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Intoxicated Cosmetics Meeting Skincare Revolution with Our Packaging Innovation

Intoxicated Cosmetics

At Half Price Packaging, we pride ourselves on delivering customized packaging solutions that cater to diverse business needs. One of our recent collaborations was with a unique skincare brand, “Intoxicated Cosmetics,” led by their innovative CEO and founder, Rachel Sommers.

This client story highlights how we met their precise requirements with our commitment to quality and quick turnaround times. Upon receiving the packaging, Rachel was thrilled with the outcome. She shared her experience in a video review:

"Ross is incredible to work with. He is always super responsive, and they do a beautiful job. Ross has been able to turn around projects at extremely tight time frames, which I appreciate. It's highly unusual for any printer that I have ever worked with. So, I highly recommend Half Price Packaging."

What Is Intoxicated Cosmetics All About?

Intoxicated Cosmetics creates groundbreaking skincare products that combine the benefits of serums you apply to your skin with the effectiveness of injectable treatments. Using biomimetic methods to create ectothermic animal venom-based serums, they blend plant-based stem cells, active biomimetic peptides, and natural ingredients. Their serums aim to improve circulation, hydrate skin, and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Their tagline, "VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE SKINCARE THAT BITES BACK," captures the essence of their brand values, and they sought packaging that reflected this bold statement.

Their Aim?

To revolutionize skincare by integrating nature and science to create effective, cruelty-free products that bridge the gap between traditional skincare and injectable treatments.

Their Mission?

To deliver innovative solutions that enhance skin health and beauty while upholding ethical and sustainable practices in the beauty industry.

How We Made a Difference Through Our Packaging

Our client, Rachel, reached out to us through our dedicated customer service representative, Ross Morgan. She needed a packaging partner who could match their innovative spirit with top-notch packaging and the quickest processing time. This requirement was critical for their brand's image and market presence.

Understanding the urgency and the importance of maintaining premium quality, we at Half Price Packaging were ready to take on the challenge. With years of experience under our belt, we knew exactly how to approach this project. Our team rapidly initiated a detailed consultation to understand the unique needs of Intoxicated Cosmetics.

We created custom boxes with a strong focus on quality and style. Each box was made from sturdy 18pt Cardstock, ensuring they are durable and feel high-end. They were sized at 50mm x 50mm x 92.5mm, making them perfect for various uses. These boxes featured a Reverse Tuck End design, which is both practical and elegant.

Rachel provided the logo and content, and our team skillfully incorporated them into the box design. We used a single CMYK color for printing inside and out, adding Gold Foil and Spot UV for a luxurious feel. The matte finish on the outside gives them a sophisticated look, while an aqueous coating inside provides extra protection.

We supplied 7500 Pieces, with shipping via DHL in 12 business days. To ensure everything meets our client's needs, a Sample Kit was provided for review before final production.

Our experts worked closely with Rachel to create packaging that displayed the brand's innovative and luxurious nature. Utilizing our advanced printing technology, we ensured vibrant and precise colors that highlighted the product’s unique selling points. The result was a sleek, eye-catching design that effectively communicated the brand’s message.

Moreover, our production team expedited the manufacturing process, ensuring a fast turnaround without compromising on quality. We delivered the order on schedule, meeting all of Rachel's expectations.

Rachel Sommers says, “Finding a packaging partner who understood our vision and delivered beyond expectations was crucial. Half Price Packaging did just that. Their dedication to quality and speed was impressive, and they have played a significant role in helping us present our products in the best possible light.”

Intoxicated Cosmetics X Half Price Packaging demonstrates our capability to provide personalized packaging solutions efficiently. We are proud to have helped their brand succeed and are excited for more projects together in the future.

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