer boxes to enhance their visual appeal. 

  • Cost

Like everything you purchase, it is extremely important to check out the cost of a customized printed mailer box. While negotiating the price with the manufacturers, you should have a clear idea about the size, design and quantity of the box you need because all of these factors will equally affect your cost. A perfectly and exclusively designed box with advanced printing and branding can drastically elevate your brand image to the whole next level. 

Why Choose Printed Mailer Boxes For Shipping

All those businesses that are specialized in the shipping of goods, it is really important for them to transport their products more safely. If you are a business owner and still searching for a perfect packaging option that can ensure the safety of your items while they are shipping from one place to the other, then you must invest in custom printed mailer boxes. 

Here is a list of some main reasons why companies should invest in customized packaging for shipping their products.

  1. Beautiful Packaging Options

While choosing customized mailer boxes, you are free to go for various stunning packaging options, and these options are not limited in terms of styles and sizes. You are allowed to add different things like PVC windowpanes, panel or just unique pictures and colors to your custom-made mailer boxes. 

  1. You Can Save More On Quality Packaging

While buying a customized mailer box, you have a chance to get the exact size for your item, and a box with perfect size means that you do not have to pay for something unfit to your product or extra purchasing material. These customized mailer boxes will help you save more money in the process of choosing the best packaging solution. 

  1. Brand Awareness

While choosing these custom mailer boxes, you should also think about the people that would come across these customized boxes. With the help of these printed mailer boxes, you can build brand awareness as well. If you have a blank packaging box, you can utilize this space to publicize your company and services by adding some details related to your brand such as brand logo, company name, or any slogan. It will ultimately make those people excited who will be receiving these customized boxes and will also spread awareness about your brand across the world. 

  1. Choice of Corrugated Sheet

The professional packaging and printing companies always offer an excess of corrugated sheets to their customers. For each box, you are free to choose the kind of sheet that you want to have in the styling of your custom box. Corrugated sheets are famous for their strength. There are flutes present between the liner board of these sheets and provide it with some extra level of strength. Packaging companies used to offer various kinds of sheets to their customers and the customers are free to choose their desired printing option and design. These corrugated sheets will make your custom mailer box more functional and will allow the box to meet your brand requirements. 

Where can you get quality Printed Mailer Boxes for your Business?

Nowadays, every company is coming up with advanced and unconventional products that need proper packaging solution and companies are spending millions on the marketing of their products. If you have an ecommerce store, then you should make your customers captivated by your stunning packaging. You can use these beautifully designed mailer boxes to load and deliver the items. If you are searching for the best custom-made mailer boxes with advanced printing options, then you should go with Half Price Packaging.

Half Price Packaging is a renowned packaging company that is striving to provide highly durable and affordable custom mailer boxes with innovative designing and printing ideas. The best part about their packaging solutions is that you can use these customized boxes for multi-purposes. 

They used to manufacture these printed mailer boxes with highly durable and quality material that can avoid all environmental scrapes or breakage. These printed mailer boxes will help you enhance your brand impression on the potential buyers. They are aimed to provide a 24/7 customer support service. You can place your order online, and you can receive your parcel within ten days. Half Price Packaging is offering free delivery in Canada and the USA.

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