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Half Price Packaging: Your Serendipitous Partner In Packaging


Our Mission? To Deliver Nothing Short of Perfection

At Half Price Packaging, we believe in the power of collaboration, dedication, and trust – our fortune trio!

Today, we're full of gratitude as we look back on a recent project that really shows these values. Our team had the privilege of partnering with the ingenious minds behind

to create bespoke packaging solutions for their exquisite tincture bottles. Their vision was clear, their standards were high, and their trust in us was unwavering.

With a brand ethos of "quality over quantity," WNC CBD is a name of integrity and inclusivity. They stay ahead with cutting-edge technologies and carefully check how they affect nature. Hence, they actively reduce waste with their eco-friendly strategies to minimize their ecological footprint. Beyond business, they advocate for justice, uplifting those disproportionately impacted by the legal system.

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To our esteemed client, Meghan, thank you for entrusting us with your brand! Your honest feedback and happy review video brought us so much joy. Knowing you're satisfied with our work is the best thing for us, and we're so excited that we did even better than you hoped for.

Keeping in mind the delicacy and potency of their tinctures, our team opted for high-quality cardstock material to provide both durability and elegance. Moreover, our deliberate selection of matte lamination added a luxurious texture, keeping the boxes clean from fingerprints. Our client also raved about the impeccable printing quality we achieved through CMYK, which made even the smallest text legible for them.

And speaking of delivery, we're proud to share that all 3000 straight tuck end boxes were shipped within 12-15 business days.

Behind every successful project is a team of devoted individuals, and ours is no exception. From our talented designers to our skilled quality assurance team, every member played a big part in making the entire process as effortless as possible. Special recognition goes to Ross Morgan, who went above and beyond to ensure that the communication was smooth and the project timeline was met with precision. Thank you for being the driving force behind our client's satisfaction!

As we celebrate this achievement, let’s remember that real creativity has no limits. To everyone involved in this project, your hard work, attention to detail, and passion for excellence are the cornerstones of our success. Together, we have proven that with passion and purpose, extraordinary results are inevitable.

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Thank you, Meghan, for choosing Half Price Packaging. Here's to many more successful collaborations in the future!

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